How to Check How Many Hours You Have Played on Minecraft?

How Many Hours Do I Have on Minecraft

Minecraft has been one of the most sensational games with a thrilling gaming experience. You can freely change its gameplay mechanics or play the different modes, making it more addictive. That has left many players wondering how many hours they have on Minecraft. It would be great for players to monitor their playtime, and with our guide, you'll learn how.

Minecraft, being the best-selling video game of all time, caught the attention of all players. With its intriguing design, block world, and the freedom to create your customized world, you cannot get enough of this game.

The addictive nature of this game makes players spend most of their time on it. That raises the concern of how much time a player spends.

If you've been running Minecraft for years, then you’re probably wondering how many hours you have put in the game.

Below are some methods that you can use to determine the number of hours you have spent on Minecraft. Keep reading for the details…..

Check Game Time

Minecraft Statistics Tab View game time

Minecraft made it easier for PC players to find out how much time they have invested in the game. If you are looking for your game time, you can view it in the Statistics tab.

Since all information is stored when you open a new world, you'll get statistics on your gaming time and activities. Whether it is time spent developing the virtual worlds or how many times you were involved in a particular activity, the Statistics tab has it all.

Thereforeafter successfully opening the Statistics tab, which is discussed below, you can check your game time under the General category.

You will find the minutes you have invested in Minecraft on the second item of the list. A player is free to change their game time into hours and even days if they want to.

Note that you will only find the time spent on that particular world. You can add the different amounts of time spent on each of the worlds to know the total amount of time you've invested in Minecraft. 

Statistics Tab View

The Statistics tab contains all the gameplay statistics you'll need on the different Minecraft worlds.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that this method is only applicable to the java version of Minecraft PC or Mac. The statistics tab only displays data related to a certain world.

java version of Minecraft PC

How Can You Open the Statistics Tab?

For you to check your playtime, you have to first open the Statistics tab by: 

Step 1: Launch Minecraft.

Step 2: Press the Esc button.

Step 3: The Minecraft menu should open, giving you access to the different game options.

Minecraft different game options

Step 4: Find the Back to the Game button.

Step 5: Under the button, click on Statistics.

Minecraft Statistics options

Step 6: You will see the following options – General, Blocks, Items, and Mobs.

Step 7: Click on the  General option.

Minecraft Statistics General option

Note that each of the above options will have different helpful stats about your gameplay that you can analyze.

The Meaning of the Tabs in the Statistics Option

With each tab containing different information about your Minecraft account, here is what you'll find in each of them.

Meaning of the Tabs in the Statistics Option

  • General Tab: You'll find the number of times you completed the game's various activities, like distance covered on a boat. 
  • Blocks Tab: This tab displays the number of times you have crafted, mined, or used a block.
  • Items Tab: It indicates how many times you have interacted with items in the game. A player can find information on the number of times they have used, picked, crafted, or depleted the various items like a sword, shovel, and many more. 
  • Mobs Tab: Here, you will find stats on how many times you've killed different creatures in the game. They could be spiders, zombies, skeletons, and many more.

Mobile App View

If you're playing Minecraft on the mobile app, here's how you can check the time you invested in it. This method is also applicable when checking your Minecraft gaming time on Xbox using the Xbox app. You can do this by:

Step 1: Open the mobile or Xbox app.

Step 2: Click on Profile or the three vertical lines in the upper left corner.

Minecraft Xbox Profile or the three vertical lines

Step 3: Click on the Achievements tab.

Minecraft Xbox achievements option

Step 4: Find the Hours Played part to see the playing time.

Minecraft Xbox Hours Played

Log Analysis

YouTube video

You can also know how much time you've spent playing Minecraft on your PC using the Minecraft Logs Analyzer tool. It uses Minecraft's chat logs to calculate how many hours you have played the game.

That gives you an accurate analysis of your playtime because the chat log files start when you launch the game and stop after you stop playing. To use the log analysis tool to find your game time:

Step 1: You can download the Minecraft Logs Analyzer tool.

Step 2: Run the .exe file to launch the app.

Step 3: Choose any three scan modes; either AutomaticEnter Path(s), or Enter glob.

Minecraft Logs Analyzer scan modes

Step 4: Click Run.

Step 5: Wait until the scan is over. 

Minecraft Logs Analyzer scan run

Step 6: Check the total number of days you've played Minecraft.

Minecraft Logs Analyzer tool

Step 7: You can then export your statistics as a graph with the number of hours spent per month or a CSV file containing how many hours you spent per session.

Minecraft scan save as CSV file

The 3 scan modes help in improving the accuracy of the scan results. That is:

  • Automatic: This is the default setting where the tool scans the logs in the default Minecraft folder (C:/Users/USER/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/logs).
  • Enter the path(s): This mode allows you to enter your custom file path for the Minecraft log files. If you have different folders, enter their paths, separating them with the vertical bar (|).
  • Enter glob: The tool selects many folders in a single directory with this mode. This also includes the subdirectories within that path. Many globs are separated by the vertical bar (|) and can take more time to scan.

View Additional Stats

Minecraft View Additional Stats

The statistics tab answers more than just how many hours you have spent on Minecraft.

In addition to that, you'll also find other interesting facts about your gameplay from the statistics tab. The statistics tab will also show you the following game stats:

  • The number of times you clicked save and exited to the title.
  • How long it has been since you last died in the game.
  • How often do you use the Sneak button.
  • The total distance you sprinted, fell or crouched.
  • How many times have you danced.
  • How many times have you died.
  • The number of times you blocked damage with your shield.

Reset Statistics

YouTube video

If you would like to reset your stats so that you can start the game from scratch, you can do this by:

Step 1: Find the Minecraft folder on your computer and open it.

Step 2: Look for the folder named after the world you would like to delete its stats.

Step 3: Open the Statistics folder from this world's folder.

Step 4: Now delete the folder's contents.

By deleting the contents of the folder, your statistics will be reset.


1. Why is the time on the app inconsistent with the time on the computer?

That is because the Java version of Minecraft doesn't count the time on the app. Since your gaming time depends on the number of accounts you have made, your playtime on your mobile app is not recorded by the Java version. This creates a difference in your gaming time between the app and the computer. 

2. Can I install Minecraft on a Linux system?

Short answer, yes! Minecraft uses the Java programming language, compatible with various operating systems, including Linux.

To install and play Minecraft, you must also ensure that your Linux system has a Java Runtime Environment installed and functional 3D graphics drivers.

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