How to Clean a Computer Mouse

How to Clean Mouse

While it’s one of the most used computer peripheral, not many people bother to clean their mouse. Here are some quick tips on how to clean mouse.

Many PC users often overlook the mouse when it comes to cleaning PC accessories. While many people do not realize it, the mouse actually accumulates a lot of dirt and grime from users’ hands and from the mouse pad. That much dirt and grime can not only impair the sensitivity of your mouse but also be a health hazard. As such, the need to clean the mouse can’t be emphasized enough. In this post, we’ve rounded up some useful tips on how to clean a mouse. Check them out…

Tools Needed to Clean a Mouse

Tools Needed to Clean a Mouse

Before we get started with the cleaning, we need to have a number of tools handy. Some of the theme include:

  • A set of toothpicks or a needle
  • Alcohol/ disinfectant
  • Cotton sheets/ microfiber cloth
  • Flat head/ star screw driver

Steps to Clean the Exterior of the Mouse

Cleaning the outer part of the mouse is as simple as wiping the surface. In order to master the art of cleaning the outside of a mouse, follow these steps:

Step 1: Disconnect the Mouse from the Computer

Disconnect the Mouse from the Computer

Before you get started with the cleaning, you first need to disconnect the mouse from the PC. For the USB type, simply pull it from the port. Similarly, for the Bluetooth or wireless types, disengage the peripheral from the computer by simply disabling the connectivity and then removing the battery.

Step 2: Use Alcohol Pads to Wipe the Grease on the Mouse Surface

Alcohol Pads to clean Mouse Surface

Use a mix of 70% rubbing alcohol.  DO NOT squirt a cleaning product straight onto the surface of your computer. Instead, after spraying the cleaner onto a cloth, gently wipe the surface using the pads. Wash out your wipe or cloth until it is somewhat moist but not dripping wet.

  • Tip! By wiping the mouse with alcohol wipes, you’re also disinfecting the surface, thus protecting users from potential infections.

Step 3: Use a Toothpick or Needle to Clean Dirt Accumulation in the Crevices

Use a Toothpick on the surface of the mouse

This is important and useful if you need to get rid of particular grit from hard-to-reach corners and crevices on the surface of the mouse.

Steps to Clean the Interior Part of the Mouse

Learning how to clean a mouse isn’t complete without cleaning the interior section of this peripheral. And to do that, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Disassemble the Mouse

Disassemble the Mouse


To take the mouse apart, you’ll need a star or flat-headed screwdriver, whichever is compatible with the screws at the bottom. Note that some screws may be concealed using the mouse foot paste. Meaning, you have to remove the foot pastes before you can start unscrewing. Priority should be given to the screws around the mouse wheel because a lot of dust usually accumulates there after cleaning all the interior aspects of the mouse, air dry before reassembling it back together.

Step 2: How to Clean a Mouse Sensor

Clean a Mouse SensorStains adhered to the mouse sensor may affect its overall sensitivity. To remove the dirt or grime, use a cotton swab or a piece of damp microfiber cloth to gently wipe clean the optical sensor. Considering that the sensor is a very delicate part of the mouse, you should take care not to damage it.

Step 3: Reassembling the Mouse

Reassembling the Mouse

reassemble the parts together

After air-drying the mouse parts and ensuring that all the alcohol has evaporated, it’s time to reassemble the parts together to start using your clean mouse. Use the star or flat-headed screwdriver, whichever you used during disassembly, to put it back together. Oh, and don’t forget to replace the battery. Once you have put it together, go ahead and connect the mouse to your computer. Notice the improved sensitivity and improved performance of your all-clean mouse.

Step 4: Replace the Mouse Foot Pastes

Mouse Foot PastesOne last thing to remember is to replace the foot pastes. Mouse footpads not only conceal the screws but also protect the bottom part of the mouse from scratches and other related damages during usage. Moreover, the foot pastes also allow for smooth and easy sliding of the mouse on the mouse pad during use.

Cleaning Regularly

Cleaning Regularly

A computer mouse, like the mouse pads or mechanical keyboards, requires frequent cleaning to keep it clean and also to maintain a hygienic internet environment. In addition, routine cleaning of the mouse is also associated with a better entertainment experience as well as improved office comfort, efficiency, and productivity.

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