How to Set Up Cellular on Apple Watch 2024

How to Set Up Cellular on Apple Watch

Having a new Apple Watch is one of the thrilling feelings for any tech junky. There are things you need to learn about the Apple Watch before you can get a chance to enjoy its full benefits. You can learn how to set up cellular on Apple Watch to access features on the device.

cellular on Apple Watch

Apple users have always found a haven for premium-quality Smart devices. Apple Watches form part of the collective premium quality devices you can use to better your lifestyle. You can read this post to learn how to set up cellular in Apple Watch. The content below is ideal for persons with watchOS 5 all through watchOS 7.

List of things you need before you set up cellular on the Apple Watch

Below are things you need to check off your list before setting up cellular on your Apple Watch device.

  • You also need to download the Apple Watch app on your iPhone if you already don’t have it installed on your phone.

on your phone

  • You need Bluetooth connectivity enabled on your phone.


  • You also need your iPhone to connect to an available Wi-Fi network.

available Wi-Fi network

How you can pair your Apple Watch to your iPhone

You can follow the steps below to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Pairing the iPhone with the Apple Watch enables the Watch to connect to the internet and help you enjoy more features.

Step 1: The first step is to take your Apple Watch and turn it on by pressing and holding the Side button until the Apple logo appears. You can release the Side button after the Apple logo appears on the screen.

logo appears

Step 2: Ensure your Apple Watch and iPhone are close to each other to make the connection seamless. You can have both devices at most within 1 meter apart.

Step 3: The next step is to take your iPhone and tap on the Apple Watch app to launch it.

Apple Watch app

Step 4: Wait for the devices to discover each other. Wait until a swirling animation pops up on your Apple Watch screen. A frame will also appear on your iPhone once it finds the connection from the Apple Watch.

Step 5: You can take your iPhone and position it above the Apple Watch. You need to align the frame on the iPhone to fit the Apple Watch screen. Wait for the connection to synchronize before advancing to the next step.

next step

Step 6: Some iPhone devices require manual input before they can pair. You can press the Pair Apple Watch Manually option on the iPhone before following the on-screen instructions.

screen instructions

Step 7: The next step is to pick if you want to Set Up as New Apple Watch or Restore from Backup options.

New Apple Watch

Which option should you pick after pairing your Apple Watch to your iPhone?

Generally, there are two options to pick from depending on your preferred outcome. You can pick the Set Up as New Apple Watch option if you are pairing the Apple Watch to your iPhone for the first time.

You can pick the Restore from Backup option if you want to restore data from a previous connection. Restoring your backed-up data is ideal for switching to a new iPhone.

You can follow the instructions below to complete the pairing process.

Connection option 1: Set up a New Apple Watch option

Step 1: Sign in using your Apple ID before agreeing to the terms and conditions. Ensure you tap on the Shared Setting screen.

Apple ID

Step 2: Create a unique 4-digit passcode to secure the data on your Apple Watch. You can also opt to tap on the Don’t Add Passcode option.

Add Passcode

Step 3: Proceed with the on-screen instructions to discover the supported features on your Apple Watch.

Step 4: Proceed with the on-screen instructions until you get to the Set Up Cellular Access option. Follow the setup instructions until you get the Cellular is Ready message.

Cellular is Ready

Step 5: You can start installing new apps for your Apple Watch and proceed with the instructions until you get the completion sound and vibration. You can tap on the digital crown on your Apple watch to start using it for the first time.

digital crown

Connection option 2: Restore from Backup option

Step 1: Tap on the Restore from Backup option after step no. 7 in the pairing procedure.

Restore from Backup


Step 2: Select your preferred backup location and sign in with your Apple ID to commence the backup process.

Apple ID restore

Step 3: Follow the above instructions for the New Apple Watch option to complete setting up your Watch to use a Cellular connection.


Setting up your Apple Watch to use a cellular connection is not as hard as new users think. You only need a little patience to follow the above process to the letter, and you will be using your new Apple Watch within a couple of minutes.

You can enjoy more Features on your Watch if you set up to use the cellular connection from your iPhone. The cellular connection has a broad connectivity range to enable you to use it even when you are outdoors.

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