12 Best Sites Like Coursera for Online Education in 2023

Sites like Coursera

You can get your certifications and even a diploma or degree stress-free by taking an online course on Coursera or other similar online platforms.

Working and studying can be a hectic undertaking, especially if you have a family to take care of or a busy schedule. Fortunately, you can pursue your favorite course stress-free using reliable online platforms such as Coursera. This U.S.-based massive online course provider collaborates with universities and other learning institutions.

For those who don’t like using Coursera or want to try something different, you can use other reliable sites such as those highlighted in this article.

1. EDX

EDX Overview

This reputable online platform accepts students from all parts of the world. Technically, EDX is free. However, you have to pay fees to take a “verified certificate” course (paid certificate track). Some of the main courses you can take on EDX include computer science courses, communication courses, language courses, business and healthcare courses.

The online platform collaborates with the world's leading universities such as Berkeley University of California, Boston University, Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among others. Therefore, here you get quality education and verified certificates so that you can take your career to greater heights.


UDEMY Overview

The easiest way to transform your life in the modern world is through education. What are you waiting for? Join other millions of students on UDEMY and take a course that you believe will unlock your career growth or help you to launch new careers. New students enjoy a special offer whereby they can get courses for as low as $ 13.99.

UDEMY is a rich platform, and there is something for everyone. Some popular courses include Photoshop, Graphic design, Python, Web development, AWS certification, and Data Science, among others. You can also become an instructor on UDEMY, teach millions of students and make some money.

3. Udacity

Udacity Overview

Where you get your education matters when hunting for employment or negotiating a promotion. Udacity comes in handy for anyone looking for a reputable online platform to pursue courses that will transform their career. Here you have access to both free (no certificate) and paid courses (with verified certificates).

Either way, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of about $399 to access its Nanodegree programs. Some of the common programs offered by Udacity include artificial intelligence, cyber security, data science, and cloud computing, among others.

Unlike other online platforms that focus on individuals, Udacity also offers programs for enterprises and governments.



George Washington Carver once said, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” Unfortunately, not everyone has access to that key due to a lack of school fees or access to schools that offer quality education. Khan Academy gives hope to anyone who wants to learn new things and improve their lives.

This is a reputable online platform where you can get an excellent education from anywhere without paying even a dime.  You need an internet connection, and Khan Academy will get you sorted.

Some of its popular courses include computing, math: get ready courses, math: pre-K- 8THgrade, math: high school and college, life skills, and science, among others.

5. Pluralsight

Pluralsight Overview

Would you like to face the future with confidence and probably take your career to greater heights? You can do so effortlessly by enrolling for your favorite course at Pluralsight online platform. Here you get an opportunity to build your career, one skill at a time.

Pluralsight focuses on technology workforce development. Some of the top courses offered include software development, info, and cyber security, cloud computing, IT ops, and machine learning, among others.

The good thing about Pluralsight is that it offers both individual and team plans with up to 14 days of free trial based on the plan that you choose. Additionally, Pluralsight offers high-quality education, and many companies and employers trust it.



 This platform is for people who like taking creative and inspiring classes. You can also use the Skillshare platform to teach other people what you know and make some money. There are thousands of courses to choose from depending on what interests you. Common courses include animation, writing, business, graphic design, and photo and film production, among others.

At Skillshare, there is something for everyone. You can take a simple class as knitting or coloring. Skillshare offers both individual and team plans at affordable rates. Although Skillshare doesn’t offer certificates, its courses come in handy when it comes to career growth and self-fulfillment.

7. Codecademy

Codecademy Overview

We live in technology, and coding is one of the most sorted skills by many IT companies. Would you like to enroll in online coding classes, and you don't know where to start? Codecademy is all you need to learn the desired skills. Here you join millions of other students learning to code free of charge on a basic plan.

You can also upgrade to paid plans such as Pro and Team to access premium Codecademy features and top-notch customer support. Common subjects offered here include machine learning, data science, developer tools, computer science, and web development, among others.

8. Masterclass

Masterclass Overview

It’s good to go to college and learn important skills to grow your career or business. However, it would help if you had practical skills and mentorship from successful people to make it in life. The Masterclass is a reputable online platform where you get unlimited access to 100s of instructors and classes.

Here you get an opportunity to learn from the people who changed the world. Imagine attending a leadership class where President Bill Clinton is the teacher.  You not only acquire practical skills but also get inspired to pursue your career goals.

Masterclass charges an annual subscription fee of $180 or $15 per month for unlimited access to their courses (All Access Pass). You can also pay a one-time fee of $90 to access one single class.

9. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning Overview

Many people know LinkedIn as an online workplace social media that connects employers with job seekers. However, things changed after it acquired Lynda in 2015. Now you can take your favorite course on LinkedIn Learning and make your LinkedIn profile even more appealing. It’s a reputable online course provider where users learn by watching educational videos from experts.

Common courses on LinkedIn include business skills, creative writing, product management, data analysis, and product development. The platform offers one-month free access to its courses, and from there, you have to pay subscription fees of $29.99 a month or $24.99 per month paid annually.

10. Alison

Alison Overview

Would you like to learn workplace-based skills that make you more productive in your career or business? You can get everything you need under one roof at Alison's online platform. Here you can access over 2000 courses free of charge and earn yourself a certificate or diploma of your choice to boost your CV. Over 21 million have used Alison courses to boost their resume, and you can be one of them.

Alison offers a wide range of courses such as management, sales, and marketing, personal development, health, and business, among others. For those who have skills they want to share with others, you can apply for a flexible job as an online course creator and make some money.

11. DataCamp

DataCamp Overview

We live in a world where data drives everything. That’s why you should join DataCamp online learning platform and get the skills that you need to grow your career. You can take their courses individually through their plan or as a team through business plans.

DataCamp courses are mainly data science courses, data science tracks, and machine learning. Here you learn at your own pace and from the best data experts in the market. You can also take a free assessment with DataCamp to discover your data skill level.

For those looking for a platform where they can make some money, you can do so by joining Data Camp’s affiliate program.

12. Skillsoft

Skillsoft Overview

This platform claims it prepares today's workforce with the skills of tomorrow. Skillsoft is a reputable educational and Technology Company that offers the best learning content and software. Here you get everything you want to grow your career or to enhance the efficiency of your workers if you’re a business owner.

Key courses offered at Skillsoft include programming, project management, certifications, customer services, business planning & analysis, and process improvement, among others.

Skillsoft offers three plans (Personal, Team, and Enterprise) that users can choose depending on their needs. The personal plan comes with 14 days of free access, while the Team plan comes with 30 days.

13. Odinschool


If you are looking for a program that helps you land a guaranteed job, check out OdinSchool’s Online Data Science Bootcamp. Data Science is one of the fastest-growing careers in the world with abundant job opportunities. Now is the right time to kickstart your career in the field!

OdinSchool is an online upskilling platform that helps people launch, re-launch, and grow their careers in highly sought-after domains such as Data Science through their industry-aligned training and mentorship.

OdinSchool’s Data Science Bootcamp offers:

  • Dynamic industry-vetted curriculum
  • Portfolio-worthy Data Science projects
  • 360° Placement Assistance
  • No cap on the number of interviews one can appear for
  • Personalized interactions with instructors
  • Mentorship with professionals


Now you know. You can still take various courses online and enhance your career even if you don’t have adequate money and time to attend a real college. All you need is to find a reputable online learning platform where you can take the course of your choice.

You can choose your favorite site from those listed in this article if you want an alternative to Coursera. I recommend starting with the platforms that offer free courses if you're working on a limited budget.

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