12 Best AI Baby Generators (Face Predictor) in 2024

AI Baby Generator

Wondering what your future child might look like? Instead of just waiting, they can catch a glimpse of their face using baby-generating AI applications. Get ready to explore the top 12 AI Baby Generators in 2023 through this article.

Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one and can't help but wonder what they might look like? The curiosity about our future child's appearance is natural, and while waiting for their arrival is part of the thrill, there is now an innovative way to get a sneak peek into their potential looks. Enter the world of AI baby generators, where technology meets imagination to visualize your future offspring.

These remarkable applications offer an enticing glimpse into what your future child might look like based on genetic predictions. They have been gaining immense popularity among parents-to-be, offering a playful and entertaining way to meet your AI-generated baby virtually.

In this article, we will journey through the top 12 free online AI baby face generators of 2023. Whether you are curious about your baby's face from your photo, combining images with your partner, or simply exploring random possibilities, these tools promise a delightful and realistic portrayal of your potential bundle of joy in just minutes.

What is an AI Baby Generator?

AI Baby Generator

An AI baby generator is a playful tool leveraging artificial intelligence to create hypothetical images of a baby's face by blending the facial features of two individuals, typically prospective parents. It uses uploaded photos to simulate the genetic traits that could be passed on to a future child, offering a speculative glimpse of what the baby might look like. While entertaining and fun, these generated images are not accurate predictions but artistic representations based on the characteristics of the parents' photos.

1. OurBabyAI

OurBabyAI Baby Generator Overview

OurBabyAI is an innovative AI-driven tool designed to visually predict the potential appearance of an unborn child for couples. Leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, this platform analyzes uploaded photos of prospective parents and processes a digital image of their future offspring. Couples are encouraged to provide pictures of themselves for the AI to blend and generate a visual representation of their hypothetical baby. Additional inputs like 4D ultrasound photos are recommended for enhanced results, enabling the AI to create a more detailed image.

How to Use OurBabyAI

  • Access the OurBabyAI website and click on the “Start Now” button.
  • Upload two images—one of yourself and one of your partner. Alternatively, select from a gallery of celebrities.
  • Wait for a brief period while the AI processes and generates the image of your potential baby.
  • Once generated, download or share the image with friends and family to explore your virtual baby.

2. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect Baby Generator Overview

YouCam Perfect is a leading photo editing and beauty camera app renowned for its extensive popularity, with over 800 million downloads globally. Beyond its primary function of enhancing selfies and photos, this app offers a distinctive feature that allows users to craft AI avatars, including baby avatars. This particular attribute has positioned YouCam Perfect as a favored choice for individuals curious about visualizing the appearance of their future offspring.

The app utilizes advanced AI technology to create baby avatars by processing input photos, offering an enjoyable and interactive experience. It is readily available as a free app, ensuring accessibility to smartphone users. Notably, it provides a cloud backup option, enabling users to store photos and access them seamlessly across multiple devices.

How to Use YouCam Perfect

  • Get YouCam Perfect from your device's app store and install it.
  • Open the app, find the AI Avatar Creation feature, and upload the desired photos to generate a baby avatar.
  • Allow the app's advanced AI technology to generate the baby avatar based on the provided photos.
  • Use the app's editing tools, such as Animated Effects and Magic Brush & Layers, to further enhance and personalize your baby avatar.

3. Remini Baby AI

Remini Baby AI Baby Generator Overview

Remini Baby AI is a standout feature within the Remini app, renowned for its prowess in enhancing photos and videos using artificial intelligence technology. This specific function, the Baby AI Filter, takes the experience a step further by allowing users to predict the potential face of their future child through a blend of AI algorithms and a genetic database derived from uploaded images of parents. Users can further personalize and modify the generated image to enhance their experience by adjusting various parameters such as skin tone and photo clarity. The results the Remini Baby AI Filter provided are generally of good quality, offering close representations of what the baby might resemble at birth.

How to Use Remini Baby AI

  • Download and install the Remini app on your device.
  • Open the app and select the AI Photo Generator option.
  • For accuracy, upload eight photos, including images of yourself and your partner.
  • Select the Baby AI Generator model that best suits your preferences or needs.
  • Let the app process the uploaded images to generate the AI representation of your future baby.

4. BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face AI Baby Generator Overview

BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face is a popular application harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to project the potential facial features of a forthcoming child based on the facial attributes of the parents. With a user base of over 10 million worldwide, it demonstrates its widespread appeal and efficacy. This app offers an enjoyable and interactive means for prospective parents to visualize and explore the appearance of their future offspring, blending technological innovation with entertainment. While it does not promise an exact likeness due to the complexity of genetics, it aims to generate facial options that closely resemble prospective children, providing a fascinating glimpse into potential familial traits.

How to Use BabyMaker Predicts Baby’s Face

  • Upload high-quality, well-lit images of the parents with faces looking directly into the camera. Avoid photos with beards or mustaches for optimal results.
  • Customize preferences such as the child's age, gender, resemblance to each parent, and specific hair and eye colors if desired.
  • Click the button indicated by hearts to initiate the analysis. After a brief processing period, the program will produce several potential faces for the child based on the inputted preferences and parental images.

5. MakeMeBabies

MakeMeBabies AI Baby Generator Overview

MakeMeBabies is a widely known and entertaining online tool functioning as an AI Baby Generation platform, utilizing sophisticated face recognition technology to generate images depicting the potential appearance of a future child. This platform simplifies the process by only requiring photos of the couple's faces, offering a precise and simple method to predict a baby's visual characteristics. Not limited solely to couples, MakeMeBabies extends its features to allow users to blend their photo with a celebrity or a member from a dating site, adding a playful and imaginative element. Beyond entertainment, this tool finds applications in family-oriented websites, dating services, and marriage agencies, providing value to their services through automated technology that operates universally without human intervention.

How to Use MakeMeBabies

  • Access the MakeMeBabies website using your browser.
  • Upload photos of yourself and your partner, or opt for a celebrity's image for a fun twist.
  • The platform automatically recognizes facial features, applies biometric morphing algorithms, and generates an image portraying the potential appearance of a baby born from the submitted faces.
  • Obtain the high-quality, high-resolution image of the baby's face generated and share it with friends and family for amusement.

6. Future Baby Generator

Future Baby Generator AI Baby Generator Overview

The Future Baby Generator is a user-friendly and rapid online tool that generates realistic and charming baby face images from two uploaded photos within seconds. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), this platform predicts the potential appearance of a future baby by blending facial features from the provided images. It offers a versatile experience, allowing users to experiment with various photo combinations and settings to explore potential features that might shape their baby's face.

How to Use Future Baby Generator

  • Access the Future Baby Generator on the iOS website.
  • Click “Upload Photos” and upload your and your partner's photos, or choose from the celebrity gallery.
  • Modify settings as desired.
  • Click on “Generate” to initiate the process.
  • Allow the tool to process the photos and generate the baby face image.

7. AI Baby Generator: Face Maker

AI Baby Generator- Face Maker Overview

AI Baby Generator: Face Maker stands out as a remarkable tool utilizing advanced artificial intelligence to offer predictions of a future baby's appearance by analyzing the facial attributes of prospective parents. This application employs cutting-edge technology to simulate what the potential offspring might look like, factoring in various genetic traits such as eye color, hair texture, and facial structure. What sets this tool apart is its comprehensive suite of features that visualizes future babies and explores facets like face aging, gender-swapping, baby name suggestions, and facial symmetry analysis.

How to Use AI Baby Generator: Face Maker

  • Provide clear and well-lit photos of yourself and your partner within the app.
  • Choose the gender of the potential baby.
  • The AI technology analyzes the facial features of both parents to create a simulated image of the future baby.
  • Swap parental photos or adjust settings to modify the baby's appearance for varied results.
  • Share the generated baby's image on social media or experiment with celebrity faces for entertainment.


BABYAC Overview

BabyAC is a unique web application leveraging advanced AI technology called StyleGAN to predict the facial features of potential offspring by analyzing and combining the facial attributes of two uploaded photos, typically of prospective parents. This platform is designed to offer users a high-resolution image of their future baby, employing the capabilities of StyleGAN, an extension of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) deep learning models. Offering a user-friendly interface, BabyAC enables couples or curious individuals to visualize and engage with the potential appearance of their future child entertainingly and engagingly.

How to Use BabyAC

  • Upload high-quality photos of yourself and your partner where faces are well-lit, forward-facing, and transparent.
  • Indicate whether you prefer the baby to resemble you or your partner, influencing the AI's analysis.
  • Click the “See your baby” button to initiate the AI's analysis and generate a high-resolution image of the potential baby's face.

9. Vivid AI

Vivid AI Overview

Vivid AI is an advanced AI Art Generator and Photo Editor App that not only fosters creative expression but also offers the intriguing ability to predict the visual characteristics of potential offspring. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Vivid AI enables users to visually represent their future child by analyzing genetic attributes like eye color, hair texture, and facial features inherited from each parent. Beyond its baby prediction feature, Vivid AI boasts an array of functionalities, allowing users to transform photos, manifest imagination into reality, and explore diverse artistic styles.

How to Use Vivid AI

  • Get the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Open the app and tap “AI Avatar” on the main page.
  • Select “Realistic” and choose a gender for the baby.
  • Choose “Kid” from the available styles.
  • Upload your photo and your partner's, or select images from the gallery.
  • Wait a few moments for the app to process and reveal your AI-generated baby face.
  • Experiment with different avatar styles for further customization.
  • Save the result to your camera roll or share it with friends and family.

10. FacePlay

FacePlay Overview

FacePlay is an innovative AI effects app that transcends mere photo editing by offering an array of engaging features, including the ability to predict the appearance of a future baby through its Magic Avatar feature. Beyond baby generation, this app presents various functionalities such as video face swapping, AI-driven photo effects, GIF creation, AI comics, and video comics. Seamlessly integrating advanced AI technology, FacePlay ensures a dynamic and evolving user experience with regular updates reflecting current trends. Its emphasis on high-quality, realistic imaging provides an entertaining and unique platform for users to explore their creativity.

How to Use FacePlay

  • Open the FacePlay app on your device.
  • Navigate to the Magic Avatar feature within the app.
  • Upload clear, front-facing photos of yourself and your partner.
  • Allow the app to analyze the uploaded photos and generate a visual representation of your future baby.

11. Photo Director

Photo Director Overview

PhotoDirector is a comprehensive and user-friendly photo editing application designed to empower users with professional-grade tools and effects for enhancing, manipulating, and refining their photos. Among its diverse features, the AI Avatar's standout function enables users to create various styles, including a baby face, offering a playful way to envision potential future offspring. This feature utilizes advanced AI technology to analyze facial features and generate an image portraying what a user's baby might resemble.

How to Use PhotoDirector

  • Open the PhotoDirector app on your device.
  • Locate and access the AI Avatar feature within the app's interface.
  • Upload clear, well-lit photos of yourself and, if applicable, your partner.
  • Select the ‘kid' style from the available options provided.
  • The app can process and generate the baby image based on the uploaded photos.
  • Save, share, or continue editing the generated image using other available tools and effects in the app.

12. BabyPredictor

BabyPredictor Overview

BabyPredictor is a powerful application designed to forecast a baby's potential appearance by analyzing both parents' facial features. Using AI technology, it examines the details from photos of the parents to create a speculative visual prediction of the baby's face. This user-friendly tool provides expecting or planning-to-start families an engaging peek into their future.

How to Use BabyPredictor

  • Install the BabyPredictor app on your Android device.
  • Open the app and upload clear, well-lit photos of both parents or select from a partner gallery.
  • Customize settings as needed for gender and age.
  • Click on the “prediction button” to initiate the process.
  • Wait for the application to generate the baby face prediction and enjoy the result.

Features of a Good AI Baby Predictor

A good AI baby predictor should encompass several key features to provide an accurate, engaging, and user-friendly experience:

  • The AI should accurately analyze and interpret the parents' facial features, considering various aspects like eye shape, nose structure, mouth shape, and other genetic attributes to predict the baby's face.
  • Users should be able to adjust specific parameters like gender, age, percentage of resemblance to each parent, and other facial attributes.
  • Providing high-resolution and detailed images of the predicted baby faces allows users to visualize the potential appearance of their future child.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality and security of the uploaded photos and generated images, with features like data deletion after use or robust encryption measures.
  • Offering extra functionalities like saving or sharing predictions, creating collages, or exploring diverse styles for a richer user experience.
  • The AI predictor should consistently produce reliable predictions, ensuring that repeated analyses with the exact input yield similar or related outcomes.
  • Regular updates, improvements, and refinements based on user feedback and technological advancements ensure the tool evolves and maintains its accuracy and user satisfaction.


Q. How do AI baby generators work?

These generators use advanced facial recognition technology and deep learning algorithms to analyze and combine facial attributes from photos of the parents. The AI then generates a simulated image of a baby, considering genetic factors like eye color, hair texture, and facial structure.

Q. Are AI baby generator predictions accurate?

No, the predictions are speculative and for entertainment purposes. AI baby generators cannot account for the complexities of genetics and provide accurate representations of future offspring. They offer fun and hypothetical visualizations rather than precise predictions.

Q. Can I use AI baby generators with any photos?

Most AI baby generators work with clear, well-lit photos of two individuals, preferably facing forward. High-quality images enhance the accuracy of predictions. Some generators may have restrictions, such as avoiding photos with excessive facial accessories or edits.

Q. Are AI baby generator apps free to use?

Many AI baby generator apps offer essential features for free. However, some may have premium or subscription-based models to access additional functionalities, customization options, or higher-resolution output.

Q. Are AI baby generators safe?

Like other online applications, most AI baby generators prioritize user privacy and safety. Reputable apps have strict privacy policies that outline data usage and deletion after generating baby images. They employ encryption and security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access or breaches. Users must consent to the app's terms before uploading photos. Checking app credibility through reviews and ratings helps ensure a safer experience. Understanding how uploaded images are used, guaranteeing automatic data deletion after use, and parental supervision for minors using these apps are essential safety measures. Always review the app's policies to ensure they align with your privacy standards, and opt for trusted AI baby generators to safeguard your data.


AI baby generators use advanced technology to create speculative images of future offspring by analyzing the facial features of prospective parents. These tools, while entertaining, offer predictions based on inherited traits and do not guarantee accurate representations of real babies. They serve as playful ways to imagine potential children, emphasizing curiosity and excitement about the future while acknowledging the complexity of genetics. As technology progresses, these generators evolve, promising improved user experiences while maintaining privacy and data security.

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