Best No Logs VPN 2023

Would you like to be able to surf the Internet anonymously? Do you know that without a VPN your company administrator or ISP can see everything you are doing with your Internet connection?

Do you know that when you use a public Wi-Fi network your Internet connection is not secure and that your private information can be easily compromised? Using a VPN can enable to securely and anonymously access the Internet. In this category, we tell you what you need to know to improve your Internet surfing experience with the help of a VPN.

Online privacy and security became a very important issue for people and companies who are using the internet to trade their important information which includes text, video and voice calls.

Especially after a number of popular incidents happened in the past few years in which the private information of people has been leaked by hackers. Although, people are getting aware of technology day by day also increased the knowledge of people about their online security and privacy.

It is also part of human nature that they do not like to share their private activities with anyone including their online activities. On the other hand, the companies and online businesses which use the internet for trading purposes are always concerned about their online privacy because they share their important information and ideas through the internet.

The leakage of this information and ideas could cause big losses to the businesses. That's why people and companies are always in search of a solution where logs of their online activities could be bypassed.

But sadly, except for VPN, there is no reliable solution available but not all VPNs promised you about your online privacy. So, searching for a no logs VPN could be challenging and expensive as well.

Your ISP May Leak Your Online Activities

Different countries have different laws and regulations regarding the online logs of the user activities where the telecom companies, ISPs, and internet service providers also have their own policies regarding to the logs of their users. So, bypassing weblogs could be challenging.

We all know after CIA employee Edward Snowden leaked the important information about Global Surveillance program, the government of America has passed new laws which allow telecom companies to store the maximum information about their user's activities. This will allow the government to control the activities of their citizen while the private information including browsing history could be accessed by them easily as well.

While telecom companies and ISP who provide internet services do not leak their user's information and take off their user privacy but still, chances of getting them leaked due to hackers' threats and their activities, there are always a chance of getting your browsing logs leaked.

For a home based user, this may not be an issue but for businesses, this could be a very important issue because they trade important ideas online, share their financial information and have an important voice and video calls.

Using a Zero Logs VPN for Surfing the Internet Anonymously 

So, what is the solution for this? Well, you should thank technology which is shocking us which it wonders day by day. Hiding web browser logs and connection logs is not a problem anymore with the help of zero-logs VPN services. Before we talk about no logs VPN and which no logs VPN is thebestvpn?, first we should get an understanding of VPN.

VPN stands for virtual private network. This service is offered by a number of companies all around the world who have their servers in different cities of different countries. The purpose of a VPN is to hide the identity of the person who is using a VPN. Although VPN is not just used to hide IP address but also used to unblocked the blocked content, websites, and services like a torrent, etc.

But like ISP and telecom companies, many VPN companies also store the logs of their user activities. They do this to keep themselves safe in case if the government asked them about the user's logs. This also cost them a lot due to which they offer expensive packages to their users as well.

While VPN companies do not want to store the logs of their activities too because it cost them a lot but due to strict laws and regulations by government, they don’t have any other option and they have to store logs of their user activities.

So, if you are concern about your online privacy and security then you should go with a VPN company who offers the no logs VPN packages. While there are few dozen VPN companies out there who do not store logs of their user activities but personally I and internetprivatsphare have used and impressed with ExpressVPN which is known as best no logs VPN company.

ExpressVPN is based in Caribbean Island which allows them to exempt the logs of their user activities while due to this the VPN packaged offered by ExpressVPN is less expensive than that VPN who are storing the logs of their user activities.


ExpressVPN keeps you 100% anonymous online and they never ever log the activities of their users. Express is also an exclusive partner with the EFF which is a leading organization of different companies who speaks in the favor of net neutrality, open internet, and democratic internet, etc. So, you can trust ExpressVPN without a second thought.

Also, the feature which makes ExpressVPN is unique and best no logs VPN is their solution of sending encrypted traffic over the TOR network which makes it impossible to trace back the source of your online activities because it goes on a convoluted trip around the world.

Because of these basic features of ExpressVPN, there is no log at the end of the company which means that it is impossible to track your activities.

expressvpn no logs

Why ExpressVPN Is the Best No Logs VPN?

Well, we have already talked about the basic no logs VPN features offered by ExpressVPN, but there is still so many to discuss ExpressVPN. The other basic and advance ExpressVPN no logs feature includes:

  • ExpressVPN offers strict no log policy to all their users in all of their packaged and plans
  • The SSL of Express VPN is based 2048 bit encryption which provides their users full online security
  • Express VPN also has a feature to pass through Firewall
  • Their servers are located in more than 100 countries and thousands of different cities to protect your online activities
  • The protocols like OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP also secure the logs of their users
  • ExpressVPN also provides you access of thousands of free proxies to surf the internet without worrying about your identity
  • The company's customized software allows you to contact with a number of different devices easily including Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux, etc.


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