Get Stuff Done Faster & Be More Productive

Get Stuff Done Faster

Working as a freelancer or as an employee?  Here we see some  rules to be more productive and efficient.

As a freelancer, you probably don't work like 9 to 5. Most have their own schedules, often well over 8 hours. Fixed hours can bring order and organization to daily goals, but they don't always result in better employee performance. Free time, on the other hand, carries the risk of being poorly managed and not productive enough.

On the other hand, freelancers need to maintain order and organization and set and execute goals to be efficient. The following rules can be used by freelancers, small business owners, or people who work in small teams on various projects.

Plan each week separately

Plan each week separately

Identify all the important things that need to be done and make a weekly plan. Prioritize what drives your business forward. Work, contact with customers, prospects, contact with suppliers, etc.

Add other daily commitments such as B. Visits, gym, play with kids, walks. This will give you a better overview of each week and what goals and tasks you can implement.

Give the Work to Others to Be More Productive

To an expert or a partner in your team. He will do it faster and maybe better than you. The cost of hiring someone for a task or delegating it to someone under you who was doing something else before may be worth the time you will waste and the result will be superior. The responsibility of hr is a significant factor.Outsourcing is relatively unknown in the world but see Upwork and PeoplePerHour.

You can also put someone to create payslip for you.  It doesn't do for all of us and for all tasks, but certainly for those that are repetitive and don't require expert thought to be done.

Set long-term and short-term goals

It's important to be clear about what you want to achieve in the long term and reflect it in your daily goals and actions. With this tactic, you have small daily goals with basic direction. It guides you step by step towards your long term goals.

Every day I put stones for what I want to make. But remember that patience is the key to achieving your goals.

Do the Essentials at the Beginning

You are more productive in the morning. Do the most difficult tasks in the first hours and leave the easier ones for later. (The demand may lie in the time it has to be done, the complexity of the work or the performance required from you).

Take breaks Every one Hour.

Do not pull it for long hours without stopping. The responsibility of hr is a significant factor. And the best thing to do, if you do it continuously for more hours than your body can handle, you stop producing and you work inefficiently. 10 minutes an hour will help clear your mind.

Play some music that brings you together

Music that helps you focus on what you're doing has been proven to improve results. It doesn't just isolate you from the environment. Dopamine is produced and the rest is a matter of chemistry. Up to 100% more productive in my case

More productive than ever: Training is done 3-4 times a week.

Since making exercise a part of my life, I feel more energized, fall asleep later, and feel less tired. So I produce more. Not only did I have more time for energy, but I also had more time to focus on my endurance. Physical activity is important in our lives, even though it may not be useful in our daily lives.

To improve performance, focus on one task and let it work on multiple fronts

As a freelancer or entrepreneur, you certainly have many tasks and problems to solve. It makes sense to try to figure it all out, but hear me out on this one.

As a freelancer, you are in control of your work – what to focus on and when. Find the perfect conditions to work on your desired topic and focus your time on doing it. This will make you more efficient, but for better results, limit various potential distractions such as cell phones, emails, and other distractions in the office.

Use technology by your side

Use technology by your side

The technology of our time is an impressive thing. Of course, it can get incredibly complicated, so you need to use it properly to improve your productivity. There are apps that can help you solve problems faster, but stop using apps that are not easy to solve or require you to spend a lot of time. Practicality must be pursued. There are endless financial tools for managing accounts, building lists, creating marketing campaigns, emails, and more. Finding the right tools can improve the quality of your work and increase your productivity.

Take the opportunity to work whenever you want

You can work when you want, where you want, under any conditions. Pay attention and listen to your body and your strength. When I'm not under pressure from anyone, I can play by my own rules.

Listen to your energy levels and create your own schedule. 

If you feel tired or can't concentrate, do something else. For example, something that doesn't require a lot of concentration. When you run a small business, there are always small tasks that need to be done.

Make It Routine And Be Productive.

Put a schedule for all the tasks you need to do at a certain frequency. Try to do them in one way only at the same time. This will create a sense of routine. Every time you do it, you will notice the following: a) Your brain will get in the mood to perform / produce at the specific time, b) you will complete each time faster due to familiarity with the way you have chosen.

Finally, let me say that there is no absolute formula for maximum efficiency. The most important thing is to have a stable task organization and a basic weekly schedule. The program may be considered for freelancers, but it may not be.

This quality requires more planning and consistency. If you organize it and do it right, it's not only enough to make you more efficient, it's also a good work-life relationship.

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