Crypto Social Media Platforms that Will Revolutionize Human Connection

Crypto social media platforms that will revolutionize human connection

Social media is one of the best and the worst technological advancements.

Although it helped us communicate and engage easier, security issues and internet crime are damaging these online ecosystems. To overcome these issues, blockchain technology is slowly becoming the base of most applications and solutions due to the assurance of security data and decentralization.

Combining social media and blockchain can be done in multiple ways, but what’s sure is that transactions are safely done with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can check the bitcoin price today as well as the coin’s development history to check if the movement is worth it or not.

But as cryptocurrencies have evolved in the past years, we’re seeing an increasing trend of introducing them into more technologies that help revolutionize the world. Nowadays, blockchain technology can be found in health, finance and even education sectors as it provides reliability and stability.

These technologies take time to understand and apply fully, as they’re quite new to the industry. But they can help solve current online issues, and here are some notable examples of crypto social media platforms that will become the future of online communication.



If you’re tired of Facebook or want something safer than Twitter, then Torum is the right platform for you. This ad-free crypto social media platform uses a special token to reward active users and gifting creators for their content.

Company pages and other forums are what bring communities together, so anyone who shares their interests can join them. For companies, the content and appearance are similar to LinkedIn, so members can add other people to their groups, post announcements on the first page or interact with each other.

Torum has a clear UX, which makes it easy to use. Although it’s available on a browser only for now, the mobile app might appear in the following years. The platform’s search function allows you to find anything you want fast and effortlessly. The Torum ecosystem is known as a SocialFit that combines social, DeFi and NFTs.


Minds is yet another social media platform of which the creator has also made Yahoo Games and WhatsApp seed investor. The network was created in 2015, and its aim was to enable communication while offering cryptocurrency income.

While prioritizing privacy and less usage from mining user data, Minds incentivizes people with prizes and privacy controls. As there’s no censorship, the platform can compete with Twitter, and it also has similar features to YouTubers and Facebook.

When posting on Minds or interacting with someone else’s content, you can earn coins, but the amount depends on the certain action. You’ll be incentivized more for writing a blog post or sharing valuable links, whereas liking a post provides fewer coins. At the same time, if you want to boost your account, you can use your tokens to get more engagement.


DTube is basically a decentralized YouTube platform. The engine looks the same as YouTube, so new users can quickly adapt to the UX. But what makes DTube superior is the lack of ads, which has bothered many people on YouTube. At the same time, your search results are not influenced by algorithms but rather based on relevance to your query.

Anyone who is active on the platform can earn coins, especially content creators who get as many likes and comments. And given there’s no censorship, there’s no risk of getting your content taken down by centralized authority.

Plus, content can’t be edited or removed since it’s uploaded, which is a common feature of blockchain technology. People don’t have to get a premium subscription to support the platform, which encourages more users to use DTube.



For those who are tired of using traditional blogging sites, which are slowly becoming less efficient for today’s type of audience, Ignite is the perfect tool for decentralized blogging. The unique platform was intended to be independent, which is why it’s highly appreciated among crypto enthusiasts.

The developers used the Prometheus Framework to provide speed, security and decentralization in a single network that allows people to share their opinions and exchange ideas while benefiting from zero censorship.

There are many ways in which Ignite incentivizes users. For example, people can buy or sell data as documents, videos or pictures while being anonymous. Other services, such as the Cosmos Network, include software building for high-volume public blockchains. Ignite also provides two business solutions, Startport and Emeris, that are the easiest ways to build blockchains and use cross-chain DeFi.

Ignite can be highly beneficial for companies as creating their own sovereign blockchains can help with engaging more with potential customers in a decentralized way.


Flote is similar to the way Patreon helped content creators get incentivized. This social network allows people to share their art, performance and stories through audio posts, live streams, images, videos and texts. People who want to get exclusive content from famous people can access a subscription similar to Patreon monthly.

What makes Flote highly accessible is the lack of fees. The platform has integrated a Bitcoin wallet through which people can buy BTC with a debit or credit card, but Flote’s native token has been launched recently, $FLOTE.

Some interesting features of Flote include the following:

  • Connect and interact with like-minded people easily;
  • Curate and share content freely without being censored;
  • Collect and earn crypto while being charged with zero fees;

The community-driven network solves the main issues of the regular social media platforms of today. There are many hidden costs in how we use our social media, and being charged money can happen anytime. At the same time, censorship has become a real societal problem, at least since Elon Musk’s Twitter ruling has worried many users.

Final thoughts

Many cryptocurrencies use cases are discovered as time passes, and we see a considerable change toward innovation. As social media becomes more troubling, blockchain technology and similar mechanisms can help us post whatever, whenever, at no cost!

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