How to Download Pinterest Picture in Bulk [7 Ways]

how to download pinterest picture in bulk

Did you spot some captivating images on Pinterest that you can't resist saving? Discover an easier way to gather these visual inspirations effortlessly with tools and extensions designed to simplify bulk image downloads. This article is a comprehensive guide to simplifying and enhancing your Pinterest experience through efficient bulk image-downloading tools and extensions.

Pinterest has evolved beyond a repository for photo pins, encompassing video and expansive idea pins that offer up to 20 pages of content. However, the platform's absence of a built-in bulk download feature poses a challenge, especially concerning videos and idea pins. As users navigate this limitation, the reliance on third-party services becomes imperative to collect these diverse content formats in mass quantities. Whether for personal mood boards or leveraging Pinterest's marketing potential for businesses, the need for efficient bulk downloads remains a constant.

The platform's strength lies in its visual appeal, making it a hotspot for creative inspiration and an ideal stage for businesses to showcase their brand. However, for those managing multiple social media accounts, the time-consuming process of manually uploading numerous images on Pinterest prompts the quest for solutions that facilitate bulk downloads seamlessly across platforms.

1. Pincase

Pincase for Download Pinterest Pictures

Pincase is a free extension designed to simplify downloading content from Pinterest. It seamlessly integrates a download button into the Pinterest interface, conveniently positioned at the top left corner of each pin. This feature lets users directly initiate downloads of various content types, such as images, GIFs, videos, and Story Pins, from

The extension supports different pages within Pinterest, including Boards, Search pages, the Main feed page, and the user's pins. Its batch download capability enhances efficiency by allowing users to simultaneously download multiple images, GIFs, and videos. By facilitating batch downloads, Pincase streamlines the process, making it easier and quicker for users to collect and store Pinterest content in a designated folder, enhancing convenience and productivity for Pinterest users.

2. WFDownloader

WFDownloader for Download Pinterest Pictures

WFDownloader App is a comprehensive solution for bulk downloading from various online sources, including Pinterest. With its multifaceted capabilities, the app simplifies acquiring Pinterest images in bulk. Its intuitive interface enables users to locate and initiate advanced actions effortlessly. Specifically for Pinterest, the app facilitates batch downloads by supporting extracting photos, videos, and Story Pins from the platform, ensuring seamless acquisition in larger quantities.

To batch download images using WFDownloader, access the feature by clicking the down arrow next to the “+ Add” button. Opt for “Queue Multiple Link Searches (Batch Link Search)” and fill in a unique “Batch Name.” Choose a destination folder in the “Save To” section. Copy and paste the board links you wish to download. Confirm your selections, initiating WFDownloader's process to download all specified boards efficiently.

3. Extract

Extract for Download Pinterest Pictures is a user-friendly tool enabling swift extraction and download of images from public websites like Pinterest. By inputting the site's URL, it swiftly scans for diverse images, including dynamically loaded and embedded ones, providing a comprehensive collection. Each image undergoes analysis for details like dimensions and type. Users can view images in grid or list format, search by name, filter by type, and sort by properties.

It facilitates easy individual or batch downloading, simplifying the acquisition of multiple Pinterest pictures at once. After extraction, it presents a curated image list, excluding irrelevant images, for a smoother download experience.

4. ImageAssistant Image Batch Downloader

ImageAssistant Image Batch Downloader for Download Pinterest Pictures

ImageAssistant Image Batch Downloader is a robust tool designed to extract and download images from web pages efficiently, including Pinterest. This extension sniffs and analyzes images, ensuring compatibility with various web elements like Flash or AJAX, enabling seamless extraction from dynamic sources. While it detects all images, including duplicates and additional ones, it lacks automatic separation between high and low-resolution images, requiring manual sorting.

To download images from Pinterest using ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader, start by installing Chrome and the plugin. Navigate to the desired Pinterest board and ensure all images load by scrolling to the bottom. Click the Image Assistant icon in the plugin toolbar and select “Extract Current Page” to reveal all board images.

While hidden images might also appear, you can manually select the desired ones using the “Select” or “Select All/None” buttons. Although the plugin might have some performance issues with delayed responsiveness, it effectively downloads Pinterest images, making it a reliable option for most users.

5. Web Image Downloader

Web Image Downloader for Download Pinterest Pictures

This app offers a convenient way to download preferred images from internet pages, including those on Pinterest, and store them in chosen folders. Users can customize the download folder names for better organization. The tool presents two analysis methods: Quick Browser, ensuring swift analysis albeit without examining dynamically loaded images, and Deep Browser, offering comprehensive analysis including dynamically loaded images through user interactions.

To bulk download images from a Pinterest board, start by installing and opening the app. Tap “HTTP URL” in the menu and paste the board's URL. Once the images load, use the “Filter” icon to sort them from high to low resolution for high-quality downloads. Select the desired images and tap the download icon. Choose a storage folder, and the images will be saved there. Access them via your device's “Files” or “My Files” app, or find them in your Gallery or Photos app for easy access.

6. ImageDrain

ImageDrain for Download Pinterest Pictures

ImageDrain is a streamlined tool designed for seamless image downloads directly from Safari without needing additional applications. Its user-friendly interface allows easy switching between grid and fullscreen views, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience.

The tool excels in capturing various image types, including background and link images, enhancing accuracy in image retrieval. While it detects very few pictures and does not duplicate them, it does support quick actions to open the last URL from the menu swiftly.

To use ImageDrain, users simply need to tap the share button in Safari, select the ImageDrain icon, choose desired images from the list, and tap save for direct downloads to the Camera Roll. Though it downloads only one board at a time and lacks detection of numerous images, it remains an uncomplicated and efficient means to acquire Pinterest pictures hassle-free.

7. Image Picka

Image Picka for Download Pinterest Pictures

Image Picka, a web extension, facilitates hassle-free image downloads with various versatile features. Users can download images through drag-and-drop or specific keyboard commands, enhancing accessibility. Hovering over images displays a convenient download button for quick access.

Its standout feature lies in batch downloading images from the current tab or multiple tabs, with customizable filters based on width, height, file size, or image URL. It allows for copying URLs of selected images and customizing filenames, even handling invalid characters in filenames for seamless downloads.

It also offers the capability to download from the browser cache and transform URLs through find-and-replace functionalities.


Downloading Pinterest pictures in bulk has become more accessible through various tools and extensions, streamlining the process for personal and business needs. Extensions like Pincase, ImageAssistant, Image Picka, and specialized apps like and WFDownloader offer diverse batch extraction and download functionalities.

These tools simplify image acquisition, providing options for filtering, customization, and direct downloads from web pages or social platforms. However, responsible usage regarding copyright and platform terms remains essential. These tools serve as valuable aids, simplifying the acquisition and organization of Pinterest visuals and catering to diverse user requirements in bulk image downloads.

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