7 Best Destinations for Backpackers

Best Destinations for Backpackers

Backpacking remains one of the most budget-friendly ways to explore the globe, especially amid rising travel costs. It is a life-changing experience that gives travel enthusiasts unique opportunities to delve into different cultures.

If you have never backpacked before, you should try it, as it allows you to explore the world even better with just an onward ticket and clothes on your back. What are the best destinations in the world for backpacking?

This guide will share popular backpacking destinations and what to expect.

1. Malaysia


For most people, Malaysia would not be the first destination you would list. However, Malaysia combines beauty, modernity, and amazing food.

The country’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur, features diverse street food and an impressive skyline, which are only a few of the visitor magnets in this destination. Borneo Island, which is shared by Malaysia along with other countries, is a beautiful destination for backpacking where you can see orangutans.

There are also scenic hiking trails in Malaysia at Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and other cities. Don't worry about the food, as Malaysia has a reputation for the best food, thanks to the multiculturalism in the country. The food is also very affordable and, if you prefer Western-style restaurants, they are widely available.

Accommodation is abundant, and you will make friends easily as most Malaysians speak English. If you want to stay in and relax, their wifi is great, so you can get great entertainment by playing online casino games on your phone.

2. Raglan – New Zealand

Raglan town of New Zealand is endowed with incredible surf breaks and natural beauty, making it the perfect destination for backpackers. Raglan is also known for its unique black sandy coastline, where you can stroll and relax.

The Wainui Nature Reserve offers peaceful walking trails and cycling routes. The Bridal Veil Falls have stunning green waters you will enjoy seeing. If you are a beginner, Ngaranui Beach is the perfect place to test your skills on the board, thanks to the calm waters. More so, there are many surf schools where you can get lessons if you have never surfed.

If you are an intermediate or expert surfer, Whale Bay and Manu Bay will deliver the best waves against stunning scenery.

3. Peru

One favorite backpacking destination that is a little more widely known than Malaysia is Peru! It is a favorite destination for many and is considered the entry point to South America because of its breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, and vibrant communities.

It is ideal for outdoor pursuits like rafting, ziplining, and kayaking, but there are plenty of things to do if you would rather stay on dry land. There is more to see than the famous Machu Picchu.

To experience Peruvian cuisine and culture, you may hike the Inca Trail, explore the Amazon jungle, and visit the charming cities of Cusco and Lima.

4. Croatia

Croatia has quickly become a sought-after backpacking destination, and with its breathtaking beaches, historical towns, and beautiful parks, you can see why.

A popular route for backpackers is the Dalmatian coast from Dubrovnik to Split. In case you are wondering what this route offers, it’s a lot. We are talking about the scenic islands of Korcula and Hvar, a range of options for island hopping, and more.

While there are many things to enjoy during your Croatia trip, there are things that must be on a backpacker’s itinerary. We are talking about visiting the Roman ruins of Split’s Old Town, taking a dip at the Krka National Park waterfalls, hiking at the Plitvice Lakes National Park, and walking along the famous city walls of Dubrovnik Old Town.

5. Laos

Unquestionably, Laos's biggest asset is its people. Travelling here immerses you in a world packed with opportunities for adventure and cultural exploration.

Laos is bound to capture your soul, whether you are floating along the tranquil Mekong River as it meanders through lush farmland or enjoying freshly made coffee at a charming local market.

Something else that makes Laos a popular destination is the fact that it hosts a couple of UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Plains of Jars, Wat Phou, and Luang Probang.

6. Maputo – Mozambique


Travelers enjoy the pastel-hued alleys of Downtown Mozambique, along with its adorable cafes, museums, colonial architecture, and galleries. The picturesque capital city of Mozambique has recently experienced a rebirth.

The most enjoyable way to discover Maputo's turbulent past and uncover insider information is by embarking on a walking tour. Maputo is best experienced on foot, and it's even better accompanied by an experienced guide.

Visit the fish market for a delicious local meal where you can choose your catch and then have it prepared at one of the nearby restaurants with chips or rice. If you find city life too overwhelming, you can take a 90-minute bus ride to Ponto do Ouro, which has peaceful white sand beaches.

7. Indonesia

Featuring more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia easily qualifies as the best destination for backpackers. From mountains and rainforests to islands, Indonesia has a range of opportunities for adventure.

You might want to start with Bali as it has amazing beaches and vibrant nightlife, which you will love. Bali is also compact, so you will easily move around. Other highlights for backpackers include Mount Bromo, the beautiful Komodo National Park landscapes, and the Gili Islands.

Take Away

Whether you are looking to explore major cities or venture far off to hidden gems, there are countless amazing places to discover globally. While Southeast Asian nations like Thailand have long drawn travelers from all over the world, there are a few highly recommended up-and-coming destinations if you want to see other cultures firsthand and possibly stumble across some idyllic tropical beaches.

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