Have You Heard About 3CX Live Chat?

Have You Heard About 3CX Live Chat

Customers don’t just want one easy channel to reach out to businesses; they want every channel available to be at their disposal. If you still haven’t incorporated live chat as part of your communications toolkit – you are missing out on extra customer satisfaction points.

Luckily, 3CX Live Chat is here with a quick and easy solution. Oh, and a completely FREE fix at that!

Save Up with 3CX Live Chat!

Yes, it’s free and when we say free, we mean actually free – no trial periods, no adverts and no credit card details required. 3CX Live Chat comes as part of the newest 3CX StartUP license that’s designed to help small businesses and startups not just get on their feet, but excel from day one. By completing a 2-minute sign up and installation you can instantly upgrade your website with a live chat bubble.

But what is StartUP? It’s not just a live chat solution. 3CX offers a full-scale miniature cloud PBX that incorporates voice, video, messaging, WhatsApp and Facebook integration amongst other features! All available in one free-forever bundle for up to 10 users.

Chat not enough? Why not Call?

Not sure if live chat is applicable for the advanced issues your customers face? No need to worry. With 3CX Live Chat any conversation can easily be elevated into a voice or even video call to better assist clients with their problems.

With 3CX Talk links, it only takes a click to convert a chat into a call all from the same live chat bubble. There is no need to exchange any additional contact details or switch between apps. Plus, thanks to integrated VoIP technology it entirely scraps the need for dedicated SIP trunks and additional phone charges.

WordPress plugin to the rescue 

WordPress plugin to the rescue

To make it even easier, 3CX Live Chat can be installed via WordPress plugin, taking up merely minutes before you can offer the feature to your website clients. All you need to do is sign up for a StartUP license, download the plugin and paste a unique URL to activate the chat bubble on your website. It takes no longer than 2 minutes and requires zero coding.

Stay true with 3CX Live Chat 

Stay true with 3CX Live Chat

Exercise great freedom with the live chat plugin! Customize your live chat’s appearance to blend it in with your company’s branding. Pick your styling and select welcome messages to get a more organic and native look.

You can manage your messages and settings directly from your omnichannel hub – 3CX Web Client. You can customize the features, answer chats and pick up calls all from the same interface. Maximize the benefits by adding other integrations and efficiently manage all of the incoming customer requests with ease and efficiency.

Sign Up for FREE! 

Ready to step up your customer service? Register and set up your 3CX StartUP account today. Hassle-free, easy and powerful solution is at your fingertips. No prior coding experience or credit card details required. So what are you still waiting for?

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