[7 Ways] How To Call Someone And Display A Different Number

How To Call Someone And Display A Different Number

You can call someone and display a different number by using spoofing apps, the spoof Card, FakeCallerID, call forwarding on your phone, VoIP, or permanent fake numbers. Is there someone you want to call but don’t want to use your real phone number? Luckily, there is a way you can call someone and display a different number. Additionally, you may want to pass some information and not want to use your real number.

You can decide to use an alternate number when you don’t want the one you call to start looking for you again or not have your main line. Some people may be troublesome and if they have your real number it can be hectic.

Additionally, you may be selling stuff online and wouldn’t want unnecessary calls from the recipients, you can decide to call and display a different number. It may also be that you don’t want to give your main number to other colleagues to prevent them from calling you all the time.

Regardless of your reason, you can use these methods to call someone and display a different number. Displaying a different number is known as caller ID spoofing. However, there are certain regulations about that and whether you can or can not do it.

Benefits Of Calling Someone And Displaying A Different Number

Calling Someone And Displaying A Different Number

  • Safeguarding your privacy
  • Maintaining professionalism
  • To partake in market research
  • Confidential communication with clients
  • To surprise loved ones
  • Selling stuff online
  • Geographical flexibility.
  • To make an innocent prank call.

How Do The Phone Number Changer Apps Function?

When you use the phone number changer apps you get access to temporary numbers which can be used to hide your real number. Therefore, when you call anyone, a different number will be displayed.

Also, not only can you use the new phone number to make calls but also when you want to verify your account on various platforms, and you wouldn’t want to use your official number.

When you use the phone number changer app, you can buy a phone number that lets you call, send texts, etc. Alternatively, you can access the phone number spoofing application that masks your real number, so the recipients see a different number than the actual one.

How Can You Call Someone And Display A Different Number?                                               

If you want to call someone and display a different number, this is what you can do:

1. Use a second phone number from Krispscall


If you want to call for personal reasons, you can use KrispCall. It lets you get a second phone number that you can use. You don’t even need a SIM Card, instead, you get to communicate under an internet connection.  The platform is secure, therefore, you are assured that when you make a call, it will display the different numbers you want.

You can easily get a virtual number from more than 1000 countries. Therefore,  you can hide your real number. Additionally, it allows call routing, hides caller ID, records calls, monitors calls, facilitates CRM integration, and internal call transfer.

2. Use Spoofcard


You can also decide to use a Spoofcard phone number to call someone and display a different number. It focuses on providing you with a virtual number that you can use to call anyone that you want. However, for the best experience, you will need to create an account.

Your personal information will remain private and only be available to those you authorize or trust. When calling using your mobile number or office number, it switches to the virtual number for more privacy. Additionally, it lets you record your calls, and even when people call you through the number they are redirected to voicemail. This can be a great strategy if you want to market products or carry out market research.

Moreover, it allows you to change your voice to sound like a man or woman,  change the background sounds, spoof calls internationally, and make calls to multiple people simultaneously.

3. FakeCallerID


FakeCallerID changes your number to a different number when you make a call. Just like Spoofcard, you can change your voice, and add sound effects. Therefore, it will be hard for the other person to know who is calling – you are assured of anonymous calling and privacy calling.

Moreover, you can easily record calls, block calls, or forward calls. The only downside is that you can’t send texts through the function. It facilitates anonymous calls while calls to the fake phone number are sent to voicemail.

4. Customize your phone to call forwarding

If you wish to call someone and display a different number, customizing your phone to call forwarding would be a great option. Whenever anyone calls your old number, it will be redirected to a new number.

Therefore, you can call the person with a different number even though they had called you with a different one. You can choose who you will call with your actual phone number and who you will call with the other number.

5. Use Voice Over IP (VoIP) services or Google Voice

Voice Over IP

With Voice Over IP it is possible to call someone and display a different number. However, you need to consider a voice-over IP service like Skype, Zoom Phone, etc. Your phone number will be hidden, and you will be able to call anyone you want even at long distances.

It can also be helpful if you don’t want to use too much credit when making any calls. Additionally, you can decide to use Google Voice to make calls with a different number.

6. Use Call Spoofing Apps

If you want to call someone and display a different number, you can consider using spoofing apps like Line2, Phoner, Burner, Hushed, Dingtone, Sideline, Talkatone, etc. It all depends on the call spoofing app that you prefer most. You can check the features and see which one can meet your needs. At the end of the day, you need a spoofing app that functions perfectly and will meet all your personal and business needs.

7. Permanent or Temporary fake numbers

You can also consider getting a permanent or temporary phone number from online platforms. If you decide to get a permanent phone number, you are assured that you can use it for your communication. It all depends on who you want to call or talk to!

Also, if you want an innocent prank call, you can consider getting a temporary phone number. Depending on the use, you can decide on either permanent or temporary fake numbers.

Maintain Your Privacy

You can use any of these methods to maintain your privacy. Subsequently, you can call someone else while displaying a different number. This is essential when you are doing any marketing research, approaching companies for certain services, inquiring about something, innocent prank calls, and any other personal reasons.

Therefore, it will be easy to get the information you want anonymously. Also, you can use alternate phone numbers to maintain your privacy. You will only allow those you trust to have your phone number.

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