How to Upgrade Your Apple Firmware By IPSW File


How often do you need to update your IPSW software for IOS gadgets? You might never know what an IPSW file is if you didn't do a manual system update on your iPhone. Read on for more information.

What is IPSW?

What is IPSW

IPSW is an abbreviation of the iPhone Software file. It is an extension of the official firmware (system file) in Apple products, including the iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV. The software files contain various encrypted updates and restoration software such as PLISTS, IM4Ps, and DMG files for the Apple devices.

What Does IPSW Do?

What Does IPSW Do

The IPSW intends to launch new attributes and repair security bugs in the corresponding devices. The archive file can also be used to download the latest feature or revert to factory settings. It is equivalent to the ROM package of the original Android phone when the phone is reset. It is about 5 gigabytes in size for the various versions available.

Benefits of Using IPSW Files

Below are the advantages of downloading IPSW:

I. Apple products operating systems can be upgraded/degraded

Apple products upgraded

You have access to the latest versions of the program. And still, have an option of downloading previous versions that you might be interested in.

II. You can recover a crash iPhone or iPad

Restore iPhone with ipsw

In case your devices crash, you can be able to restart them and regain the data that had been wiped. But this only applies if you had backed up your data before the device crashed.

III. Jailbreak your phone with tools such as the Pwnage tool or Checkra1n

Jailbreak Checkra1n

Tools such as those named above enable you to customize and unlock your phone while maintaining your baseband. It is illegal to jailbreak your devices in some countries such as the USA.

Where is the IPSW Stored?

ipsw location

The software file is stored depending on the compatibility of the device. Getting to know the storage location will enable you to successfully install the software on your device.

  • For mac OS users like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch the file is store in the following format:
[username]/Library/iTunes /iPhone (other product names) Software Updates
  • For Windows 10/8/7 users:
C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone ((other product name)) Software Updates

Where to Download IPSW?

Download IPSW

The best option is to compel your device to download the firmware of your choice. It will come at an advantage since you can decide and choose the sort of firmware you desire. You will need a trusted, secure, and easy to maneuver website. I would recommend you download from this.

The following are four easy steps for a successful IPSW installation from the website.

I. Choose a product

You can choose your type of device from the grid of apple product icons provided on the home page.

II. Choose a platform

Once you select the product, the choose platform button gets highlighted. You get provided with various platforms depending on the product that you chose. Select the program that you are interested in and suitable for your product.

III. Choose a version

The choose version button gets highlighted, and several versions of signed and unsigned IPSW files will appear on the screen. We recommended that you choose the signed IPSW. You will find that the unsigned version number is the previous version of the software. If you want to downgrade your Apple product, then you can choose to download these versions of IPSW.

IV. Download

Once you have selected your IPSW version, the download button gets highlighted. An information table will appear on the right side, showing the upload date, file name, size, MDF5sum, SHA1sum, and the identifier. A download button and instructions are given below the table if the file does not download.

  • Note: You can also download from the iTunes software. You should download an IPSW version that is compatible with your device. iTunes will stop the installation of the wrong product. It will lead you to download another version again.

How to Open IPSW?


IPSW is not just a text file or a photo file. It is a Zip file that needs to run with the help of iTunes, which is the official version of Apple's brush tool. You can use other Apple refresh tools to update your Apple products through paid tools such as iMobieAnyFix. But it's riskier, so you should stick to iTunes.

How to Refresh Firmware for Apple Products


Remember that IPSW files are different for every product. Here are some of the guidelines to install the IPSW file on your device:

  • Start by downloading the appropriate IPSW firmware for your Apple product.

downloading the appropriate IPSW firmware

  • Download and install iTunes on your device. You can download the iTunes version for your computer from this page.

Download and install iTunes

  • Use a USB cable to connect your device and the computer
  • Allow the computer to access the IOS device trust.  It will enable the device to read files from the computer

Allow the computer to access the IOS device trust

  • Press shift (option) + check for updates to select the firmware version that you downloaded.

select the firmware version

  • A pop box will appear saying, “iTunes will update your iPhone to IOS XXX.”
  • You may be asked for a password
  • Wait for iTunes to wipe the system.
  • There's a progress bar on your iPhone, which takes probably 15 minutes for the system to complete.

iTunes to wipe the system

Sometimes an update file might refuse to work correctly, or iTunes is not acknowledging it. Delete the file from your computer’s storage location. You can find other versions of the firmware on iTunes. Also, during the next update, iTunes will be compelled to download a compatible version for your device.


You cannot download and install modified IPSW files. All the IPSW files provided on the above website are certified and obtained from Apple servers. I tunes will detect and stop an update if your file is not compatible with your device; please ensure to choose the best IPSW for your product model. Otherwise, it may lead to the failure of upgrade or downgrade. The bottom line is if you cannot start the machine, please do not do any operation and send it to professional maintenance personnel.

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