3 Ways to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Export Contacts from iPhone

 Are you an iPhone user and would want to try an Android phone? Do you know how you can export the iPhone contacts and import them to your android phone? Losing your phone can be unfortunate, hence you need to know how to backup contacts.  We will share with you how to export contacts from the iPhone for easy backup.

Do you know how to export contacts from the iPhone for future use? You may export the contacts from your iPhone and save them on an external disk for future references. This occurs in the case you lose your phone, your phone spoils or you replace it. We are going to share with you three ways you can do this:

Method A: iCloud Backup

Step 1: Tap Settings on your iPhone, tap your name and then tap iCloud. Also, ensure to turn on the contacts toggle switch to ensure the contacts in your device sync with your iCloud account.

Tap iCloud

Step 2: Sign in with your Apple ID on your iPhone. Click to enter iCloud, open the Contacts app switch, and click “Merge” to automatically back up the iPhone to the cloud.

iCloud Contacts

Step 3: Open the iCloud website in your browser and log in with your Apple ID.

iCloud log in

Step 4: Select the address book, Ctrl + A select all.

iCloud address book

Step 5: Bottom left corner, click Gear Icon, select all contacts, and select “Export as vCard” to get a.vcf file.

iCloud Export as vCard

Step 6: Convert vCard file to CSV format using a conversion site such as Aconvert. Save the CSV file safely for future reference.

Convert vCard file to CSV

Method B: Use Imazing

Step 1:Download the app from the Imazing website

iMazing home

Step 2: It will download automatically and once it is finished, finish up the setup process.

iMazing setup

iMazing setup 2

Step 3: It may take a while before the installation completes, just be patient.

Step 4: Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable and enter your passcode to unlock it.

iMazing setup 3

Step 5: Once, you connect your iPhone, in the left sidebar select your device then click ‘Manage apps’. Then click the ‘Device’ tab and select your contacts app.

iPhone Manage apps

Step 6: Click ‘ Back up’ and the Imazing back up app data wizard will open. To export the contacts, choose a destination folder, which automatically will be your Desktop, and check the Extract options.

iPhone Device tab

iphone backup app data

Step 7: Also, read the important notice and click OK. The Imazing app will start exporting your iPhone's contact data. It will show you the progress as it saves on your computer device. Once, the process is done, the Imazing app will notify you.

iPhone backup app data progress

Method C: Export to CSV

There are a couple of apps that you can use to export contacts from your iPhone device. You can choose a paid exporting app like Export contact or a free app in the apple store like Easy backup. It lets you export your contacts to CSV format.

Step 1: Download the Easy Backup app from App Store.

Download the Easy Backup app

Step 2: To open the application, you must give it access to your contacts. Otherwise, you cannot export your contacts

Easy Backup application

Step 3: Hit the ‘Tap to backup’ button. Your contacts will be safe on the cloud.

Easy Backup Tap to backup

Step 4: If you want to export the contacts, tap the ‘My backup history’ button.

Step 5: Choose a backup that you want to restore; select all from the list. Then Choose Export to send the vcf file to your email or the storage device.

Easy Backup Export


1. How do I Import my contacts to a new Phone?

In the iCloud interface, sign in with your Apple ID, then in the gear icon, there's an import contact person item. You will see all the contacts synced with your iCloud account. You can now transfer them to your new iPhone. Hence, once you reach the Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud backup. Wait for the data to transfer from your old device/backup device to your new device.

2. How do I import contacts into the Android Device

Open the ‘contacts’ app on your Android device and press ‘More’ with the three dots icon. Then under Settings, choose import/export contacts, then choose ‘ Import’ and choose your phone’s internal storage. Then look for the CSV file you want to import to your android device.

Final Thoughts

It is important to know how to export contacts from your iPhone or Android device for future reference. It may seem unnecessary, but what if you lose your phone or your phone spoils. What will you do? Hence, you need to know how to export contacts and import contacts into your iPhone and android device.

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