How to Use Widgetsmith for Aesthetic iOS Home Screen

How to use WidgetSmith App

Apple Inc. is a multinational company that prides itself in manufacturing premium-quality hardware and software solutions for computer-related products.

Apple Inc. has dedicated most of its effort to incorporate unique features into its products. We are all familiar with the Apple logo, and the company ensured that we could easily spot the coveted Apple logo from a distance. The Apple Company values its unique brand because it prevented customers from customizing and personalizing previous iPhones.

However, things appear to be changing for the better since OS 14 launch. Apple lovers across the globe have received the new iOS 14 with elations. The new iOS 14 offers consumers the option to customize and personalize their home screen.

You can use the WidgetSmith application to customize and personalize your home screen. This article provides the ultimate guide on using WidgetSmith App in 2022.

What is the WidgetSmith App?

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Let us familiarize ourselves with the WidgetSmith App before getting to the nitty-gritty of using the program. WidgetSmith is one of the best customization Apps for sprucing up your iOS home screen. Cross Forward Consulting, LLC is the development team behind the ownership and management of WidgetSmith.

Cross Forward Consulting LCC is a trusted Apple App developer, and they own other Apple applications like CalZones, AudioBooks, Awesome Counter, WatchSmith, Workouts++, and MyTrends++. WidgetSmith App in 2022 refers to the seasonal spring 2022 theme collection available on the latest update.

Features that you can get from WidgetSmith

Features that you can get from WidgetSmith

WidgetSmith offers several utility features that you can use to improve your productivity. Below are some of the utility features that you can get on WidgetSmith.

  • Customizable calendar widget.
  • Customizable weather forecast widget.
  • Customizable astronomy widget.
  • Customizable scheduling widget.
  • Customizable activity widget.

You can use WidgetSmith to customize the above widgets to appear on your iOS home screen. The customization feature displays the above utility tools using your preferred rules and sorting order.

Use WidgetSmith to add a new widget on the iOS home screen

WidgetSmith to add a new widget on your iOS home screen

You can get a WidgetSmith App from the Apple store or any other verified source. Install the WidgetSmith App on your iOS and follow the procedure to add a new widget on your home screen.

Step 1: Go to your home screen after installing the widget customization App. Tap and hold any free part on your home screen. Stop pressing your screen when you see your screen begin to wiggle.

Step 1: Look at the top left corner of your iPhone and tap on the plus icon (+) to add a new widget on your home screen.

Step 1: You can select your preferred widget and how to display it. Some of the add-ons on the selection panel include clocks, geographical maps, calendars, weather, astrology, and battery widgets.

Step 1: Do not forget to pick your preferred display mode from a list of three display modes.

Step 1: The last step is to position your widget anywhere you deem fit on your iOS home screen.

You can customize the widgets further to express your personality more clearly. Several customization features are available, so do not be afraid to experiment until you find what suits your taste and personality best.

2. Create customized widgets using the WidgetSmith App?

How can you create customized widgets using the WidgetSmith App

You do not need to panic if none of the available widgets tickles your fancy. WidgetSmith App offers users the option of creating custom widgets. Follow the procedure below to commence the custom widget creation process.

Step 1: Ensure you have downloaded the correct WidgetSmith App from the official company website or trusted vendors.

Step 2: Proceed to open your iOS application and select your preferred widget size. Select your preferred type of information to be displayed on your widget.

Step 3: The next step is to select your preferred presentation option using the inbuilt tools. Use attractive color palettes, fonts, and styles to make your widget template appear easy on the eye.

Step 4: You can then proceed to name your custom-built widget. Giving it a cool name can add character and charisma to your design.

Step 5: Tap on the saves option at the top-right corner of your iPhone to secure your custom-built widget.

Step 6: You can now go back and tap and hold a black space on your home screen to select and test your widget design. You can use the edit feature to tweak and add more flavor to your widget.

Step 7: You can repeat the process to create other unique and personalized widgets for your iOS. Don’t forget to have fun experimenting with the WidgetSmith customization utility tool.


Q. Where can I download the WidgetSmith application?

The WidgetSmith customization App is available for iOS users. You can visit the Apple Store with your Apple ID and download a verified and trusted copy of the WidgetSmith App. The free version of the WidgetSmith App has limited features, but you can get the WidgetSmith Pro version to unlock the App’s feature limitation.

Q. Can I use my WidgetSmith iOS 14 App on an Android device?

No. You cannot use the WidgetSmith iOS 14 App on your Android device. Android and iOS have different kernels and OS architecture. In other words, iOS Apps are not compatible with the Android OS architecture. However, similar Apps exist on the Google {lay Store that can offer Android users a WidgetSmith iOS 14 experience.

Q. Can the WidgetSmith iOS 14 App interfere or slow down my iOS?

No. The WidgetSmith is a tested and verified App with a 4.6-star rating on the Apple Play Store. It is safe to download and install WidgetSmith iOS 14 App without worrying about the potential damage it can cause to your iPhone or iPad. You are free to install the free version on your iPhone if it runs iOS 14 or higher.

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