70 Fun Photoshop Effects: Amusing Tutorials to Try

fun photoshop effects

What can I do with Photoshop? Anything you can think of, come and feel these interesting pictures created by Photoshop. I can bet they're amazing!

Adobe Photoshop or simply ‘Photoshop' is a well-known photo editing software that comes with a wide range of features. The paid editing program can help you to make all the changes that you desire on digital photos, drawings, and paintings. You can also use Photoshop to create funny photos and images that you can share with friends on social media platforms.

The bottom line is that you can use Photoshop for fun and show your creativity. Here are examples of interesting pictures created using Photoshop.

70. Starbucks and Sparta

Starbucks and Sparta

Maybe you often go to Starbucks downstairs for coffee, but have you ever had Spartan coffee? No? Who knows? Perhaps it can bring you more vitality than Starbucks.

After a drink, maybe you can also become a fighter. The combination of Starbucks and Sparta make you feel that it's high time for Starbuck to redesign its logo

69. Spiderman is out

Spiderman is out

We all know Spiderman as a superhero in films. Can you imagine if he pops out the screen of your computer or TV when watching a movie?

Here Photoshop makes Spiderman a true “Superhero” being who can even come from the “film” world to our world. It's thrilling and startling at the same time.

68. Sunset waterfall

Sunset waterfall

This photo looks amazing and very satisfying. Then you're like, how is that even possible. Probable during end times when everything starts to melt away.

Nevertheless, it is possible to create such images in the world of Photoshop.

67. New species

New species

This looks funny and horrifying at the same time. I already fear spiders and now a clone of a spider and an owl. Is this new species of an Owl or a spider? Whatever it is, creativity is top-notch.

66. Suspended Art

Suspended Art

This picture is awesome and magical. You can imagine how it would feel if you could suspend yourself and everything around in the air. Looking at this picture leaves you with more questions than answers.

Like, how did the photographer take this photo? There is a lot to imagine than what you see.

65. Peacock opens the tail

Peacock open the tail

Amazing! This should be called a “peacock tree.” The creativity in the picture is top-notch. You have to look at the picture keenly to realize that it's a tree with some alterations to make it look like a peacock with a closed tail.

64. Road paving

Road paving

The road looks impressive until you realize that the paving is done from the hot air balloon. The link between the hot air balloon and the road is creatively done, and it looks natural. On the other hand, you may think the road leads to a hot air balloon.

63. Color block cat

Color block cat

The picture looks like a real cat with blocks on one-half of the body instead of having a smooth far. The editing alteration makes the cat different from ordinary cats, something that is appealing to the eyes. Maybe it's a cat from another world.

62. I am a puzzle

I am a puzzle

The picture is super cool, and it indeed represents a puzzle. It's hard to figure out how to fix the block on the person in the photo to complete her. The more you look at the picture, the more confusing it becomes.

61. Fox made of maple leaves

Fox made of maple leaves

This creativity is on another level in this picture. You ever wondered how the person who made it came up with the idea. If you remove the upper and the lower parts of the fox, it's hard to tell whether the reaming part could fit in a fox.

60. Hidden man

Hidden man

The Photoshop in his picture is great. You may think the picture is about some shoes left on a wet flow. However, the presence of the shadow and the position of the right leg shoe change everything. It's some invisible man walking.

59. Pigeon in the book

Pigeon in the book

This picture represents real art and creativity. Although it's hard to believe that pigeons are coming from the book, the timing is accurate and convincing. It's like every page that you open turns into a pigeon and flies away.

58. Zebra code

Zebra code

The Zebra code looks real, and you have to refresh your mind to tell whether it's different from an ordinary zebra. The surrounding environment matches with the zebra, and you can hardly notice the code on its back.

57. Double exposure

Double exposure

The picture is somehow confusing, but it portrays a high level of creativity. It portrays an open head of a woman with and something pouring out of it. Things get even more confusing when you notice some birds and a man “inside the head of the head.”

56. Face swap

Face swap

The picture looks incredible, and you can't even tell that face swapping took place. It's incredible how you can use Photoshop to switch human faces without altering the originality of the picture.

55. Melted


Do you think that a person can melt in real life? Not really. However, you do that using Photoshop, as shown in this picture. It looks so real that the young woman in the picture just melted and looks fantastic.

54. Failure style

Failure style

In this picture, colors are used to create several people in one image. The person on the front faces to the left. Different color shades create other three persons face the opposite direction but as part of the person facing to the left.

53. Combination portrait

Combination portrait

You can use Photoshop to combine several images and create amazing art, as shown in this picture. The miniature portraits decorate the bigger portrait and make it look wonderful.

52. 3D font

3D font

Creating 3D pictures/images is very easy when using Photoshop. The 3 and D elements in the above picture looks are so real. As if carved and placed there, not part of the picture background.

51. Partial rain

Partial rain

The creativity in this picture is on another level and creates some irony. It's a desert with a single tree whose upper parts are clouds pouring rain that doesn't reach the dry ground. How is that even possible in real life?

50. Color magic

Color magic

You can play around with colors on Photoshop and amazing photos with impressive effects. For instance, you can match the color of your clothes with everything around you, including the background.

49. Smooth skin

Smooth skin

Do you know that you can change the texture of your skin in a picture using Photoshop? Yes, you can add the right complexion and get rid of rough surfaces, pimples, dark spots, and everything else that you don't like in your picture, as shown above.

48. Sketch photos

Sketch photos

You don't have to pay an artist to get sketch photos of yourself or something else. You can easily do that using Photoshop to edit an accurate picture. The sketch looks so real, and you can hardly tell that it wasn't hand-drawn.

47. Bighead

Big head

Enlarging pictures is very easy using Photoshop. In this picture, the head enlargement matches perfectly with the body. It's as if someone used a magnifying glass to view the small version of the image.

46. Luminous effects

Luminous effects

You can use Photoshop lights to add luminous effects to your photo or picture. Before adding lights, the photo looks dull, but the lighting makes it look lovely. The moon serves as the source of light.

45. Cartoon effects

Cartoon effects

Do you love cartoons? If yes, you can use Photoshop to add cartoon effects to your pictures. That way, the picture looks unique and luring especially if you want to share it on social media platforms for likes.

44. Character text

Character text

The above picture is made of text and looks very cool. The creativity here is on another level and shows that you can do anything with Photoshop. You're left wondering how the person in could appear if this were an accurate picture.

43. Upside-down space

Upside-down space

You change everything upside down with Photoshop and create a fantastic impression. For instance, the above picture shows tall city buildings upside when viewed from the top of a hill.

You wonder how whether it's possible, but the impression in the picture is excellent.

42. Don't run too fast

Don't run too fast

The picture shows the effects of running too fast. The cheetah in the picture is losing dots or part of its body because of running too fast. You can use Photoshop to create speed effects in a picture or image.

41. Fruit or vegetable?

Fruit or vegetable

The picture is confusing, but the creativity is amazing. You wonder whether the picture was initially a fruit (banana) or a vegetable. Nevertheless, the picture shows you can do all types of edits on the picture using Photoshop.

40. Not enough ink

Not enough ink

In this picture, Photoshop is used to create the effect of a photograph not having enough ink. You're left wondering how that is even possible. Nevertheless, the creativeness is in the picture is top-notch.

39. Renaissance train

Renaissance train

Well, we know that the renaissance train was noisy and produced a lot of smoke. The truth of the matter is that it didn't have a horse engine. However, a train with a horse front looks amazing and provokes many imaginations.

38. Land navigation

Land navigation

What a minute. Is that a ship cruising on a football field? The field also seems to have some water, and the boat leaves some waves. It's only with Photoshop that you can create the effects of a boat navigating on land.

37. Clone


You can clone things using Photoshop and create pictures that look so real to doubt. In this picture, we have a man and a woman with their clones. All men and women in the picture look the same, and you can't tell the difference.

36. Lilliputian


Yes, you use Photoshop to create a Lilliputian effect in a picture or image. In this picture, the people look very small (tiny), and you're left wondering whether they represent real humans or some small species of people.

35. Lover is a book

Lover is a book

You may think the man is in love with the book, but his lover is in that book. Yes, you can see an image of a woman created using texts, and the man is holding her passionately. The creativity in this picture is top-notch.

34. Face cake

Face cake

Imagine creating a face cake that looks like a real human face. Well, that's possible when using Photoshop. You can edit part of a human face picture and makes it look like the person in the picture is made of a cake and not flesh.

33. Big guy on the racetrack

Big guy on the racetrack

In this picture, the elephant participating in a dog race looks so real. It seems like the elephant was among the participants in the race. This shows that you can use Photoshop to shift an image from one context to another.

32. Road or pool

Road or pool

In this picture, it's hard to tell whether this is a pool or a tarmac road. The person who created his images used Photoshop to create a pool on the road and a woman swimming in it.

31. Crocodile leather shoes

Crocodile leather shoes

If you think you have seen all the pictures that you can create with Photoshop, then now you have crocodile leather shoes. It looks funny, but the ingenuity in the picture is top-notch. Imagine if your boots turned into a crocodile.

30. When you are old

When you are old

Do you know that you can use Photoshop to create an older version of yourself? Yes, that's possible with Photoshop. You just need to take a picture of yourself and use Photoshop to add age effects to it.

29. Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky

Who doesn't want to own a castle in the sky? Do you think it's possible? The answer is yes. You can create it yourself using Photoshop software, as shown in the above picture. The picture is incredible, and the view is breathtaking.

28. Cover character

Cover character

Would you like to appear on a magazine cover but you don't know how? You can use Photoshop to make your photo into a magazine cover and achieve the desired satisfaction. Nobody can tell whether it's real or not if you edit the photo well.

27. Women like water

Woman like water

You can use Photoshop water effects to create unique pictures and images. A good example is the woman-like water picture in the above picture. The picture looks fantastic, and you may think the picture is drawn on a water surface.

26. Yesterday once more

Yesterday once more

The above pictures are of the same person but in different colors. You can easily change images and photographs into black and white using Photoshop. The first one is in black and white to create an impression of a past or sometime back on the person's life in the picture.

25. Vertical world

Vertical world

The above picture represents a vertical world that you can achieve using Photoshop software. The sheer view of every item in the picture looks fantastic. Imagine if you were to visit such a world in real life.

24. Boat in a glass bottle

Boat in a glass bottle

I'm sure you can create impressions using Photoshop, but you never thought of having a boat in a glass bottle. Now you have it, and it looks marvelous. If a boat can fit in a glass bottle, then what else can't be put in it using Photoshop?

23. Click Like for yourself

Click Like for yourself

Do you love posting photos on social media platforms for likes? Well, you can as well create a like effect on them using Photoshop, as shown in the above picture. The like sign on the picture looks so real.

22. It's raining

It's raining

The picture looks like it was taken in the rain. Well, you don't have to take a picture of the shower to capture the rain. On the contrary, you can create a raining effect for your picture and images using Photoshop.

21. Neon Glow Effect

Neon Glow Effect

If your pictures look dull and you want to brighten them, you can give them a neon glow effect using Photoshop. Look at this picture; the neon glow effect makes the person look like a superstar.

20. The photo is broken

The photo is broken

This photo looks broken. It's as if someone intentionally tore it. However, that isn't the case because what you see is Photoshop effects. You can imagine how easy it's to destroy an excellent picture or image using Photoshop software.

19. Watercolor effect

Watercolor effect

When editing photos or images, you should consider adding some watercolor impact on them. The above picture looks unique because of the watercolor effect, courtesy of Photoshop software. It's like the image is melting away.

18. I became Lego

I became Lego

The picture looks blurred due to Lego effects. I think it's an excellent way of hiding identity in some photos and images. You don't have to cover some images anymore if you know how to use Photoshop. Just add Lego effects to them.

17. Replace the sky

Replace the sky

The sky replacement in the above photos is so real that you can't tell the original one from the two. The clouds in the second picture make the photo beautiful than the first, where the sky doesn't have any shadows.

16. Metal text

Metal text

The gold text effect in this image makes it more provocative than it could have been if it had plain colors. The word “GOLD” in the image looks like it's carved used real gold. It's like you can touch and feel it.

15. Extract lines

Extract lines

I like how the ‘extract lines' effects on the picture make the edited image look different. You may think that an eraser was used to get rid of lines from the picture. This is a very creative artwork.

14. Circular text

Circular text

The circular text on the image looks more appealing than the ordinary horizontal. The easiest way to add faultless circular text effect to an idea is by using Photoshop software.

13. Outline photos

Outline photos

The outline in this photo makes it brighter and more appealing. It's as if editing added some light in the photo. You can add an outline to photos without changing the original structure using Photoshop.

12. Move background

Move background

The image looks fantastic with the background, but it's amazing how the background was moved away. You can use Photoshop to move the background of a photo and replace it with another one without altering the picture.

11. Blur background

Blur background

If you don't want to change the background of a photo, then you can blur it. It's astounding how the image looks even brighter after blurring the background. Maybe some of your photos could look better if you blur their backgrounds.

10. Replace shark teeth

Replace shark teeth

Imagine replacing the shark teeth with human teeth. I feel that the teeth swap effect makes the shark friendlier. It's as if the shark is smiling and is gradually getting a human face. It looks like a shark from another world.

9. Wears milk

Wears milk

Is this a girl wearing a milk dress? It looks funny. You can't have a milk dress in the real world, but the creativity in this picture is on another level. The picture shows how you can enhance your creativity using Photoshop.

8. Oversized ice cream

Oversized ice cream

The oversized ice cream looks like a mountain with some ice cream at the top. Well, it seems like exaggerated ice cream, but the creativity is top-notch. I already miss my favorite vanilla ice cream.

7. Water and fire

Water and fire

The picture looks fantastic, and the impact between the fire and water is visible. It's as if the fire is crashing water. The image shows how you can push your creativity to more significant heights with Photoshop.

6. Music goddess

Dress up myself by PS

The Statue of Liberty with a guitar is cool. The image looks so real that you can't tell the difference if you don't know how the real Statue of Liberty looks like. It's amazing how you can change things using Photoshop and make them look so real.

5. Venus with Arms

Venus with Arms

The picture looks funny, and you may think it's the timing and creativity is top-notch. It's hilarious to see Venus with arms, clothes, sunglasses, and taking a selfie with a phone. He looks like a real person.

4. Change the hairstyle for Mona Lisa

Change the hairstyle for Mona Lisa

Is this a joke? Mona Lisa, with a different hairstyle, looks funny. You can even tell whether this is the real Mona Lisa or some other random person. However, the facial appearance looks like that of the Mona Lisa picture.

3. Photos on the wall

Photos on wall

The picture looks amazing. You're left wondering how the person who created the picture did it. Is it a photo on the wall or the wall in the photo? The creativity is incredible.

2. Dress up myself by PS

Dress up myself by PS

It's incredible how you can use Photoshop to dress yourself up without actually changing clothes. The woman in the picture looks superb in the blue dress, and it fits her perfectly. You may think she wore and posed for the photo.

1. Cover your face

Cover your face

How is that even possible? So, the hands covering the face originate from the cheeks. The creativity is top-notch, but the photo is perplexing. It can trend on social media platforms.


You can do so many things using Photoshop software and explore your creativity. Fun Photoshop is a cool way of spending time, but it can also make you trend on social media platforms and become a celebrity.

However, you should be know how to use Photoshop software and be creative.

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