TOP 15 Free Picture Background Removers [Cutout BG]

Free Picture Background Remover

Suppose you want to save time, money, and effort by removing backgrounds 100% from images; you can try using a free picture background remover. With these online cutout tools, you no longer have to do cumbersome operations in PS and free your hands.

We have several online tools powered by AI that can instantly remove backgrounds from single or bulky photos with a clear cut out on the subject image.  If you need to increase your productivity, you will need these free tools.  These background remover tools, which are free to use, include the following.

1. Adobe express

Adobe express Homepage

Adobe express website has many features, including removing background from the images for free.  The steps involved in eliminating background images are; one, select photos with precise edges on the subject with no overlapping, two, try to upload the image to the site, and automatically, the background will be removed instantly.  Third, download the new image in a PNG format with a transparent background so you can share, save, or edit it continuously.

2. Photoscissors

Photoscissors Homepage

Photoscissors is a free picture background remover that uses algorithms to automatically remove the background from an image using deep neural networks.  The removed background can be automatically replaced with a solid color, transparent background image; with just a few clicks, the background will change.

Photscissors is simple; you must drop or click the file to upload a photo and ensure the image format is in PNG, JPG, or WebP.  It supports a maximum image size of 10 Mb and a maximum image resolution of 4.2Mpx.  Lastly, save and download the new image as a PNG file.

3. Photo room

Photo room Homepage

It's considered one of the best photo editors, and one of its features is background remover.  You can get its app in the play store or the app store and use your smartphone to remove the background from your photos.  It has three steps for removing the background.

First, Select a print or drag and drop an image from your computer which supports the PNG or JPG image format.

Secondly, this tool automatically removes the background, and you can replace it with a new background in a couple of seconds.

Lastly, you can download the new image at the bottom of your photo.

4. Slazzer

Slazzer Homepage

It is the best free background remover for Linux/Mac/Windows and automatically removes the background in a few seconds.  The slazzer application can be downloaded on your PC, and you can drag and drop 1000 images at once, and each of them gets cut out automatically.

This tool uses AI that instantly detects the image subject and gives you a clear cut.  It can handle fur, hair, or any complex edges in the image in just seconds.

5. Retoucher

Retoucher Homepage

It is a quick online background remover of an image and is free for use.  You can upload one or many images for photo editing, which can perfectly fit facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, YT, and passport.

Therefore, you can freely remove the background images at ease and keep them transparent for editing purposes.  After doing all this, you can decide to add a new background and download the latest picture last.

6. InPixio

InPixio Homepage

It is a free and automatic background remover tool that removes background in images and attains a transparent background in a few seconds.  You can automatically upload single or several images to InPixio to remove the backgrounds once on multiple photos.

To adjust the selection, Inpixio uses AI and machine learning to detect backgrounds automatically and clear them; however, you can do it manually if you want.  You can download your new image in a PNG format with just a single click.

7. Depositphotos

Depositphotos Homepage

Depositphotos is an online tool that removes the background using artificial intelligence to form a transparent background.  Its working principle is that the image background remover tool processes the uploaded graphic file, identifies its subject, and isolates them.  It works in three steps.

First, in the background eraser, upload your image.

Secondly, the tool will automatically remove the background from the object and receive the new image with isolated objects.

Lastly, you can download the new image with a transparent background.

8. Removal.AI

Removal Homepage

It's a free online tool powered by A.  I (Artificial Intelligence) use advanced computer vision algorithms to instantly identify the subjects on photos and separate the foreground pixel from the background.

The new image produced in its background is white,  transparent, or customized depending on your needs in 3 seconds or less.  This tool makes precise, neat, and smooth cutout edges and can handle hair or fur edges.

Removal.AI can upload over 1000 images and process them in a single upload.

9. Fococlipping

Fococlipping Homepage

Fococlipping is a free and powerful background remover tool that is efficient and easy to use.  It uses an advanced Auto – AI Algorithm that detects the foreground subject and automatically removes the background in just 3 seconds.

It has a hair touch tool that automatically detects and handles any challenges on the hair tip in seconds.  It has a superior Bulk BG remover which can remove background images of over 30 images at once, with a single click.

You can download the new photos in batches.


Erase Homepage

Erase.Bg is a background remover tool supported by AI that automatically removes an image's background in a couple of seconds and downloads high-resolution photos for free.

It has an AI bulk tool that can quickly support several photos for bulk processing with precision, which assists people, e-commerce businesses, and agencies worldwide in boosting revenue.

When uploading the images or pasting the URL, it supports formats like png, jpg, jpeg, and web with resolutions of up to 5000 x 5000 px.

11. Picwish

Picwish Homepage

Picwish is the most accessible online tool for background remover, and it is free and fast.  This tool can produce a transparent background for any image processed.  It has a clever AI that can handle images of complex environments to isolate the subjects from the background.

Pictish offers more background remover services, such as pre-designed templates, solid color choices, or customized backgrounds where you can unleash your creativity.

12. Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic Homepage

It magically removes background images using Auto–Clip AI.  It contains an AI background that can handle more photos instantly.  The clipping magic is powerful as it can separate hair from distinct and clean backgrounds automatically.

It includes a scalpel tool that focuses on getting the right clip in areas with a low contrast of the image.  The scalpel can be used for precision cutouts.  This tool effectively removes backgrounds for Bulk images since it auto-clips large product photos.

13. Fotor

Fotor Homepage

Fotor is another powerful free background remover that uses automatic AI to remove backgrounds from images.  This tool can instantly remove backgrounds from logos, profile pictures, real estate images, signatures, car images, and other images to get a transparent background.

It has room for adding new backgrounds and customizing the painting according to your needs.  Its AI can automatically detect any subject in a photo and automatically remove the background in a clear-cut way without any manual work.

14. Stickermule.(Trace)

Stickermule Homepage

Sticker Mule is the fastest and most accessible site where you can get an online free tool for background remover called Trace.

Trace removes the background from the uploaded images instantly for free, and you get a transparent background.  When the image is uploaded, you slide your image to remove the background with precision.

It has the extra feature of adding cool backgrounds and colors to your new idea to create incredible designs.  It supports image formats in PNG or JPEG sizes up to 12 MB.


PIXLR Homepage

PIXLR is an automatic 100 % background remover of an image in just a few seconds.  You can access it for free.  It uses art AI –tools that assist the process of removing backgrounds from product photos, selfies, profile pictures, e-commerce listings, and many more without applying manual effort.

It supports background remover for more images uploaded in a couple of seconds and produces a precise cutout of the new photos.  The new picture downloaded is of high quality.

As discussed above, online background remover tools are more efficient and give a transparent new background without manual editing.  If you need to create profile pictures, business pictures, and many others, you can use the above free tools to remove the background and get a high-resolution image that can be customized according to your needs.

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