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360 proxy

Are you seeking a reliable residential proxy provider that won't break the bank? Look no further than 360Proxy.

Its vast IP pool and budget-friendly pricing are gaining attention for all the right reasons. Imagine browsing the internet without worrying about restrictions or surveillance. With 360Proxy, that is exactly what you get. This review will examine how 360Proxy operates, its standout features, and why it is worth considering for your online needs. Whether you are a digital nomad, privacy enthusiast, or value online freedom, 360Proxy promises to deliver.

What is 360Proxy

What is 360Proxy

360Proxy is a top choice for residential proxy services, offering an extensive pool of over 80 million real residential IP addresses across 190+ countries and regions. It provides various proxy options, including Residential Proxies, Static Residential Proxies, and Socks5 Proxies. With flexible billing plans and support for multiple protocols like SOCKS5, HTTP, and HTTPS, 360Proxy ensures compatibility and affordability. Moreover, it prioritizes customer satisfaction with world-class support services, making it a trusted provider for users worldwide.

360Proxy Proxy Types

360Proxy is a budget-friendly residential proxy provider with over 80 million IPs across 190 countries. It offers three proxy types to suit various needs.

1. Residential Proxy

360Proxy offers Residential Proxies, rotating private IPs that replicate real user behavior. With access to over 80 million IPs across 190 countries/regions, these proxies are perfect for data collection, web scraping, and ad verification tasks. They provide city and ISP-level targeting, ensuring precise results, and support rotating sticky sessions for consistent performance.

2. Static Residential Proxy

360Proxy's static residential proxies offer stable, fixed IPs sourced directly from ISPs globally. These proxies ensure consistent connections, making them ideal for long-term access and stability tasks. With high speeds, anonymity, and 99.9% uptime, they support city and ISP-level targeting, rotating and sticky sessions, and deliver reliable, fast connections for various use cases.

3. Socks5 Proxy

360Proxy provides SOCKS5 proxies, which support various internet protocols like HTTP(S) and SOCKS5. These proxies are highly versatile and compatible with various applications and software. Utilizing private IPs from real mobile and desktop devices, 360Proxy's SOCKS5 proxies ensure accurate physical location and trusted status, minimizing the risk of blocks.

360Proxy Features

360Proxy offers a lot of features designed to enhance users' online experiences. Below are some of the features:

1. Unlimited Bandwidth & Traffic

360Proxy offers unlimited traffic and bandwidth, allowing users to access as much as they need without worrying about extra charges. This feature ensures users can maintain their privacy and carry out their tasks without concerns about compromised identity.

2. Locations

360Proxy boasts extensive geographic coverage with over 190 countries worldwide and a pool of over 80 million residential proxies. A network of over 6000 stable servers ensures reliable service for users.

3. Geo-targeting

360Proxy offers precise geo-targeting features that allow users to select IPs based on their needs. Users can tailor their IP selection for optimal performance and relevance to their tasks, whether by nation, state, city, ZIP code, or ISP.

4. Flexible Billing

360Proxy provides flexible billing options, including pay-as-you-go and dedicated IPs, to ensure reliable and cost-effective proxy solutions. Users are charged based on usage, offering a balanced billing approach that aligns with their needs. Purchased IP packages have lifetime validity, eliminating time constraints and providing users with a comfortable and convenient service experience.

5. Support

360Proxy offers professional customer support, ensuring users receive assistance with service inquiries and purchases. With dedicated managers available via Gmail, users can expect prompt responses and reliable assistance. It also offers comprehensive support through a detailed user guide, FAQ section, video guides, and a blog covering news, analysis, tutorials, and industry terms.

6. Authentication

360Proxy does not support IP authentication. Instead, it utilizes user/password authentication to access its services.

7. Speed

While 360Proxy may not offer the fastest speeds compared to some competitors, its proxies still provide a stable and reliable connection. It also offers a 99.99% efficient operation, providing consistently high response times and an exceptional connection success rate.

8. Proxy Protocols

360Proxy supports various protocols, including SOCKS5, HTTP, and HTTPS, ensuring compatibility with various software and applications.

360Proxy Pricing

360Proxy Pricing

360Proxy offers balanced billing, where fees are determined by the usage of your IP address rather than a fixed monthly or annual charge. This flexible billing approach allows users to pay based on usage, avoiding unnecessary charges. Users can choose from different proxy types based on their pricing plan, with higher-priced packages often offering proxies at a reduced rate.

Residential Proxy

360Proxy's residential proxy plans offer flexible pricing options. The “Pay As You Go” plan is ideal for new users, providing a 5GB trial with the option to recharge as needed. The plans range from 5GB to 260GB per month, with pricing decreasing as the data allowance increases. Each plan includes unlimited bandwidth, an unlimited number of IPs, and support for SOCKS5/HTTP(S) protocols. Additionally, all plans are valid for 30 days and offer sessions lasting up to 60 minutes.

Static Residential Proxy

360Proxy's static residential proxies provide a cost-effective and stable solution for long-term usage. With pricing starting at $0.17/IP/day, users can select from various regions, including the United States, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Japan, and more. The plans offer flexibility with options for 7-day or 30-day packages, with discounted rates.

SOCKS5 Proxy

360Proxy's SOCKS5 proxy plans offer a range of benefits, including free software, unmetered bandwidth, city-level targeting accuracy, and support for SOCKS5 and HTTP(S) protocols. Users can enjoy the convenience of no fees for loading or withdrawing IPs from their account balance, and the IPs never expire.

360Proxy Use Cases

360Proxy provides a perfect solution for businesses and individuals seeking anonymity, security, and efficient data access on the web.

  • Ad networks use proxies provided by 360Proxy to anonymously check advertisers' landing pages for malware and improper advertising, safeguarding their brand integrity.
  • Brands utilize 360Proxy to monitor the web for proper use of their intellectual property, trademarks, and pricing strategy, protecting their reputation and pricing strategies.
  • Researchers employ 360Proxy for data collection and market research, ensuring secure access to needed data and assisting in data analysis.
  • Social media managers utilize 360Proxy to manage accounts anonymously, enhancing privacy and security.
  • SEO optimization is facilitated through 360Proxy, aiding in tracking SEO results and improving online visibility.
  • 360Proxy simplifies price monitoring and travel price comparison, allowing businesses to stay informed about market trends and make informed pricing decisions.


Does 360Proxy offer a refund policy?

360Proxy does not offer refunds for any paid services that fall outside of the product features.

What payment methods are supported?

360Proxy accepts payments through Credit Cards, Alipay, and virtual currency.

Is there a free trial?

360Proxy does not provide trials. However, you can test their services by purchasing the minimum amount of a pricing plan.


360Proxy is a cost-effective and flexi solution for users seeking advanced IP proxy services. With a vast network spanning over 190 countries and 80 million untraceable residential IP addresses, it offers customizable packages that are suitable to individual needs. Its anti-detect proxy functionality, geo-targeting features, and unlimited traffic and bandwidth make it a reliable choice for various proxy requirements.

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