How Much is My Instagram Account Worth [Money Calculator]

Instagram Account Worth

Have you ever wondered what the value of your Instagram account is? This is an issue that a lot of people are interested in learning about, especially with the rise of social media influencers and the monetization of online presence. Knowing the worth of your Instagram account may be instructive and even profitable, regardless of how active you are as a content creator or user.

With more than a billion active users, Instagram has grown to become a dominant force in the social media space. From being a straightforward photo-sharing app, the platform has developed into a place where people and companies can establish their brands and engage with their target markets. Consequently, the worth of Instagram profiles has risen dramatically, with certain influencers collecting millions of dollars via sponsored content and brand collaborations.

It's not easy to assess the value of an Instagram account because there are a lot of variables to consider, including the number of followers, engagement rate, niche, and overall influence. However, you can learn a lot about the potential worth of your Instagram account by comprehending these fundamental components and making use of online tools and resources. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to sell your account, looking for partnerships, or just being interested in your online presence, this article will walk you through the process of determining how much your Instagram account is worth.

Important Metrics

See what elements determine the value of your Instagram account.

1. Number of followers



Your follower count will be among the first things you check.

Generally speaking, you should sell your Instagram account only if you have 1,000 or more followers.

Unless your levels of engagement are exceptionally high (above 30%), Instagram accounts with less than 1,000 followers are usually of little or no value.

2. Niche

The second factor that will impact the cost of your Instagram account is its niche.

You must reduce the price of your Instagram account if it is a meme account.

Business, entrepreneur, and financial-related Instagram pages will cost significantly more.

They are much simpler to monetize, which explains why.

3. Username

If your account is semi-OG or OG, then only at that point does the username need to be taken into consideration.

An original Google username (e.g., hello, lol, fish) consists of actual English words only, without any digits or special characters.

The value of these usernames may reach thousands of dollars.

Your Instagram account will not gain any value if your username is not an original one.

4. Demographic

The age and location make up the demographic that you should consider.

The buyer will determine the age, but young adults (18–30) are typically the most valuable.

Now, let's proceed to the location.

Your account will have more value if the majority of your followers are from Tier 1 countries (such as the USA, Canada, and Australia).

However, your account will be worth less if the majority of your followers are from tier 3 nations (such as Nigeria, India, or Cambodia).

5. Engagement


One of the most crucial metrics to watch out for is your account's engagement.

Your account won't be worth much if it has thousands of those who follow but few likes.

However, if your rate of engagement is high (10%–30%), the value of your account will increase dramatically.

There are four measures of engagement.

The number of comments, likes, and views of the videos and stories. They are as follows:

  • Likes

You should anticipate an engagement rate of about 10% in terms of likes.

You should aim for roughly 1,000 likes on a smaller account (less than 10,000 followers).

An account with more than 10,000 followers will have a substantially lower engagement rate (6–8%) than one with fewer followers.

This is typical.

  • Comments

A high volume of comments on your posts indicates that the people who follow you are actively participating.

You will, therefore, be able to get more money when selling your account.

  • Story and video views

The number of story views on your account is another crucial component in determining its worth.

10% to 20% of all of your followers are great story views.

This implies that, out of your 10,000 followers, at least 1,000 of them need to be viewing your stories.

  • Growth rate

Finally, it's your account's growth rate or current growth.

Engagement and follower count on your account can be very high.

Nevertheless, the value of your account will be reduced if it hasn't grown significantly over the previous few weeks or months.

However, the value of your account will skyrocket if it gains hundreds of new followers every day and increases in engagement.

How Much Is My Instagram Account Worth?

How Much Is My Instagram Account Worth

This brings us to the question of the century: “What is the value of my Instagram account?”

It depends on the quick response. Each account will be priced differently based on the various metrics (followers, niche, username, demographic, and engagement) that I have already discussed.

I have set up a table of actual Instagram accounts for sale to make your life easier.

These prices and metrics can be used to benchmark your account.

In this manner, you will be able to estimate the approximate value of your Instagram account.

NumberFollowersLike per postNichePriceDescription
16484223Luxury and Motivation$150Main audience: USA
29,8121,357Pets and animals$278daily average of 100–400 organic followers. Fans from the USA and Brazil. 67% of people are female.
312,8781,714Travel and Nature$300US account with a diverse following that is focused on travel.
428,4204,596Cars and Bikes$400increasing by 200 followers per day, but during its peak (daily posting), it increased by 500 followers per day.

$20 every week via affiliate marketing, ad running, etc.

538,1192,779Humor and Memes$500Very decent meme page
654,5161,150Fashion and Style$670Very good fan page account with actual fans.
780,4474,897Fitness and sports$799The account was created over two years ago.
8173,2321,336Fashion and Style$999I have had this account for a year. Extremely active account, adding roughly 1,000 new followers each day. At least 2,000 likes on average over the last 30 posts.

Price breakdown

Let's now examine the costs associated with each of the Instagram accounts listed in the previous table.

1. Account number 1

With roughly 6,500 followers and 223 likes per post, the first user on the table is in the lead.

The first-tier nation, the USA, makes up the majority of the audience.

Considering these metrics, the engagement rate indicates that this account is likely worth no more than $100.

2. Account number 2

The second account on the table is related to the pets and animals’ niche.

9,800 followers and 1,357 likes are averaged for each post.

This account has a much higher value because of the extremely high engagement rate.

It easily has a value of $250 or more.

It is reasonable that the seller set the price at $280.

3. Account number 3

This account has 1,714 likes per post and about 12,900 followers.

This account also has a respectable rate of engagement.

It would be ideal to value this account at about $300.

4. Account number 4

The next account in the table has 4,600 likes on each post and 28,400 followers on average.

According to the seller, there is a daily growth of 200 followers, or 500 if you post every day.

There is a very high rate of growth and engagement.

There is easily $400 in this account.

5. Account number 5

This account has 2,800 likes for each post and about 38,000 followers.

This account has more followers than the last one, but the level of interaction is lower.

Because it's a meme page, the account is more difficult to monetize.

The seller placed a $500 value on it, but a $400+ value is more appropriate.

6. Account number 6 

This account has 1,150 average likes per post and 54,516 followers.

Although it has a lot more followers than the other two accounts, this one has a lower engagement rate.

Although it needs to be less, the seller valued it at $670.

7. Account number 7

With about 80,400 followers, this account receives 4,900 likes on each post.

A 6% engagement rate is rather good, especially given the account's large following.

The cost of this account is $799.

8. Account number 8

The final account on the table averages 1,336 likes per post and has about 173,232 followers.

Very low engagement rate despite having a large number of followers.

The largest metric for this account is its massive growth rate of 1,000 followers per day.

The account's seller valued it at $999.

Average pricing of Instagram accounts (based on followers and engagement rate)

Average pricing of Instagram accounts

A quick reference to the different prices for Instagram accounts according to their follower count and engagement rate can be found in this table.

To get an instant estimate of the cost of your Instagram account, use this table.

FollowersEngagement RatePrice
5,000 to 10,00010% to 30%$100 to $150
10,000 to 15,00010% to 20%$200 to $300
15,000 to 30,0008% to 15%$300 to $400+
30,000 to 60,0006% to 10%$400 to $600+
60,000 to 80,0003% to 8%$600 to $1000++
3% to 6%$1000 to $5000+++

Please take note that these are only estimated figures for the value of your Instagram account.

Summary of Instagram account prices from followers

This is a brief overview of the typical cost of an Instagram account based on the number of followers.

  • Selling your Instagram account for $100 to $150 is something you should consider doing if you have 5,000–10,000 followers.
  • Next, it should be worth between $200 and $300 if you have 10,000 to 15,000 followers.
  • 15,000–30,0000 followers at a cost of $300–400 or more.
  • 30,000–60,000 followers at a cost of $400–600 or more.
  • A following of 60,000–80,000 is worth between $600 and $1000+.
  • Finally, the following 100,000 people or more at $1000 to $5000+++, respectively.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a number of factors, including engagement, follower count, niche, quality of content, influence, and potential for monetization, determine the value of an Instagram account. You can gain a better understanding of your account's worth in the online marketplace by being aware of these factors and assessing them appropriately.

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