Free TV Shows Streaming Sites to Watch Full Episodes of TV Series

Sites to Watch Series Online for Free

TV series has some of the largest base of fanatical followers. If you are not one of them, you won’t understand why they are so much interested in those series.

I have been an ardent follower of the Game of Throne and can tell you the impatient feelings of waiting for a new episode and season. Yes, I am one of the fanatical followers of TV series and love streaming them online for free.

In this article, I intend to discuss the sites to watch series online for free. On these websites, you can watch full seasons without paying for any subscription. You are sure to get a site to watch that series you have always wanted to watch from this list.

1. Movieflix

Movieflix Free TV Series Overview

Movieflix is a popular destination among series lovers online. On Movieflix, they can stream and watch popular TV series movies for free without any form of registration. Not only TV series, but the site also boasts of having a large collection of movies that cut across the popular movie genres. Movieflix’s homepage has a section known as Today’s Recommendation that displays some movie recommendations.

They also, have a section where they display the current trending movies and series. this section displays a good number of movies and series including blockbusters. Movieflix is a popular destination for classic movies and documentaries. It is indeed, one of the best sites to watch TV series online for free.

2. NetFlix24

NetFlix24 Free TV Series Overview

NetFlix24 is home to over a million collection of movies and TV series and in their words – and still counting. They sure have a good number of movies to watch and as a TV series lover, you can watch your favorite series film online on this website without registering with them. The site interface is beautifully designed and perfect for a movie website. On their homepage, you can see a gallery of the popular TV series.

They also have a good number of books, music, and games. However, you need to register to have access to these. In the case of the TV series, it is one of the best places to stream them for free.

3. Watch Episode Series

Watch Episode Series Free TV Series Overview

Watch Episode Series is one of the popular TV series sites to watch series for free. The site had been developed strictly for series movies and it hosts a large number of them. The owner of the site has done a good job at cataloguing the series. It has a section where new series are displayed, another for displaying popular series, while it also has a section where you can browse their collection based on genre.

I like this site because of a few things. First, they have a schedule section where you can view the date a series will be released. They also made it possible for registered members to follow their favorite series. However, even without registering, you can still stream and watch for free.

4. StreamLikers

Streamlikers Free TV Series Overview

StreamLikers as the name suggests is an online platform for those that like to stream videos. It is one of the best places to watch movies online. They feature a very simple homepage design that presents you a search box to enter the name of the movies or TV series you want to watch. StreamLikers have a good collection of movies, TV series and shows that cut across the popular movie's genre such as Adventure, Action, Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and many others.

The major problem you will have using this website is their use of pop-ups that will redirect you to other websites.

5. Tubi TV

Tubi Free TV Series Overview

Tubi TV is also one of the popular TV streaming sites to watch TV series online. The site has been perfectly designed to suit a cinema website and boast of having a large collection of movies and TV series. However, Tubi TV is a legal series streaming website and as such, they only post series they are legally allowed to. This means the series you are interested in might not be on their website if they do not have the legal right to host them.

6. SnagFilms

Snagflim Free TV Series Overview

Watch free TV shows online on SnagFilms. SnagFilms is a popular destination for movies lovers as it boasts of a having a large collection of movies that cut across the popular movie genres. Aside from normal movies, SnagFilms also have a fan-based of streamers that visit for the purpose of watching series. However, the series hosted by this website are not current series; They are focused more on classic TV series and show. Be ready to watch a few seconds adverts before they show you the series you want to watch.

7. SkylineHD

Skyline HD Free TV Series Overview

SkylineHD is one of the best TV series streaming websites online. The site does not only make it possible to watch series, but it also makes it possible to watch other types of movies. They provide their service free, provide you with unlimited access, and does not disturb you with adverts on the site. Using the site is very easy and intuitive even for first-time visitors.

You can watch TV series like the popular Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, The Boys, and others.

8. Watch Episodes

Watch Episodes Free TV Series Overview

Watch Episodes is also one of the popular series streaming sites online. This is the sister site of Watch Episode Series. They have a good collection of TV series and present them in a categorized manner. You can either browse series here by their genre or check their Popular Series and New Series pages.

9. Quick Episodes

Quick Episodes Free TV Series Overview

Quick Episodes is a home for many TV series. On Quick Episodes, you can stream series film using your browser. It is completely free and you are not expected to register. They have a good collection of series and also provide a section that displays schedules of when new episodes will be out. Their series are arranged in such a way that you can easily find the one you want. They also made for provision for you to request a series for them to upload.

However, their use of redirections as a monetizing strategy is very annoying and reduces user experience.

10. Go Movies

Gomovies Free TV Series Overview

Go Movies is one of the popular platforms to watch full movies and TV series online for free. The site boasts of having a large collection of movies. Their moves cut across genres such as Adventure, Action, War, Crime, Family, Romance, Science Fiction, Kungfu, and many others. You can also search their videos based on the country of release. However, be ready to be greeted with unnecessary and baseless advertisements.

11. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix Free TV Series Overview

PopcornFlix is one of the best places to watch series films online. Aside series films, PopcornFlix also has a good collection of movies and viral videos. The designer of the site made it clean and uncluttered. Even though it has a good number of series films for you to watch online for free, their series isn’t available for all countries and you’ll have to check if you are to stream – your country is a major deciding factor.

12. Vumoo

Vumoo Free TV Series Overview

Vumoo had been designed to be very clean, intuitive, and responsive. Finding the series movie of your choice isn’t much of a problem as they are arranged into categories that will make searching easy. You can browse their collection by year, genre, and alphabet. They also have a search box in place to facilitate searching. Aside from series films, they also have a huge collection of movies that you can either stream online or download them in other have a local copy.

One thing I like about Vumoo is the fact that all their videos are in high definition. Vumoo remains one of the best online platforms for watching movies and TV series for free.

13. Today TV Series

Today TV Series Free TV Series Overview

Today TV Series claimed they are not just providers of TV series streaming services; They are also addicts of series films. Today TV Series does not only provide you with the option to stream your favorite series, but you are also provided with the option of downloading those series and movies. One interesting thing about Today TV Series is that their videos are made of high quality and are available in small size.

This makes it convenient for series lovers that live in countries where Internet speed is slow or the cost of accessing the Internet is high. However, you have to be aware that Today TV Series is notorious for the use of creating new tabs in other to redirect you to their ads partners websites. In fact, just pressing a key on the keyboard could lead to that. Aside from this, Today TV Series is one of the best places to stream TV series online for free.

14. Hotstar

Hotstar Free TV Series Overview

Hotstar is a Hindi focused movie streaming website. The website is popular among Hindi movie lovers. However, aside from regular movies, they also host a good number of TV series. Even though you can stream videos without having an account with them, they have a premium subscription that will grant you access to some premium contents. They also have an Android and iOS app.

15. ShareTV

Share Free TV Series Overview

ShareTV is also one of the popular destinations for TV series lovers. If you are one of them, you can quench your appetite by visiting ShareTV. On ShareTV, you can stream a lot of TV series online. Streaming on this website is completely free and hassle-free. They also have a discussion forum where you can discuss your favorite movies. However, you have to be ready to view advertisements as that is the way they make their money. If you do not want to be advertised to, you can enable ads blocker.

But on a second thought, why would you activate an ads blocker? They are providing free service to you and the only way they get compensated is by displaying ads. Since the ads aren’t obstructive, it is better you don’t mind them.

16. YouTube

Youtube Free TV Series Overview

This list is not complete without mentioning YouTube. It hosts the largest collection of videos and is ranked the world’s second search engine and the world’s number 1 video sharing site. Interestingly, many of the popular series are available for download on YouTube. In fact, I use this a lot – I am currently following a series known as Yolo that updates only officially on YouTube.

However, you need to be aware that YouTube as a company is very strict with copyright issues and usually takes down videos with complaints of copyright infringements. Because of this, the number of series hosted on YouTube are limited. Also, be ready to watch a few seconds of adverts before viewing the videos, as that is one of the way they monetize those videos.

17. Go Stream

Go Stream Free TV Series Overview

Go Stream is also one of the popular websites for watching series online free. With Go Stream, you can stream and watch your favorite TV series and show and even discover new ones. They have a huge collection of series films and movies that cut across a good number of genre. Their website is also quite clean, intuitive, and responsive. They also do not advertise, thereby, providing you with maximum satisfaction and the best user experience. They have a good number of sister streaming sites too.

18. Crackle

Crackle Free TV Series Overview

Crackle is also a movie streaming site that makes it possible to watch TV series films online for free. This site is owned by Sony and as such, your high expectations will be met in terms of viewing quality. They also have an Android app you can try. Even though it is not mandatory, you can sign up for an account with Crackle to get personalized service.

However, they are not available in all regions and are limited in terms of the number of movies they can host because of legal and copyright issues.

19. Global TV

Global Free TV Series Overview

Global TV is also one of the popular TV series streaming platforms. The site has a premium design and is quite appealing to the eyes. Global TV has a good number of movies for you to watch that can keep you glued to your browser all day long. They also have an app you can download from Apple Store and Google Play Store for use on smartphones. However, before you can watch any series, you have to sign up first.

20. Watch Series

Watch Series Free TV Series Overview

Watch Series is one of the popular streaming sites for series film lovers. The site has a minimal design and makes it easy for one to find a series to watch. This site has been developed specifically to host only series movies. They also made it easy for users to know when particular episodes of a series they feature will be released. However, their use of redirection is annoying sometimes.

21. Yidio

Yidio Free TV Series Overview

Yidio is a movie and TV show aggregator that collects movies and series from popular streaming websites. They aggregate movies and series from Amazon Prime, Vudu, Netflix, and Showtime. Because they are aggregators, their collection is huge and you are sure to get series to keep you glued to your screen for a long time. However, not all the series are free. In such cases, you are required to register. Also, be ready to see advertisements all over the site.

22. Fox

Fox Free TV Series Overview

Fox Entertainment Group is not left out in the provision of streaming service for TV series loves. They have a good number of series films in their collection and their movies are in high definition. Since they are a reputable company, they only host movies they have legal rights to host.


From the above, you can tell that there’s no need of paying for any cable TV subscription in other to watch your favorite TV series. Everything is going global including movies and you can tap from such an opportunity. What do you think about our list of top TV series streaming site where you can watch series films for free?

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