15 Best Free VPN for Netflix (That Really Work!)

Best vpn for Netflex

Want to enjoy watching your favorite American TV shows and serials outside the US but can’t because of Netflix geo-restriction? No worries! In this review, we have put together some of the best free VPNs for Netflix.

We’ve added a detailed breakdown of each of these VPNs in order to help you find what suits you best. However, before we get to the list of VPNs, let’s define some terms.

What are VPNs?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are virtual connection tunnels that conceal your data and IP address by routing your connection via an alternative virtual tunnel. This way, it protects not just your identity but also your browsing activity from hackers, government spies, and other snoops.

What’s Netflix?

If it’s your first time hearing about Netflix, just know that it is a US-based content platform where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows. We can work with that basic definition for now.

With that being said, let’s jump straight into our list of the best VPNs for Netflix

Quick Overview

1. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN has a reputation for high connection speeds and top-notch security features. Their free plan is 100% free and has no ads. However, the plan only supports limited features. In order to fully secure your online activity and enjoy faster browsing speeds, they recommend upgrading to one of their paid plans.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN secures all your online activity and personal data using their industry-leading next-generation encryption technology. They have 3 different premium packages and all are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Hola VPN

Hola VPN is arguably the best Netflix unlocker available for free. This peer to peer VPN service also offers you a premium package that goes for as little as $2.99/ month, one of the lowest rates among top VPN providers. If you’d love to secure your browsing data a little more, then be sure to try one of their premium packages.

4. ExpressVPN

Stable VPN network trusted for defeating censorship and access restrictions. And that’s not all. ExpressVPN guarantees its users high-level anonymity and a 30-day money-back guarantee for all its premium packages. They’ve been in the game for a while now. You can trust them to secure your info while browsing the web.

5. Wachee VPN

Enjoy a secure and simple solution for accessing Netflix’s largest library with Wachee VPN. The setup process is very simple and straightforward. And they even have a chrome extension to make the access process much breezier. If you want to protect your personal data while streaming content on Netflix, Wachee VPN won’t disappoint.

Best Free VPNs for Netflix

1. ProtonVPN


A Swiss-based top-level free VPN network known for its high-speed connections. And this is also true for their free plan. They have an impressive top speed of 10Gbps; you may want to upgrade to one of their premium plans in order to fully benefit from their blazing speeds.

It comes with a very intuitive interface making it easy for users to stay protected hassle-free. ProtonVPN is available on all your devices. Online security and anonymity have never been any better across devices. A single subscription offers simultaneous protection to multiple devices. That’s to say you can connect your laptop, mobile handset, office workstation, etc. You can always count on them to protect you all day every day.

Price of protonvpn

ProtonVPN comes with native apps for all the popular operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. ProtonVPN is a low latency network with VPN servers worldwide, including free VPN servers. Among other offerings, the platform readily integrates with the Tor network thus further enhancing your online anonymity.

Also noteworthy is their 24/7 customer support team which is always friendly and professional. Whenever you have any questions or concerns, you can count on them for help. ProtonVPN has a no-logs policy. Meaning, they never track or record your online activity whatsoever! As such, you won’t have to worry about your info being sold or accessed by third party organizations.

Lastly, this VPN network makes use of ciphers with perfect forward secrecy making capturing and decryption of user-encrypted traffic simply impossible. That’s how secure everything you share via ProtonVPN is. If you’re looking for a reliable free VPN for Netflix, you may want to try ProtonVPN, the number one VPN recommended by journalists and activists.

The Feature

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • High-speed VPN network clocks speed north of 10Gbps
  • Available on all device operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS
  • Free VPN plan
  • Simple and intuitive VPN interface
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • P2P support i.e. ProtonVPN Free is subsidized by ProtonVPN premium plans
  • Readily integrates with Tor anonymity network
  • Strict no-log policy
  • Swiss-based VPN network; be sure they take privacy matters seriously
  • Uses ciphers with perfect forward secrecy
  • Uses Secure Core technology to protect user data
  • The free plan has limited options and a severely slow speed
  • Premium plans are limited to a maximum of 10 devices

2. NordVPN

NordVPN Overview

NordVPN is, without a doubt, a very feature rich platform that allows you to access the web safely without worrying about snoops and hackers. As a free VPN for Netflix, NordVPN uses a state of the art data encryption technology to protect all your personal data.

Like other popular free VPN for Netflix, NordVPN has a no-logs policy. This means they don’t track, monitor, or record your online activity. You won’t have to worry about your personal information being sold or accessed without your knowledge.

With 5.4k servers in more than 59 countries worldwide, NordVPN seeks an internet without borders or limits. NordVPN also has hundreds of P2P servers on their network making sharing of large files all too breezy.

Pricing of NordVPN

The network is compatible with Onion Router thus adding an extra layer of online anonymity and security. When it comes to blocking ads, botnets, and protecting against malware attacks, their CyberSec feature comes in handy.

That aside, this VPN provider has a unique double protection function that changes your IP twice thus further masking your browsing activity. Despite loads of security features, NordVPN has one of the best network speeds around. No matter the number of devices connected, NordVPN guarantees no buffering or network interruptions. Streaming movies and TV shows on Netflix doesn’t get any better.

Upon subscribing to one of their plans, users get access to a beautiful and intuitive user interface complete with all the usage stats such as bandwidth and network speed.

Installing and getting started with NordVPN is very easy. In fact, the platform comes with lightweight extensions for Chrome and Firefox for one click installation and protection on the go.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always count on their professional team of expert customer support.

Their pricing model is also great. With 3 distinct premium packages all are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee for when you change your mind, there’s something for everyone.

The Feature

  • Ultra-fast network speeds for no-buffer streaming
  • Groundbreaking NordLynx protocol
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No logs policy means they do not track or record your online activity
  • Affordable premium packages backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 5.4k servers in 59 countries ensures an internet without limits
  • Accessible on multiple devices
  • Simple and intuitive VPN interface for easy use
  • CyberSec feature protects against botnets, ads, and malware
  • Readily combines with Onion Router for additional anonymity and security
  • Comes with lightweight Chrome and Firefox extensions for protection on the go
  • Professional customer support team
  • Double protection feature- changes your IP twice for extra anonymity guarantee
  • User account access limit: 6 devices
  • Not the most affordable premium plans

3. Hola VPN 

hola vpn

Streaming Netflix videos has never been this easy. Hola VPN circumvents Netflix access restrictions and gets you streaming your favorite TV shows, movies, and serial with just a simple click. You don’t get that with every other free VPN. The platform is community powered. Meaning their future-rich forever free plan is as free as it gets, though you have the option to upgrade to their premium plan.

Like most VPN providers, they guarantee 100% online safety and anonymity, thanks to their military-grade AES-256 encryption standard. Their network speed is great. You won’t have to worry about buffering or connectivity interruptions while streaming.

Pricing of HolaVPN

Apart from their over the top security features and unrivaled network speeds, Hola VPN also has a reputation for transparency. Many VPN networks will never tell you how they use your personal data. Not Hola VPN though. This platform makes it unequivocally clear that they are a P2P network where users help one another to make the web secure to all.

Simply put, if you’re on their free plan, your IP and other personal information, the so-called idle resources, are contributed to a residential proxy pool at a fee paid to them. However, this isn’t the case for users on premium plans. That’s as transparent as it gets for any free VPN for Netflix provider.

Hola VPN has a couple of other offerings that you may want to check out. They include:

  • Hola premium (comes with advanced security and privacy features)
  • Hola proxy for business (best for developers interested in data scraping)
  • Hola GPS Location (allows you to choose proxies from different countries of your choice)
  • Hola Ad remover (protects against Ads and malware.)
  • Hola Accelerator (Used to improve streaming quality and speeds while also limiting buffering with just a simple click)
  • Hola Browser (loaded with Unblocker, Accelerator, and Ad remover all in one package)

The Feature

  • High connection speeds
  • Buffer-free Netflix access on the free plan
  • Affordable premium plans starting from $2.99
  • 100% anonymity and privacy guaranteed
  • In-built accelerator, ad remover, and Unblocker
  • Unlimited access to all sites
  • Comes with a chrome extension for one-click protection on the go
  • Users on the free plan contribute their idle resources

4. ExpressVPN

Say no to geo-blocks, hacking, and spying on the web. ExpressVPN offers the best-in-class leak-proofing protection making it impossible for the bad guys to track you online. Watch your favorite American TV shows and serials on Netflix even when outside of the US.

With a massive global network of VPN servers in 160+ locations in 94 countries, ExpressVPN network guarantees users stable connections and top speeds of up to 10Gbps. Streaming live shows doesn’t get any better. Their TrustedServer technology also improves on your online security and privacy by ensuring no user data is copied or saved on hard drives.

Pricing of ExpressVPN

The platform readily integrates with Tor anonymity network. This option is for anyone who would love an extra layer of safety. A single subscription gives access to a host of high end security and privacy features. From your account, you’re able to connect multiple devices simultaneously. The VPN comes with native apps across different operating systems and devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, smart TV, etc.

They have a split tunneling feature that allows for intelligent routing of only specific traffic via the VPN while the rest goes to the web directly. This has the advantage of keeping the network speed at an all-time high for streaming and gaming.

Another amazing feature of this free VPN for Netflix is the Network Lock kill switch. And what’s that exactly? Well, just another security feature that keeps user data safe during network downtimes. It works by blocking all traffic whenever the network fluctuates and will only let go when the network stabilizes and protection features are restored.

They have a 24/7 live technical support to take care of all queries. If you have a problem with the setup process or the network performance, you can always reach them via live chat or email.

What’s more, ExpressVPN comes with a private encrypted DNS on each of its servers adding to its network safety and privacy. Info shared on the platform is safe and secure. Lastly, the platform has a no activity log policy, meaning your online activity is simply not traceable. No third party agencies can have access to your personal data.

The Feature

  • Supports advanced mathematics in AES-256 encryption standard
  • Have a private dedicated DNS on every server for enhanced anonymity
  • Has a Network Lock Kill switch technology
  • VPN split tunneling technology
  • 24/7 professional customer support
  • Available on different devices: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, smart TV, etc
  • Supports IP masking
  • Best VPN for streaming videos on Netflix
  • Comes with up to 160 VPN servers in 94 countries
  • 100% money-back guarantee with the first 30 days
  • High-speed unlimited bandwidth
  • Their paid plans are rather pricey
  • Their network coverage isn’t so broad

5. Wachee VPN

If you’ve long wanted to stream US Netflix TV shows, series, and movies, then count yourself lucky. Wachee VPN is the game changer VPN you’ve been looking for. With a breezy setup process and accessibility on Mac, Windows, Chromebook, and Android Wachee seeks to make Netflix video streaming super easy.

Their network speed is lightning-fast, thanks to their selective Netflix-only tunneling. All other traffic is channeled to the internet directly. This way, you won’t have to worry about network buffers and interruptions while streaming. Wachee offers both free and premium packages, all of which support Netflix streaming. However, the video quality is comparatively better for the premium packages. Streaming and download speeds vary with content quality.

Free Wachee VPN plans

  • Minimum quality @ 500 kbps
  • Normal quality (less than 480p) @ 1500 kbps
  • SD quality (480p or better) @ 3000 kbps
Premium Wachee VPN plans

  • HD quality (720p or better) @ 5000 kbps with 10 days free trial
  • Ultra HD quality (1080p or better) @ 25000 kbps

Price of wachee vpn

You may want to know that Wachee doesn’t come with a Netflix account and is certainly not a replacement for Netflix. Instead, it complements the user’s existing Netflix account. From a single Wachee VPN subscription, you can connect multiple devices.

Using the Wachee VPN chrome extension, you can stream content on your desktop or laptop as well as devices powered by Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chromebook. For users on Android and iOS devices, you can stream content on Netflix using Wachee free app.

Wachee VPN also works to hide your traffic from the ISP. This it does by tunneling your traffic in an encrypted tunnel, far from the reach of your ISP. That way, it’s hard for the internet service provider to limit your connection speed and bandwidth. As a result, you get to enjoy streaming at high speeds with no buffering and network interruptions.

The Feature

  • Forever free plan
  • Blazing fast streaming speeds with no buffering
  • Unlimited bandwidth for binge-watching all your favorite shows
  • 10-day money-back guarantee if you upgrade to a premium plan
  • The free plan supports network speeds between 500 and 3000 kbps
  • Available chrome extension and free app for on the go streaming
  • Selective tunneling of Netflix only traffic improves streaming and download speeds
  • Low-quality videos in the free plan
  • Selective tunneling of Netflix-only traffic means your other sensitive info is exposed

6. Surfshark VPN 

Surfshark VPN

Among all the above-mentioned VPNs, Surfshark has some of the best features for Netflix streaming. Some of these include 15 Netflix libraries, Adblocker, 24/7 customer support, etc. Going for $2.21/ month, their premium packages are insanely affordable. In addition to the above-mentioned features, this platform also protects your online data against hackers, malware, phishing sites, and annoying Ads.

The network speed is awesome, meaning buffering and connection interruptions are rare. You get to stream your favorite Netflix TV shows, movies, and serials with no worries.

Price of surfshark

Something amazing about Surfshark VPN is that it’s accessible across multiple devices. Meaning you can connect and protect many devices from a single subscription. Its whitelist function makes for a convenient bypass of the VPN by some websites.

This option ensures that only web traffic from specific sites like Netflix and banking apps are routed via the VPN. Whitelisting helps keep your connection fast and stable while protecting your most important personal data.

Like most top tier VPN networks, Surfshark has a strict no-logs policy. That means, they do not track or store your online activity. You won’t have to worry about your data being sold to third parties without your consent.

Apart from that, they have a Network Lock Kill switch technology. This comes in handy during your VPN connection downtimes and ensures all your personal data and browsing activity are protected until the VPN connection stabilizes. It works magic at protecting against inadvertent data leaks due to connectivity interruptions.

Each of their VPN servers come with a private DNS and leak-proofing features for enhanced security, privacy, and anonymity while surfing the web. To ensure your ISP does not limit your bandwidth whenever you’re accessing streaming sites like Netflix, Surfshark’s camouflage mode conceals your internet traffic. That way, you get to watch your favorite American TV shows, movies, and serials without network interruptions and buffering.

They also have a NoBorders mode that allows users to access content on any website, even geo-restricted ones. Stream and download videos on US Netflix without restrictions.

Lastly, Surfshark uses industry-leading AES-256-GCM encryption technology to protect user personal data. This gives you peace of mind while browsing the web.

The Feature

  • Uses AES-256-GCM encryption technology
  • Supports IKEv2.IPsec & OpenVPN protocols
  • NoBorders mode Supports Netflix video streaming outside the US
  • MultiHop mode gives ID protection for users who connect via multiple countries at once
  • Camouflage mode conceals your traffic from your ISP tracking
  • Private DNS & leak-proofing features for enhanced protection
  • Network Lock Kill Switch protects your personal data during VPN connection drops
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Supports website whitelisting
  • One subscription multiple devices
  • Premium packages start from as little as $2.21/ month
  • Protects against ads, trackers, malware, and phishing sites
  • Secure protocols: IKEv2/IPsec & OpenVPN
  • No free package

7. SaferVPN


SaferVPN is your gateway to online freedom and high-level online anonymity. As one of the best free VPNs for Netflix, SaferVPN comes with many easy-to-use security features available across all your devices and operating systems. Meaning you get sleek and seamless access on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android-powered gadgets. They even have dedicated Chrome and Firefox extensions for one-click protection on the go.

Their network supports high-speed connections. Streaming content from Netflix doesn’t get any better. What about geo-restricted sites? Well, SaferVPN knows no borders or access restrictions, With a VPN you can easily access Netflix in Austria research from debestevpn.

With it, you’re able to access just about all content on the web. Whether you want to catch up on your favorite American TV shows on Netflix or shopping on Amazon UK, you have it all.

Pricing of Safer VPN

Protecting users’ sensitive personal data and browsing activity is their top priority.

To make that possible, SaferVPN has invested in Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit protection. Browse with peace of mind knowing that your personal data and browsing history are safe.

SaferVPN also has an Automatic Wi-Fi security system that guards users on public Wi-Fi connections. Whether you are browsing the web on a public or workplace Wi-Fi, you have nothing to worry about. The network has a very professional customer support team. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always count on them for assistance.

Lastly, there’s the proactive VPN Kill Switch which protects your sensitive personal data whenever the system connectivity drops. Your safety and privacy are top priorities.

With all these security features, you can browse the web without worrying about spies, hackers, and trackers stealing your information.

The Feature

  • Guaranteed unthrottled connection speeds
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1300+ VPN servers in 50+ locations for limitless web access
  • Supports multiple VPN connection protocols
  • Supports up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • Available apps for all devices: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and smartTV
  • Available browser extensions: Chrome& Firefox
  • Professional 24/7 customer support
  • Security features: Automatic Wi-Fi security & Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit protection
  • No-traffic logs policy
  • Affordable premium plans starting at $2.50/ month
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all premium plans
  • No free plan

8. Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN

Military encryption and top-level security features are synonymous with Hotspot Shield. With speeds up to 2.2x faster than the competition, this VPN network ensures smooth and uninterrupted streaming and downloading of content on Netflix and other popular platforms. As the name suggests, the network protects users by shielding their connections without recording or tracking their logs. You won’t have to worry about personal data theft.

With servers in 80+ countries and 35+ cities worldwide, Hotspot Shield uses optimized proprietary Hydra protocol for blazing fast connection speeds. That makes it ideal for streaming, downloading, P2P, and online gaming.

A single subscription gives you access to a world of high-end security features. And you can access your account on multiple devices across all the major platforms including smart TVs, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Routers, Chromebook, etc.

Price of hotspotshield

Their router VPN option provides automatic protection for all devices connected. Under this plan, you can connect up to 5 devices to a single router. The router VPN feature protects all the connected devices. You won’t have to install Hotspot Shield VPN on each of the devices. By connecting to the router, your connection to the internet is automatically protected.

Apart from the router protection, Hotspot Shield VPN comes with military-grade encryption, built-in malware protection, and phishing protection features to keep your online connection secure, anonymous, and private.

Their premium packages come with unlimited bandwidth. Meaning, you can stream and download movies, TV shows, serials, and games without restrictions. Their paid plans come with a 45-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

What’s more? All premium members get access to professional 24/7 technical customer support.

The Feature

  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 professional customer support via live chat or email
  • Unlimited bandwidth for online gaming and streaming videos on Netflix
  • Thousands of servers across 80+ countries and 35+ cities
  • Military-grade encryption, and malware & phishing protection
  • Unblock geo-restricted contents
  • Router protection connects up to 5 devices
  • Blazing-fast connection speeds
  • Available across multiple platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, smart TV, Chromebook, router, and Linux
  • Account access limited to a maximum of 5 devices
  • Free plan has super slow speed

9. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN

One of the best VPN providers with a free plan that supports Netflix video streaming. Currently, the VPN boasts a broad network coverage with servers in 63 countries and 110 cities worldwide. They have ROBERT security technology that allows for the blocking of ads and IPs while browsing.

Also, the platform has no identifying logs meaning they can’t identify you based on your IP or timestamp. No third parties can access your personal data and browsing history because that info is simply not available.

Their personal data protection technology is one of the best in the industry. They use AES-256 cipher with SHA512 authorization together with a 4096-bit RSA key. You will never ever worry about data leaks or breaches.

Windscribe VPN has configuration generators. These make for easy creation of OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, and Socks configurations that are compatible with all devices and major operating systems. Getting started with Windscribe has never been easier, thanks to their minimalist clients for all major platforms; laptop, mobile, smart TV, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. For users on a budget, their free plans come in handy.

Price of Windscribe

Unlike most free VPNs for Netflix, Windscribe has options for static IPs. The option limits instances of IP blacklisting and related access restrictions. They also support split tunneling, an option that ensures that only important traffic is routed via the VPN. Split tunneling helps keep the network speed at an optimum, ideal for gaming and streaming.

Lastly, Windscribe allows for flexible connectivity via IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP, TCP, or Stealth. That provides an extra layer of protection against data theft while still making video streaming, downloads, and gaming all too breezy.

The Feature

  • Supports IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP, TCP, and Stealth connectivity
  • Supports split tunneling and port forwarding
  • Free plan with static IP option
  • Generate OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, and Socks configurations for all devices
  • Encryption: AES-256 cipher with SHA512 authorization & 4096-bit RSA key
  • No identifying logs; your browsing activity and sensitive data are not recorded
  • Large network spanning 63 countries and 110 cities
  • Time Warp feature for changing your time zone depending on your selected country’s Proxy
  • Autopilot function automatically picks the best proxy location for you
  • At $9.00/ month, their premium plan is slightly expensive compared to other VPNs

10. Hide.Me VPN

Hide.Me VPN

Looking for free VPN that can hide your IP and other sensitive personal data from snoops? Search no further! Hide.me VPN uses advanced encryption technology to keep you safe whenever you are surfing on a work or public network. The platform also comes with malware and ad blockers so your surfing remains smooth and easy.

It has both free and premium plans. With their free plan, you’re able to stream content on Netflix and other streaming platforms. Although the speed is somewhat limited on this plan, it can still be used for downloading and online gaming. With a single subscription, you will be able to connect up to 10 devices. It is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Ubuntu-powered devices.

Price of hide me

For one-click installation and protection on the go, Hide.me VPN comes with Firefox and Chrome extensions. Once installed, these browser extensions simplify your protection to toggling on and off. No complex steps and addons.

Like other top-level VPN providers, Hide.me has a no-log policy. Meaning, they do not track or record your online activity. Simply put, your personal data and browsing history can never be retrieved, not even by the Hide.me team.

Hide.me VPN has some amazing security features. With these, your online activity and personal data are safe from spies and hackers. Some of these features include split tunneling, Stealth Guard, Advanced IP leak protection, IPv6 support, and WireGuard.

The platform has an optimized network of 1800 VPN servers situated in 72 countries worldwide. This ensures fast and uninterrupted speeds perfect for streaming, downloading, and gaming. Their premium plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The available plans include:

  • 2-year plan billed @ $129.95
  • Annual plan billed @ $99.95/ year
  • Monthly plan billed @ $12.95/ month

The Feature

  • It comes with secure VPN protocols
  • It has a best-in-class protection
  • Single account accessible by up to 10 devices
  • Supports strict no-logs policy; they do not store your browsing data
  • Encryption technology: AES-256 encryption
  • Security features: split tunneling, Stealth Guard, Advanced IP leak protection, IPv6 support, and WireGuard
  • 1800+ VPN servers in 72 countries worldwide
  • Cross-platform access: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, smart TV, etc
  • Account access limited to 10 devices

11. Avira Phantom

Avira Phantom

Another great free VPN for Netflix. Avira Phantom VPN guarantees your online privacy and security on all sites. Among other features, their end-to-end encryption and firm lo-log policy make them one of the best VPNs around.

Avira Phantom is accessible across multiple devices; Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS powered devices. There are countless reasons you need to try Avira. Their VPN encrypts all your web traffic thus ensuring all your connections are secure and private. You will also be able to bypass censorship and firewalls.

There’s no better way to circumvent geo-restriction. If you were looking for a VPN to use for watching Netflix for free, you’ll definitely love Avira Phantom.

Pricing of avira vpn

They have a strict no-logs policy and comply with German privacy laws. That means, they do not track or record your online activity whatsoever. Apart from the free plan, Avira Phantom also has a pro package that comes with more cutting edge security features and goes for just $8.00/ month. If you want to take your online safety a notch higher, then consider upgrading to the pro package.

The Feature

  • Encrypts all your web traffic
  • Best for Netflix streaming and online gaming
  • Available on multiple platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, smart TV, Windows, Linux, etc
  • Premium package goes for $8.00/ month
  • 500MB/ month on the free package
  • Unlimited bandwidth for the pro plan
  • Strict no-log policy and adherence to German privacy laws

12. HideMyAss


One of the fastest VPN providers around. HideMyAss VPN is known for its blazing fast speeds of up to 20Gbps. With such speeds, you get to stream 4K videos 800 times in parallel. Their network has 1100+ servers in 290+ locations spread across 190+ countries. That’s by far one of the largest among VPN providers.

HMA brings the world to your fingertips. With just a single subscription, you will be able to protect multiple devices. HMA VPN works across all the major operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux. It can also be used with Xbox, PlayStation, and router. Their premium plans include:

  • 36-month plan @$100.44 billed once
  • 12-month plan @$52.68 billed once
  • Monthly plan @$11.99 billed monthly
All these plans come with a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. So you can subscribe with peace of mind. Note that a single subscription can be used to protect up to 5 devices.

Pricing of hidemyass

HMA VPN uses a classified military-grade encryption standard: 256-bit AES together with OpenVPN protocol to protect user data and browsing history. Not sure which server is best for your connection? No worries! Let their Lightning Connect kick in and choose your ideal server automatically. Take the guesswork out of your online protection.

HMA VPN supports split tunneling, a feature that ensures that only vital traffic is tunneled via the VPN while the rest of the traffic goes through the internet directly. That has the advantage of keeping the network speed at an optimum for streaming, downloads, and gaming.

The VPN also has a Smart Kill Switch function that ensures all personal data remains protected during VPN network connectivity downtimes. You won’t risk losing or leaking personal data whenever the network connectivity fluctuates.

The Feature

  • Network coverage: 1100+ servers in 290+ locations in 190+ countries
  • Network speed: 20Gbps
  • Security features: Lightning connect, split tunneling, smart kill switch, IP shuffle, etc
  • Simultaneous devices per subscription: 5
  • Supported operating systems & devices: Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, smart TV, router, etc
  • Affordable premium plans starting from $11.99/ month
  • Professional 24/7 customer support
  • Strict no-log policy
  • P2P optimized servers ideal for streaming and downloading large files
  • Encryption standard: 256-bit AES with OpenVPN
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Max of 5 devices per subscription
  • No free plan

13. Speedify VPN

Speedify VPN

Make your Netflix streaming experience faster, reliable, and more secure with Speedify VPN. The network comes with a default Streaming Mode which dynamically adjusts network parameters to optimize quality.

Its split tunneling function makes for intelligent prioritizing of streaming traffic only to be tunneled via the VPN. That way, the network speed remains top-notch, ideal for streaming and gaming. The concept also comes in handy during video conferencing whereby Speedify seamlessly initiates a failover to every other active internet connection to provide more bandwidth for a video call.

Price of speedify

Speedify’s channel bonding technology allows optimized multiple concurrent internet connections on the same device.

The VPN platform features an intuitive dashboard complete with stats on bandwidth usage, network latency, Mean Opinion Score, among other usage stats.

Speedify VPN has 4 main plans. These include:

  • Starter/ Free plan (comes with 2GB monthly data and limited server access, among other features).
  • Individuals package (Unlimited data, premium server access, max 5 devices, among other features)
  • Families package (unlimited data, premium server access, max 25 devices, among other features)
  • Teams package (unlimited data, premium server access, dedicated server option, among other features)
All these packages support lightning-fast server speeds, streaming mode, channel bonding, and automatic Failover function.[/su_list]

The Feature

  • Supports automatic Failover for uninterrupted video calls
  • Supports streaming mode
  • Supports channel bonding
  • Lightning-fast server speeds
  • Cross-platform use: Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, smart TV
  • The secure and reliable AES-256 encryption standard
  • Supports packet loss & error correction
  • Intuitive dashboard comes with command-line libraries
  • Free/ starter plan has a limited monthly bandwidth of 2GB
  • Free plan is limited to one device

14. Opera VPN

Opera VPN

Enjoy unparalleled privacy while browsing with the free VPN for Opera browser. Among other benefits, this VPN protects your privacy and minimizes instances of tracking and snooping. This is the only VPN that is “very free” because it has no premium packages. Like every other VPN platform, this one operates by assigning users a unique virtual IP and conceals your real IP.

You get to access the web anonymously without ever worrying about data leaks and other related breaches. Besides enhancing your online anonymity and privacy, Opera browser also features ad, malware, and cookie blockers. These features deter malicious sites from tracking your browsing activity and even stealing personal data.

Opera vpn subscription

Most VPNs require the downloading of extensions and addons, but not Opera VPN. The VPN is integrated into the Opera browser. Also, Opera VPN has no subscriptions or payments. All you need to get started is to download and install the Opera browser.

The VPN can be used for a wide range of functions, including streaming content on Netflix. It’s important to note that Opera browser isn’t a VPN by default. You have to enable the option. To do that, go to Settings>Advanced>Features>VPN (toggle to enable VPN mode).

The Feature

  • Works straight out of the box
  • No subscriptions
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No subscriptions
  • No extensions or addons
  • Free built-in VPN
  • Enhanced online privacy and security
  • Buffering and unstable connection speed
  • Limited features

15. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN

Whether you want to hide your IP from spies & hackers or simply want to conceal your web traffic from your ISP lest they throttle your connection speed, CyberGhost VPN is all you need. With VPN apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon FireStick, and routers, this VPN is accessible across multiple platforms.

CyberGhost provides both free and premium paid plans, with the latter having more features. A single subscription protects a maximum of 7 devices concurrently.

Price of cyberghostvpn

The platform boasts a massive network of 6859 servers in 111 locations, in 90 countries around the globe. For top level security of your personal info, CyberGhost uses IP leak-proof 256-AES military-grade encryption standard.

Concealing user identity has never been easier. Other outstanding features that also come with CyberGhost include WebRTC leak protection, split tunneling, and support for Netflix and other streaming platforms.

The Feature

  • Extensive network of 6859 servers in 111 locations, in 90 countries worldwide
  • Encryption standard: IP leak-proof 256-AES military-grade encryption protocol
  • Netflix streaming unblock
  • Access geo-restricted sites
  • Supports sports streaming
  • One subscription protects up to 7 devices simultaneously
  • Supported platforms: routers, Linux, Amazon FireStick, Android TV, Android, Windows, macOS
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Protects against ads, malware, and phishing sites
  • High connectivity speeds for the best streaming, downloading, and gaming experience
  • 24/7 professional multilingual customer support
  • Frequent buffering and network interruptions with the free plan
  • A maximum of 7 devices can be protected under one subscription

Free VPNs for Netflix FAQs

1. Which is better for Netflix streaming, VPN or Proxy?

Considering that VPNs encrypt user data, support unblocking of geo-restricted sites, and have better network connection speeds, VPNs are far better than proxies when it comes to Netflix streaming.

2. Why are Free VPN plans often slow compared to premium plans?

There are a couple of reasons network speeds are comparatively slower when using free VPNs. First, the free package often comes with limited bandwidth. That directly impacts speed.

Secondly, when streaming content using a free VPN, it’s highly likely that the traffic isn’t tunneled accordingly. That way, the ISP easily identifies the streaming going on and limits the speed.

3. Do I still need a Netflix account even when I have a free VPN plan?

Yes, you still need a Netflix account to access the content. VPN is no substitute for your Netflix account.

4. Do all VPNs support Netflix video streaming?

No. Very few VPNs support Netflix video streaming. The list is even shorter for the free VPNs.

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