5 Best Ways To Torrent Safely

Best Ways To Torrent Safely

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Torrent is a very controversial topic. Internet is full with different ways to download and upload torrent files but still, you won’t get any confirmation or official statement which explain that whether downloading torrent is allowed by government or not and is it legal or not as per international law of piracy etc.

Officially or legally it has not been written anywhere that downloading and uploading torrent is illegal and it can cause jail or fine but still in past few years we have seen many cases around the world where owners of torrent networks and individual users have been punished for downloading and sharing torrent files.

People were not really concern about the legal status of torrent until the first case related to torrent downloading has been registered and owner of the torrent website has been jailed for many years. Today, every user including those countries where there is no law related to torrent exact are concern about this issue because, in the future, they can be guilty of downloading torrent.

Although, looking for a solution in advance is a better idea to wait for the minute when torrent will be banned officially and considered as an illegal activity to perform. Although, other than the legal things, most of the people are concern about their privacy and do not want that anyone knows about their online activities including what are they downloading and watching online.

So, looking for a way which allows you to download torrent file secretly and anonymously is the need of many. But before that, we should be concern about the legal status of the torrent.

Generally, download and upload a torrent file is not legal in any part of the world as long as the country has its own piracy law. The law work in the same way as you start showing a movie in a theater without paying money to the copyright owner of the film or you distribute software for free without getting legal rights to do this. But not all type of torrents is illegal.

For example, if you own a file or if a file is free to distribute then you can distribute it through torrent which makes torrent legal. Many companies actually do this for promotion and giving brand awareness by distribution content for free through torrent. Although this also saves their online bandwidth because you can host any type of data through torrent.

So, whether the torrent is legal or not, it totally depends on the type of file and who is sharing it on the torrent.

But overall, at the moment, downloading torrent is considered illegal because today, the majority of content available on torrent networks has been shared without the concern of the original owners. That is the reason due to which people are concern about the legal status of torrent and wants to download torrent anonymously and safely to protect themselves from legal things.

How to Torrent Safely?

You can download and upload torrent safely without sharing any of the personal information like IP address with your network provider. This could be done by hiding your IP address or changing your IP address with an artificial IP address.

By hiding your IP address, you made it impossible for agencies and internet providers to trace your activities and know that what you are doing online including they any activity related to torrents.

So, if you are looking for a way to download torrent safely, then you need to change or hide your IP address. This could be done by using the number of different ways which includes VPN, proxy, seedbox, and plug-in for Bittorrents, etc.

Top 5 Ways to Download Torrent

While there are many different ways exist to download torrent safely, but my top 5 most favorite and effective ways are VPN, proxy, seedbox, torrent privacy, and Anomos. Following you can read more about them to select one for yourself on the bases of their features and advantage.

1. VPN to Download Torrent Safely

Virtual private network or VPN is known as the most reliable and safest way to download torrent or even surf the internet anonymously because you get access to the number of servers which are located all around the world. By changing your identity to your desired location and country, you can guarantee your online privacy without any third person or server involvement.

Many people use VPNs because of the anonymity and security they provide. VPNs connect you to remote server networks through encrypted tunnels that conceal your online activities. Often they will assign you a foreign IP address that masks your actual IP address. Nowadays there are dozens of VPN providers. But which one is the best Torrent VPN service?

Sadly not all VPN companies who are selling this service allow you to download or even upload files on torrent because due to this, the bandwidth of their servers get effected although these companies are usually located in the US, Canada, and UK where piracy law and regulations are strict.

So if you are planning to use VPN to download torrent safely, then you should only choose the one that allows you to download VPN unlimited e.g. ExpressVPN.

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ExpressVPN is one of few VPN companies which allow their users to download unlimited torrent. They have not set any data limitation on their user's activity to give full freedom of using VPN for online activities whether it's suffering a website anonymously or download torrents.

To make that you enjoy the internet without worrying about your online privacy, ExpressVPN also offers you no log activity option in which they guaranteed you to not saving or storing any information about your online activities.

ExpressVPN is not only one of the safest way to download torrents but also one of the cheapest way to torrent because it cost you only $8.32 per month.

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2. Seedbox

A seedbox is a high bandwidth data center which downloads and upload torrent for you on their server and then you can download the torrent on your computer from seedbox server. The downloading speed of torrent at seedbox is very high but this does not affect downloading or uploading speed for you or maybe, you have to sacrifice with downloading speed if there are multiple users downloading the same torrent.

Seedbox is considered one of the safest way to download torrent because as a user you do not download torrent directly through a torrent network.

Seedbox, first download on your behalf a file on their server and then you download it through their server which means that you are not downloading anything directly through torrent but the servers of a seedbox. This makes the whole process of downloading torrent anonymously for you.

The companies who are offering seedbox services offer you different ways to download torrent. You can use their web-based client to download torrents or you can incorporate their seedbox services with BitTorrent to download torrent. It totally depends on the company's policy, but most people prefer to go with web-based torrent clients.

3. Anomos

Anomos is an online file distribution protocol which has been designed and developed to make it possible for anyone to track back the user who is downloading torrent file. Somehow it works in the same way as Bittorent work where the torrent file has been download on the bases of the number of seeds available but through Anomos, the downloading has been spread to multiple people in aim to hide the activities of the users.

In general, torrent downloading, there is encrypted peer-to-peer protocol exist where Anomos offers you multi-peer-to-peer file distribution protocol. I won't be wrong if I say that, Anomos has adopted the concept of layering to provide anonymous identity to the users.

Anomos is a great and safe way to download torrent, but it comes up with the number of disadvantages. The main disadvantage of Anomos is that it uses its own torrent format where downloading speed is usually lower than regular BitTorrent transfer due to multi-layering of users.

4. Proxy for Torrent

There are many companies out there that are providing proxies to download the torrent file anonymously. There is an option available in the BitTorrent client through which you can put the Proxy details and hide your identity while downloading the torrent files.

Proxy for the torrent is cheap but shared with other users which means that you will face the downloading problem with them. But if you are looking for a cheap way to download torrents then this is a good choice.

Also, in proxy, you got the option to choose a proxy from different countries, by doing this, you can choose a proxy from those countries where the piracy law are not strict and people are allowed to download or upload torrents or there is no law exist related to this.

5. Torrent Privacy

Many companies are also offering privacy solutions for torrent users. They actually offer services similar to VPN but it is not true VPN because a number of other users actually get involved during the protocol due to which the downloading speed get effect while if one use who already got the file goes offline, then you have to wait for hours until he restarts the uploading process.

Torrent privacy network also offers you a 100% privacy solution by not recording your log activities but still. But still, there is no alternative to downloading speed which you cannot enjoy if you choose this option.

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