How to Download Torrents Anonymously?

How to download torrents anonymously

With the passage of time, the human being is inventing new ways to make their life easy and cheap in term of financial expenses. Just before the invention of the internet, we use to visit the market to purchase DVDs to watch movies, CDs for music/songs and games and purchase books for reading.

But it does not happen now. With the invention of the internet, all of these things are now available online to purchase. But do you know that the concept of torrent has made all of these things like movies, TV series, music, songs, books and videos games for free? Yes, with torrent you can download all of them for free without spending any penny on them.

There is a long debate on this topic that’s why this question whether downloading torrent is legal or not and that is the main reason for which people seek for different ways to download torrent anonymously.

Downloading torrent is legal and illegal both at a time. If you are downloading a torrent which is available for free or owner of that torrent gives authority to people to download it for free, then this makes torrent downloading legally. But at the same time if you are sharing content without the permission of the owner of the content like movies, books, video games or software, then downloading torrent is illegal.

Some people argue on this too. They say that if they have purchased something (DVD) then it's their property and they can upload it on a torrent platform and give it to others. Long story short, according to online piracy, downloading a torrent file without the permission of its owner is illegal and this is the reason why you need to download torrent anonymously to keep yourself safe from the legal and piracy related issues.

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Why You Should Download Torrent Anonymously?

Torrent is not legal in most of the countries. Especially, if you are living in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia or Poland etc, then you may face legal issues. We have seen in the past few years that how people got jailed and paid very heavy fines just for downloading a music file through torrent.

That's why it is very necessary to download torrent anonymously if you are living in a country where using torrent clients and downloading torrent is illegal.

Even in the countries where torrent downloading is legal or have no law for online privacy need to use torrent anonymously to keep themselves safe from hackers. Because your IP address can be seen by other downloader and seeders of the torrent file which can be used for hacking purpose.

Although the torrent clients also save the logs data of their users as per required by law to control the activities or internet users and government can deduct the list of users who are downloading illegal torrents. When you download torrent anonymously, your original identity has been changed.

The torrent clients still store the history of your downloading but they cannot trace you back because you are downloading torrent with a fake or false IP address.

Different Ways to Download Torrent Anonymously:

There are several ways through which you can download torrent anonymously which includes using proxy in torrent clients, surfing the internet anonymously with the help of VPN or even paying to torrent clients like BitTorrent to download torrent anonymously.

Different ways of downloading torrents anonymously come up with their own advantages and disadvantages but whatever way of downloading torrent anonymously you choose, make sure to consider the following things:

  • What is the Internet speed of downloading torrent the company offers
  • The price offered by the company to download torrent anonymously
  • Customer support and limitation on monthly and daily bandwidth
  • Other features which come up with downloading torrent anonymously.

Following I am sharing the detail about different ways to download torrent anonymously.


VPN stands for the virtual private network which hides your IP address and provides you a new IP address of your desired location to surf the internet anonymously.

As compared to any other way of downloading torrents anonymously, VPN is most famous because it comes up with dozens of other features which allow their users to browse the internet with a fake identity, protect online privacy and use public Wi-Fi connection in the restaurant, the coffee shop or the library without worried about your online security.

Although, the number of features is not the only thing which makes VPN popular alternate to download torrents anonymously but features like cheap price, fast internet speed and unlimited bandwidth attract more and more people to use VPN to download torrent anonymously.

The other ways of downloading torrents come up with limited features because most of them are BitTorrent and uTorrent client's extension which works only on specific software. VPN works with all software without upgrading or making any changes in your current operating system. It works smoothly with all operating system while it does not affect your internet downloading speed.

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VPN is meant to provide you a new identity while you are suffering internet but still most of the VPN companies do not allow their users to download torrent files due to two reasons; first, they follow the copyright law where the second reason is limited bandwidth. By allowing their users to download torrent files, their bandwidth could be end soon while other users on the same VPN server could face slow internet speed.

So, it is very necessary that you purchase VPN services from a company who allow their users to download torrents and allow them to use P2P file-sharing networks without any restriction like limited downloading speed or restriction on monthly bandwidth.

While there is some good quality of VPN companies who allow their users to download torrents but I would suggest you use ExpressVPN. Why?

Because of their low prices, unlimited features and ultra-fast downloading speed. These two features of ExpressVPN are enough to make you buy their VPN services. Although, the company provides you a secure way of surfing online internet and they did have zero logs policy.

According to their privacy policy, they did not keep the record of their user activities including the user logs which are related to torrents and P2P file-sharing networks. So, choosing ExpressVPN to download torrents anonymously would be a wise decision to save money and get the ultra-fast downloading speed with a zero logs privacy policy.



Using online proxy is one of the oldest ways to change your online identity but proxy makes the downloading speed of your internet very slow while finding a reliable proxy is not an easy task. Although your internet connection can be ended at any time when you are using an online proxy to download torrent files.

To download torrent anonymously with the help of proxy, you need to have a proxy IP address with its port number. By going to torrent client’s options, you can then set the proxy to change or hide your original IP address-related details.

Most of the proxies are free and can be found online but there is no reliability over these online free proxy list while internet speed could differ and you have no control over this. Some list of proxies also provided by companies by taking small fee but you face the same issues with them as well as the companies themselves has no control over those proxies.


The popular torrent client like BitTorrent comes up with their many extensions which have been designed and developed by independent companies. These extensions can allow you to download torrent anonymously by hiding your IP address and rest of online identity.

The popular BitTorrent extensions which can be used to download torrent anonymously includes, BTGuard, Anomos, and Seedbox where Torrentprivacy also provides you the list of proxy which can be used to download torrent anonymously. All of these different ways of downloading torrent files secretly does not come up for free.

You have to pay the monthly fee to use their services. Unlike VPN services, you can use these solutions only to download torrent and also seed torrent files were on other hands you can use VPN services to surf and do other online activities anonymously because it changes your online identity as a whole by hiding your original IP address.

VPN Vs Proxy Vs BitTorrent:

A person who has used these three of them can easily judge and tell you that which option is best to download torrent anonymously. The winner would be probably VPN services because they are cheap, comes up with more features and also you can use VPN beyond just downloading and uploading torrents anonymously because VPN changes your IP address as a whole.

So, when you visit a website, download a file through torrent or do other online activities like video or voice chat, your original IP address got hidden from the main server.

If you are going to use VPN to download torrent anonymously, then choose ExpressVPN because of its offer best features with great customer services, ultra-fast downloading speed and unlimited bandwidth in cheap rates.

ExpressVPN download[Note]: does not condone copyright infringement when we discuss torrents downloading.

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