Is BitTorrent safe?

Is BitTorrent Safe

BitTorrent is a popular torrent client which is used to download torrent files. Torrent files could be available in any type and size which includes movies, TV series, books, video games, applications, and software, etc.

Technically, if you look at the procedure of downloading different files through BitTorrent does not seems to be unsafe or illegal but to answer your question “is BitTorrent safe or not?” required a detailed answer because every user who uses BitTorrent has their own circumstances due to which the answer to the question could be different.

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The question, whether BitTorrent is safe to use or not is actually a complex question to answer because there are a number of things which need to consider to answer this question and these number of things includes:

The Country You Are Living and What is the Online Piracy Law and Regulations Works There:

Online piracy law applies to many countries. These countries do not allow their citizen to download copyrights content for free. If you are living in a country where downloading copyright content through BitTorrent is illegal then you can safe legal issues and it is not safe for you to use BitTorrent.

The name of these countries includes America, UK, Canada, and Australia, etc. In the past few years, there are many users of torrent client’s has been arrested for downloading copyright content of the people without their permission. But usually, the seeder (the person who upload content) of the content has more chances to face the legal issue as compare to the downloader.

Your Internet Connection Provider's Policy and TOS of a Telecom Company Who Provides the Internet:

While in some countries where it is allowed to download torrent content by the government, but still the internet providers and telecom companies restrict their users to download torrent content because its affect the internet speed for their other users.

In this case, BitTorrent is not safe for you because your ISP can recognize you through your IP and set some more restriction on your internet connection. Although on some internet connection not all torrents are banned except few which are usually related to adult content or pornography etc.

The Purpose of Using BitTorrent to Download Torrent Files:

People use torrent for different purposes. As long as you are using torrent to share your content with others then there is no issue at all. The problem occurs when you start stealing the content of other people without their permission. The example of these types of content includes movies, premium games, software, and applications, etc. A person can sue you for using his data without his permission.

A torrent file plays an important role to tell you enough that whether using BitTorrent is safe or not. BitTorrent is designed to share files with other users without any third server. One user directly downloads data from other user's computer with the help of BitTorrent.

As long as the person who offers his own generated content, there are no legal issues to download torrent through Bittorrent or even that content is available for free on the internet by the owner's permission.

But the problem occurred when you start downloading or even uploading the content which is premium content and a person can only get its access by paying money to the original owner. The example of such type of content is movies, premium software, applications, books, and video games, etc.

In short, if you are downloading copyright content then you are actually doing an illegal activity. But this activity is not illegal in most of the countries. But countries like America, UK, Canada, and Australia has completely banned the illegal use of torrent in any form. You can use BitTorrent to download only legal content.

Risks of Using BitTorrent:

Other then these things which I have mentioned above, there are a number of other risks are attached with BitTorrent which you need to consider before using BitTorrent and these risks includes:

  1. Chances of cyber attacks including hacking through BitTorrent is very high because this torrent client shares your IP address with other users who are downloading the same content. Now if your IP address has been tracked by hackers then they can hack your whole system and you may lose your important content.
  2. Your computer can get attacks by Malware and other spyware viruses through torrents because you don’t know that what you are downloading exactly until the downloading got completed and you actually run the file. What would you do if you have downloaded a virus while it was labeled as song on torrent?
  3. Your internet provider or ISP could limit your monthly bandwidth due to over usage of Bittorrent. Even if your internet services providers allow you to download torrent, you can still face the restriction on your internet speed after using internet bandwidth of a specific amount.

The above summary of risks attached to BitTorrent and other policies are enough to tell you that using BitTorrent to download torrent is not really safe even if it is allowed by your country's law.

The Solution to Use BitTorrent Safely and Legally:

You can safely and legally use any torrent client including Bit torrent by hiding your online identity or by hiding your IP address. This could be done with the help of  VPN services. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is used to hide your original online identity and provides you a fake identity of your choice. This has been done by changing the IP address of your system and internet.

By using a VPN, no one can track you including the hackers because they see the wrong or fake IP address. Even you do not have any chances of facing legal issues because VPN changes your IP address to the IP address of some other country where the downloading torrent is legal which means that you are not breaking any law of your country.

Even if you use VPN to download torrent which is illegal in your region, then you are still not doing anything illegal as VPN is downloading torrent on behalf of yours by connecting with their servers which are located in other countries.

  • VPNs for Downloading BitTorrent

VPNs are Virtual Private Networks – essentially private networks that make use of public Wi-Fi signals. People around the world use VPNs for a variety of different reasons.

VPNs allow for an Internet connection that is very fast and extremely reliable. This can be helpful if you’re using the Internet from a country like China where the Internet runs slowly.

  • Avoiding Malware with a VPN

Many purported software solutions for securely downloading Torrents are merely malware in disguise. Don’t waste your time with these shady providers. A good VPN like ExpressVPN is arguably the safest and most effective means available for securely and anonymously downloading Torrents and P2P file sharing.


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While there are many companies who allow their users to download torrent on their VPN servers but when we talk about the best then there is no one can compete with ExpressVPN because Express VPN provides you unlimited bandwidth, ultra-fast internet speed to download torrents, option to get your identity from their hundreds of different VPN servers which are located in about 100 countries, etc.

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