Why You Need VPN?

Why you need VPN

They by day, the usage of VPN services are increasing. One of the main reason which makes people to use VPN services is their online privacy which they don’t want to share with anyone with or without their intention. The other reason which makes people use VPN services is to get protected from hackers attacks.

In the past couple of years, the world most secures websites and data centered has been hacked even with the tight security, so just think about that, that how much your computer system or mobile devices are safe from the hackers? These issues make people start using a VPN connection.

Beyond these reasons, some people also use VPN services to bypass online censorship and visit websites anonymously so no one can ever track that what type of website you have visited.

So, if the above things makes you festinated about to start using VPN, then you should also consider the following reasons too.

Because You Are Concern about Your Privacy:

Do you know that your online activities are being noted by the government, a telecom company who is providing you the internet and your internet connection provider?

So, if you are concern about your online privacy and don’t want to share your online activities with anyone then you should use a VPN because of its masked your online activities. A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts and masks your IP address.

Your internet traffic is funneled through another server. This means that when a person tries to log your IP address to identify you, they will come up with a digital signature from a server that cannot be traced back to you rather than the one that would lead them straight to your house.

This leads to an obvious follow-up question: Wouldn’t the VPN provider store your real IP address and thus – willingly or unwillingly – potentially leave it vulnerable? Technically, yes. But some VPNs don’t store logs of user IP data and the top providers such as NordVPN offer excellent security measures (see our review page). As with any other purchase, you need to research the most appropriate price and service for you.

You Can Download Torrents:

It is legal to download torrents as long as you are not downloading the pirating content where we all know that most of the people use torrent to download pirated content like movies, music, games, and software, etc.

If you are using a VPN, then you can download unlimited torrents without worrying about any legitimate, law and regulations. Although, you can easily visit the P2P network file sharing websites by using a VPN without the fear of getting caught by the government.


Access Netflix and Other Websites Easily:

If you are an American are traveling to other country then you must purchase VPN connection to get access of American only websites and services like Netflix because they does not work outside the USA boundaries because Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and many other streaming websites does not work outside the USA.

Use Public Wi-Fi Connection with Confidence:

When you access internet on your personal devices like mobile or laptop through public Wi-Fi connection, you risk your online privacy and chances of getting hacked also increased because hacker can track you through public Wi-Fi connection setting and hack you easily.

With VPN, you get an anonymous identity which makes hacking impossible. Although, when you travel to another country and use the hotel internet connection, you could share your important information with them. So, using VPN while you check-in a hotel or restaurant would be a great step to protect yourself from hackers or people who may use your information in wrong way.

Bypass Country's Web Censorship:

Internet does not works same all around the world. Each and every country has their own censorship law which makes it difficult for their citizen to visit specific websites or use specific online services. With the help of VPN, you can break or bypass this censorship and visit any type of website or use any type of online services without any restriction.


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