Due to online privacy issues, the general use of the internet is looking for secure ways to surf the internet. In the past couple of years, hackers have been the success to break the security system of popular companies like Facebook and Yahoo due to which the personal information of many online users are available. Hackers can use your information to commit a crime or sell it to marketing companies who will later spam you with the marketing campaign.

Although, these are not the only issues due to which people are looking for solutions to surf the internet anonymously. In the business industry, companies do not want to share their business communication, ideas, and business-related information with anyone without their concern because this information can be used by their competitor and they can take advantage of this.

That's why now businesses who are using e-system for internal transactions prefer to have a solution that makes their online activities secure.

Other than reasons, the general user like you and me who use the internet for entertainment purpose also want to make sure that their online activates does not get leaked. Solutions like TOR and VPN can help them to make it possible.

Due to the increase in strict rules by the government, many countries have banned a lot of websites for the general population. Using, TOR and VPN can also help you to unblock the blocked content of the internet. Although if a company does not offer its online services in your country like Netflix, then you can use a VPN to get access to their services by changing your IP address. Again, this has been done with the help of TOR and VPN.

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How Does Tor and VPN Works?

The structure behind both of these services is to change the IP address of the user. But in terms of security, both work in a different way.

  • How do TOR works?

If you are using TOR to change your IP address and unblock the blocked website, then you must know that there are no servers or firewalls involve in TOR. The TOR browser changes your IP address simply by picking a random path to the destination server. These servers are actually other users who are using the TOR at the same time when you are using it.

TOR connects one user with another server through the very complex nest of encrypted links which makes it impossible for anyone to track you back and your online activities keep anonymous and TOR safe you from surveillance agencies.

  • How do VPN works?

If you are using VPN to change your IP address and unblock the blocked content, then you must know that there are servers and firewalls involved which has been set by the company from where you purchase VPN connection.

The virtual private network’s servers and strong firewall allow you to surf the internet anonymously. Like TOR, there is no usage of your IP address, internet speed and other information has been used in VPN which means that it is more secure as compare to TOR. The surveillance agencies only get information on VPN servers in case if they want to track you.

Benefits of Using VPN Over Tor:

The basic benefits of using TOR and VPN is almost same except VPN provides you more feature if you compare them with the features of VPN. VPN and TOR allow you to change your IP address, allow you to surf the internet anonymously, hide your identity.

But you get an advantage if you prefer a VPN over TOR. The list of benefits which you will get when you will use VPN is mentioned below which you can not enjoy if you are using TOR:

  • VPN offers you fast internet speed which is not possible if you are using TOR because TOR share the internet speed of other users where VPN share their server speed which is always fast
  • VPN is more secure as compare to TOR because the network of servers and Firewalls includes which make it impossible for hackers and surveillance agencies to track you back
  • VPN can be used to download and upload torrents and allow you to surf P2P file-sharing networks. You can use VPN on torrent clients without any restriction where TOR is only limited to a web browser only
  • VPN can be used beyond just a web browser. You can make your whole internet connection protected or just one device or a website. It’s up to you how you want to use VPN
  • TOR only works on their own browser which comes up with limited features where VPN can be used on software, torrent clients, Wi-Fi connection and routers, etc.

TOR is free to use where VPN comes in both free and paid options. The free options of VPN work better than TOR because companies offer free VPN with high-quality features and internet speed to attract users but if you decided to use paid VPN then you will be bundled with unlimited privacy and online security features.

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How to Choose the Best VPN Solution:

You don’t have options if it’s come to TOR. You can simply download TOR from the official website of TOR and start using their limited services but VPN is a big market. There are so many companies that are offering VPN solutions with different prices and features, so selecting one could be difficult.

While you are looking for the best VPN company, you need to consider a number of things like price, features they are offering, log policy, how much data they are offering per month and internet speed, etc. We have tested many VPN and comes with the conclusion that ExpressVPN is best among all.

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ExpressVPN is a popular company who is selling VPN solution at very reasonable prices. They have hundreds of VPN servers with zero log policy where they offer a stable internet connection with high internet speed.

ExpressVPN is among those few VPN companies that allow you to download and upload torrent files. A number of features that ExpressVPN is offering to their customers allow you to surf the internet without worrying about hackers and your online privacy.

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