ExpressVPN Torrenting Review 2023

ExpressVPN Torrenting Review

I am using ExpressVPN for several past years for both as my personal and business VPN solution to surf the internet in much better ways in terms of online and privacy protection and unblock blocked websites and content.

But recently I got a chance to use ExpressVPN for torrent downloading and uploading, I have heard about different VPN companies that allow their users to use their VPN services to download and upload torrents.

Instead of moving to other companies, I planned to try ExpressVPN for the purpose of torrent downloading because I was satisfied with their browsing services. Within a few minutes of use, I could not stop myself to call ExpressVPN the world best VPN for torrent downloading.

Exclusive downloading speed to grab the torrent files was enough for me to make me happy but there are many other things as a newbie you would like to know before you purchase ExpressVPN to download torrents. Following I am sharing my honest review of ExpressVPN and why I am calling it the best VPN Service for torrent downloading.

Prices and Plans:

expressvpn price plans

ExpressVPN offers three different types of plans to purchase. There is no different in three of them in term of features you get except these three plans has been created on the bases of their prices to offer a discount to their customers. The first plan cost $12.95 per month where if you purchase the same plan for 12 months then the price will be decreased to $12.95 $8.32 per month which means that you will save up to 35% on your purchase. The company also offered a 6-month package which cost only $9.99 per month, which means that you will still save money even if you purchased six months package, And ExpressVPN Never offers any coupon and promotion.

All of these three packages include unlimited bandwidth, high-quality internet speed and the unlimited option for server switches. Also, the company offers 30 days money back guarantee to their customers where all of these plans also include exclusive 24/7 customer support by Live Chat, etc.

ExpressVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service For 2022

ExpressVPN download

Payment Options:

Expressvpn Payment

While most of the VPN companies have only two ways to make payments which includes PayPal and Credit Cards, ExpressVPN is different because they offer more than one dozen ways to make a purchase on their website which includes Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin and other online ways to purchase their VPN connection. So, it is great news for those who cannot purchase VPN connections due to the lack of a number of payment options.

ExpressVPN download


ExpressVPN is known for its high-quality internet speed and best VPN for torrent downloading. But there are more which they are offering to their users for the best online experience, protection of online privacy and online security, etc. Following is the list of their top features which makes you to buy ExpressVPN right now.

  • View blocked website

VPN is mostly used to visit blocked websites and view those content which is not provided to the users of a specific country by the company like Netflix and many other online services. ExpressVPN is a great solution to view blocked website anywhere and anytime because by using ExpressVPN, you can change your IP address to any specific country and view the blocked content.

  • Avoid censorship

Sometimes, the websites are not blocked by the internet service provider but by the government. You can avoid censorship easily by using ExpressVPN because it will hide your IP address which allows you to visit the censored content easily.

  • Stay safe from hackers

Hackers can easily hack your computer, inbox, and other important online accounts on the bases of your IP address. So, hiding IP addresses is very important to surf online safe from hackers, which noted on getmoreprivacy.

Especially, if you are using the internet for business purpose then you would not like your business information and important ideas to get leaked. So, use these exclusive VPN services to stay safe from hackers online. This will also protect you while you are suffering the internet on public Wi-Fi connections.

  • Flexible logs policy

ExpressVPN offers its customer a very flexible logs policy. The company did not store any type of data related to the user’s online activities which also includes your browser history and website you have visited. As per the company’s data logs policy, they do not store the torrent-related activities of the users, and it's safe to use in Germany according to diebestenvpn.

  • Exclusive software and applications

The company has created customized software and mobile applications for their users to use VPN connections easily and smoothly. Theirs customize VPN software can be used easily on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac operating systems, etc. Using this software or mobile application does not require you to learn anything as it is very easy to use.

  • No Third party tracking

When you visit a website, the website can access the browser history through cookies files which are later used for marketing purposes. Express VPN secures your online logs and does not allow those websites to track your online activities.

  • Use the same account on multiple devices

This advanced option allows you to use the same login information on multiple devices to use your ExpressVPN account. There would be no glitch happened when you use one single VPN account on multiple devices at a time.

  • Kill switch Supported

When Consider finding a VPN for Torrenting, The Kill switch as critical Tip to choose a Torrent VPN. This function can help you immediately cut down your whole internet connection when the VPN connection is not active.

ExpressVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service For 2022

ExpressVPN download

Server Location:

expressvpn server locations

94 countries and 145 locations: Most popular torrent VPN offers you only option to change your IP address to 20-30 countries and has a very limited number of connections.

But ExpressVPN has more than 145 locations in 94 countries with 1000+ server which means that you can change your IP address to almost all countries of the world. These countries also include countries from Asia, America, Australia, Middle East, and Africa etc.

ExpressVPN download

Internet Speed Test:

expressvpn speedtest torrent

When it’s come to web browsing, you may sacrifice but for torrent, downloading is the main things. I am calling ExpressVPN is the best VPN for torrent downloading on the bases of internet speed they provide to their users. I have personally tested different connections of their provided servers. The internet speed on all of their servers are excellent and did not much different than what your internet is getting without VPN.

If the downloading speed of your internet without VPN is 2.5 MB/S then downloading speed on ExpressVPN will be almost the same or minimum of 2.4 MB/S. The high quality of internet speed and smoothness in connection makes Express VPN one of the best VPN for torrent downloading and uploading files. You can download torrents without worrying about the downloading speed.

Customer Support:

expressvpn support service

ExpressVPN offers a number of different ways to get connected with their team to solve your queries. The response time if excellent while their other options like FAQ and online tutorials have been designed to he

  • Live Support: Get instant help from the expert team of ExpressVPN to solve your problems. These means of way of connecting with them include:
  • Ticket system: The company also offers online ticket system to solve the problems of their customers. The response time of this part of customer support is only few hours. I got my response within 2-3 hours only.
  • Setup Tutorials: This section of customer support is designed especially for those users who don’t know how to download and run ExpressVPN software on their computer and applications on mobile devices. Each and every instruction is mentioned with easy steps to help their customers in setting up the VPN connection in their computer and mobile devices.
  • Troubleshooting Guides: To make it easy for their customer, ExpressVPN has a special section called troubleshooting guides. If you are in a hurry and could not wait to get a reply from the customer support team then you can use these guides to solve your VPN related problem. All the of these free tutorials has been created to solve your problem including slow connection to how to unblock a website etc.

ExpressVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service For 2022

ExpressVPN download

Pros & Cons:


  • High-quality internet speed, almost the same as your internet connection.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Log free VPN. P2P allowed!
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Smooth connectivity solution. 100% uptime 24 hours of the days.
  • Accordable prices including a discount on bi-year and annual plans.
  • Multiple ways to make payment to purchase VPN for torrent downloading.
  • More than 145 VPN location with unlimited speed and server switch options.
  • Connect with your single VPN account on multiple devices at a time.
  • The company offers 5 different ways to get support from their online team.
  • Quick and valuable response to your emails, direct in your inbox.
  • The company offers advanced encryption protocols and privacy protection solution.
  • No web and connection logs have been saved by ExpressVPN.


  • I did not found any cons while an ExpressVPN for 2 years. There was no glitch in uptime and internet speed.

ExpressVPN download

ExpressVPN Users Review:

expressvpn user review

expressvpn user review


On the bases of my experience with ExpressVPN That's why I rank as #1 on best VPN for torrent downloading, I would rate ExpressVPN 5 out of 5 because I did not found and face any problem while testing the company where I also got 30 days money back guarantee to get my money back in case if I am not happy with their services, internet speed for downloading and server uptime etc, And I would like to hear your reviews about their service also.

ExpressVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service For 2022

ExpressVPN download

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  1. Look like lots of websites rank expressvpn as NO1 online, so i think i should try their service also, i may be back here to share my review about their VPN.

  2. Which site do you use the VPN to test the speed when you’re downloading?
    And does is really safe to use the VPN for torrenting.

  3. ExpressVPN has saved my ass from Comcast. As I am a huge pirate. I’m talking about 2TB a month. great service and and great speeds. highly recommend.

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