Best VPN for iPhone 2023

Best VPN for iPhone

Online privacy is something you need to consider right now. Day by day, the number of cyber crimes are increasing and we have seen in the past that how hackers and criminals use the IP address of general users to do the cyber crime. The easiest way for hackers to hack your electronic device is your IP address which they track through a public Wi-Fi connection.

Apple promised you to protect you from malware and other online viruses that's why they offer you applications for this but it does not mean that you stopped worrying about your online privacy and security because a hacker can still hack you through your IP address if you are using the internet on a public Wi-Fi connection.

There are many ways through which you can protect yourself from hackers on your iPhone but among all, VPN or virtual private network is leading because unlike other services VPN masked your whole device with new and fake identity which means that whether you are surfing a website through Safari browser or using an application which required internet access, VPN helps to hide your original identity in all of these means.

How VPN Works on iPhone?

VPN provides an encrypted connection which changes your online identity. While your online privacy is your main concern on iPhone but VPN provides you more than just that which includes:

  • Hiding IP address on iPhone

VPN provides you list of hundreds of IP address which are located in different countries. By changing your IP address to one of them, your all internet traffic will appear to the fake IP address which means that no one will track you back because VPN hides your original IP address.

  • Privacy solution for iPhone

Because VPN hides your IP address, nobody can see what data you are processing on your iPhone. This process offers you complete security over your iPhone device and data including your private photos. Especially, if you are using the internet on your iPhone through a public Wi-Fi spot then chancing of getting hacked is always high but with VPN your privacy has been protected and it makes it impossible for hacker you to track you.

  • Open all application on iPhone

There is much application in iTunes stores which are not available to all people all around the world due to a number of reasons. By using a VPN on your iPhone, you get the opportunity to change your location to any specific country to access global information. This allows you to download thos applications from iTunes which are not available in your country.

Although these benefits of VPN are limited for iPhone users there are dozens of other benefits includes for using VPN on the computer or other electronic devices. So, don’t limit yourself to these benefits of VPN only.

What is the Best VPN for iPhone?

Unlike any other online services, there are many companies that are offering VPN for iPhone. Choosing the best among could be time taking and somehow difficult if you have not used VPN before. Following I am sharing my experience with three of the top VPN companies for iPhone which will help you to pick.

1. ExpressVPN for iPhone

expressvpn iphone

The attractive features of ExpressVPN make me buy their monthly package to use VPN on my iPhone. The monthly package only cost me $8.32 per month which was very cheap as compare to features the company offers. Although the company offers excellent online customer support which includes live chat, email, ticket system and also calls them directly on their phone.

The features which attack me to use ExpressVPN includes unlimited bandwidth and ultra fast internet connection which works smoothly for me and I did not face any flitch of off time at all. The company has hundreds of servers in 89 countries, so getting the identity of any specific country of my choice was not an issue with ExpressVPN. Read Our ExpressVPN Review.

The company has customized software for Mac users and application for iPhone users to use their VPN services with facing any problem. Their application is easy to use on all iOS versions and also it's free to download. If you are not happy with their services then don’t worry because the company offers 30 days money-back guarantee to all of their users.

ExpressVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service On The World


2. IPVanish for iPhone

torrent ipvanish

IPVanish is my second choice of VPN for my iPhone. It’s cheap rates attacks me to buy their monthly package which cost only $6.49 and comes up with all the advanced features to use on my iPhone. Like ExpressVPN, this company also offers you money-back guarantee but the duration of this period is only 7 days. The servers of IPVanish is located in 50 countries and they all support the protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP, and PPTP, etc.

Although, the company offers you unlimited bandwidth and fast internet speed. Like Express, IPVanish also has customized application for their iPhone users which works smoothly and support all the iOS versions without any up-gradation. The company also allow you unlimited server switch option and option of using same login details on multiple devices as well.

ipvanish iphone

3. Buffered VPN for iPhone:

buffered iphoneBufferedVPN is last in my list of best VPN for iPhone. The monthly package of VPN cost only $8.25 but unlike Express and IP Vanish, the number of their servers are very low. The company has located their servers only in 25 countries. But all of their servers work fast on all internet connections. BufferedVPN also offered you unlimited bandwidth, option to switch servers and also they allow you to use single VPN account on multiple devices.


While my experience with three of them was excellent but I pick ExpressVPN best among all due to high internet speed, the most number of servers, a free application to use VPN on iPhone and their customer services, etc.

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