14 Best eBook Torrent Sites [100% Working]

Best ebook Torrent Sites

Are you looking for the best e-book torrent sites? These torrent sites can help you access the latest, ancient, and different genres of books. You can gain as much knowledge as you want. Reading books is a culture everyone should engage in. There is a lot of priceless knowledge found in books. You can access all these eBook torrent sites to download your favorite book files.

You can now use your free time to read rather than engage in other hobbies. Reading also helps to boost your creativity and critical thinking. Your view of things will significantly change. Have a look at some of the best eBook torrent sites.

1. The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay

How often do you read books? Do you have a specific site where you access eBooks? Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent sites that you can use to access the best, latest, and most interesting ebooks. All you need to do is search for the specific book and find available titles of the same.

You can then click on the specific book that you want to read. Pirate Bay is one of the most reliable services for getting the latest books. Its minimal UI will allow you to find the right book comfortably. Most of the book torrents are verified. Hence, you won't encounter any accessibility issues.

2. Wikibooks


If you love gaining new knowledge, then Wikibooks is the ideal site for you. You can get a wide variety of book categories, ancient and new types. The books are categorized based on children, recipes, games, computing, engineering, humanities, languages, mathematics, science, and social sciences.

Wikibooks are mostly recommended for knowledge books and not fiction books. The database features different books of a variety of languages. Due to its clean UI, you can effortlessly search for books of your choice. To download, search for the specific book and wait for the process to end.

3. Free-eBooks.netFree-eBooks.net

How often do you read books? Then you probably search for new book sites often. This is an ideal book torrent site that features different classical books, audiobooks, fiction, non-fiction, academic, textbooks, and others. You can’t miss the book that will amaze you.

All the eBooks on the platform can be downloaded in PDF format. A unique thing about the eBook torrent site is that it displays the size and number of downloads made. However, you will first need to sign in before downloading the eBooks. That’s a small price to pay for the number of books you will manage to download.

Not only can you download eBooks, but also publish your work. You can download an ebook as a Kindle, TXT file, PDF, or EPUB.

4. 1337X1337x

This incredible site gives you a range of eBooks that you can download. It has a clean and straightforward UI with dedicated sections for different types of content like books, audiobooks, movies, series, software, and TV shows torrents.

Even though the platform has been banned in some areas, it is available in many regions. It also allows you to upload and share different types of eBooks on the platform. You can search and download books easily on the platform. Boost your reading culture through 1337X!

5. ManyBooksManyBooks

Just imagine a platform with 50,000+ eBooks. Would you exhaust such a platform? Well, guess the kind of knowledge you could get from the platform. A lot of secrets are hidden in books, hence, the more you invest in reading, the better for you!

There are different eBook categories such as science fiction, action, adventure, mystery, history, children’s, horror, literary fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, and much more. You will find a book that suits your taste. Furthermore, it offers both free and paid books.

Many books have one of the best user interfaces and designs among the other eBook torrent sites. You can search based on the titles, genre, author, language, and recommended.

6. FreeBookSpotFreeBookSpot

A lot of knowledge is hidden in books. Why not invest in reading books? FreeBookSpot is a platform that features several eBooks. The only downside is that the site doesn’t have such a clean UI.

However, it is easy to search for a book and download it. There are different search filters to make it easier to find a specific book. You can even check the most popular books and read them at the moment.

There are also books on different subject matters like biology, Buddhism, and much more. In addition, FreeBook Spot has over 90 categories of book genres in the educational and non-fiction collection.

7. SmashwordsSmashwords

When searching for a book, it is much easier when you get an overview of the book. Well, Smashwords does exactly that! You can search for books based on genres, special deals, word length, price, and much more. This makes it easier to choose your next read.

Fortunately, Smashwords features both free and paid eBooks. You can’t miss something that will suit your taste. You can also filter to search for books based on author, publishers, most downloaded, and highly rated.

One unique feature is that you can also access essays, plays, poetry, and screenplays. Are you an author? Then access Smashwords and learn how you can publish on the platform.

8. Kickass TorrentsKickass Torrents

This is another eBook torrent site like pirate bay. It features different media like movies, series, TV shows, books, and audio. It is one of the highly recognized torrent sites. However, it has been facing some issues due to piracy issues.

Fortunately, Kickass torrents have different mirror sites that you can use to access eBooks. The best you can do is use a VPN to hide your IP address for easier accessibility. It is one of the biggest content hubs.

In addition, it has over 1.7 Million eBooks available. Use the site to boost your reading culture! It also has a community where you can request your preferred book, not on the website.


Commonly abbreviated as MAM, it is a massive private tracker. It is mainly dedicated to Sheet music, audiobooks, eBook, and other shows. However, you need a member's login to be able to see its content. It is one of the best trackers for eBooks and audiobooks. You can get the best book torrents from here.

Not only does the platform have a wide selection of audio, but also eBooks. It also features a big community where you can discuss with other like-minded people like you. The platform has a lot of learning content and is easy to navigate. It is a great platform for readers and artists. All creatives are welcome.

The eBooks can be downloaded in different formats such as pdf or epub. It is divided into different sections such as health, business, medical, entertainment, technology, and much more. It is the most ideal private torrenting eBook site.

10. Library GenesisLibrary Genesis

This is a platform specialized for only providing eBooks. It has been there for more than ten years and thereby you can be assured of a wide variety of books on the platform. In addition, it features some educational content on the platform. Most of these books are found in PDF format.

Library Genesis has one of the best search filters that make it easier to find your best book. You can register to get the best experience on the site. Once you search eBook, you will see the author, date of publishing, language, size, and torrent mirror site. This makes it easy to choose the eBook that you want.

11. LimeTorrentsLimeTorrents

If you love reading books, this torrent site will meet all your expectations. The site features different categories like movies, games, TV shows, music, books, and much more. You will get all the kinds of content you need on a torrent site.

It is a public directory where you can download eBook torrents without any restriction. Not only does it have a large pool of books, but it also has a good user interface which makes it easy to find the 30,000 + eBooks on the site. In addition, you can find books in different languages. The website is also well optimized and gives details of all the content.

12. Z-libraryZ-library

As its name suggests, it is a library of books with over 10 million books and 84 million articles. You can’t miss something that suits your taste. The platform also allows you to search for books based on the title, author, ISB, and publisher. This makes it easy to get the book of your choice.

The homepage is also easy to navigate through to make it easier to find your favorite books. When you click on a book, you get an overview of what it entails, year of publishing, publisher, genre, and year. You can download it as Mobi or send it to kindle to read from there.

13. Planet eBookPlanet eBook

This planet eBook has one of the best interfaces that will make you find your ideal book within a few minutes. You can scroll through to see a list of the best free eBooks based on titles, authors, and devices. It is an attractive site that offers the best classic literature for free.

You can click the copyright and usage link to see any restrictions on the particular book. In addition, Planet eBook offers just over 80 books that have been carefully selected. It doesn’t have an extensive list of books, but you are assured that the available books are quality.

All the books on the site can be downloaded as PDF, EPUB, or MOBI files. The planet eBook is the perfect home of free classic literature. The latest version has mobile-friendly and multi-format eBooks.

14. Project GutenbergProject Gutenberg

This incredible platform has over 60,000 free eBooks. You can either decide to download or read them online. It has offered over 50 years of eBooks without any need for registration.

To use the platform, you won't need any registration or special apps. You can even read books through web browsers. On the platform, you can search based on the author, title, subject, language, type, or popularity.

Make The Best Of Your Free Time

If you love reading books, these eBook torrent sites will suit your preference. They are readily available, accessible, and simple to use. You will enjoy using the platforms.

All these sites are accessible to ensure you can read as many books as you want. If you are unsure of a site, you can use a VPN for a secure connection. Happy reading!

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