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I often see people desperate and seeking answers to a PC computer problem, frantic for help.  The first thing they begin to do is look up every email address on the site and send messages.

That does not work for us. 

The staff here at Free PC Tech receives hundreds of emails a day.  We cannot possibly provide one to one assistance to everyone. 

So, how do you find the help you need, after all every possible problem has been solved here at one time or another.  We do have the source for your answers.  It is all available on this site.

Above you see four key options to start you off here at Free PC Tech.   Read each of these carefully, take your time to investigate with each item...  and you will find your answer.


The Free PC Tech web site contains over 200 pages, filled with all the information you need to solve your computer problems...  and we are adding new pages every day.

Using the search button found on the top of every page go to our web site search engine page.  This is a powerful search engine that will search all the pages on this site for any word or phrase that describes your problem.   Just click on the Search button above to begin.

If your search comes back with too many pages listed, try adding additional words to refine your search.

Over the years we have written dozens of articles containing Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs.  We have all of these online in the FAQ area.  These FAQs cover a myriad of topics and can help you out quickly.

Just click on the FAQ button found at the top of every page.


Our mailing lists have been in service for nearly a decade, but we have the archives for the last three years online for active browsing.  What does this mean to you?

All the questions asked and answered during this time are available for you to search for answer to your questions.

Once again, this is a powerful tool capable of searching through the over 100,000 messages currently in our archives.  Just calmly follow the instructions and use keywords to search the archives.  The archives are for our mailing lists PCBUILD and PCSOFT. 

PCBUILD mailing list is strictly about hardware issues, including operating systems such as Windows95/98.

PCSOFT mailing list is strictly about software application issues and also includes operating systems.

The access to each set of archives is on the main page for each mailing list.  But, to get you started, you can click on the appropriate archive link below:

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) PCBUILD's hardware archives
WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) PCSOFT's software archives

Our mailing lists PCBUILD and PCSOFT are the crown jewels of The NOSPIN Group.  These are not newsletter mailing lists, rather open discussion forums in which you can ask your question(s) and receive answers from some of the most knowledgeable people in the PC computer industry.  These forums each have over 1,500 subscribers and over 40% are professionals in the PC industry.

Be sure to read our web page about how our mailing lists function before subscribing:   

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  All about our Mailing Lists

Remember a few basics, these are real mailing lists and you will receive from 10 to 100 emails a day generated by the other members of the lists.  When you send in a question to be posted, it must be reviewed by a Moderator to insure is meets our standards of NO SPAM and NO NASTY REMARKS.  There are other restrictions and you can read about them on the site link. 

These are the address to send questions to the mailing lists:

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  PCBUILD:
WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  PCSOFT:

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  PCBUILD's web page - hardware only
WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  PCSOFT's web page - software applications only

Okay, you are stuck trying to figure out how to use our services, have a question on where to find something or who to use our services, then send an email to:

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)

NOTE: is not the proper email address to request help with your person PC problems and only exists if you have problems using our services.

If you have comments you would like to share with our staff, use can use our online form to submit the at:

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  Comments web page

For other email addresses to contact us, they are listed on the Contact's web page at:

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)  Contacts web page

I hope this is enough information to get you started and enjoy using our services. 

Remember one important thing, we never charge for any service you find on this site...  we do not hit you with advertising, we do not sell your email address.   The NOSPIN Group is a privately funded non-profit foundation providing Free PC Tech free of charge.

We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time and for no reason.  Use of this site and our services is a privilege and not a right.

So, be respectful when requesting aid of The NOSPIN Group.  We are pleased to help, but we do not accept problems from anyone's thoughtless child.

Bob Wright
Owner and Founder



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