Is Hidemyass Good for Torrenting?

Is Hidemyass Good for Torrenting

Is Hidemyass safe and legal to use for torrent download? Will you get caught if you use hidemyass to download torrent? What is the logging policy of Hidemyass regarding to torrent downloading and is hidemyass allow their users to download torrent?

These questions and questions like these could not be ignored when you select hidemyass for torrent downloading. Following I will cover all the hidemyass for the torrenting related question which will you should keep in mind before you purchase a VPN from hidemyass for torrenting.

Hidemyass is one of the world’s most popular companies that is selling VPN-related services so that the people who are concern about their online privacy and security can take advantage of their services and surf internet safely.

VPN could help you to hide your IP address where it is also used to unblock those websites and services which are blocked in your region. Torrent is not really blocked in anywhere around the world but there is always concern about legal issued when we talk about torrent downloading because it is not really legal if you download copyright content.

Sadly, not all VPN companies allow their customers to download torrents but HMA is one of those company which offers the option to download torrent.

There are more than 930 servers of hidemyass in 350+ countries where they also offer you list of 120,000+ IP addresses that can be used as a proxy to hide your IP address. But still, hidemyass is not recognized as an authentic company to download torrent and it is always in news regarding their poor log policy.

Does Hidemyass Allow Torrents?

The answer to your question is YES, Hidemyass is one of those VPN companies that allow their customers to download and upload the torrent file. But if you go in detail and use their services then you will found that hidemyass comes up with so many restrictions especially torrent downloading. These restrictions on torrenting will make you end your subscription from hidemyass of you will not really enjoy torrenting on HMA due to this restriction. These restrictions by HMA on torrenting includes:

  • They will suspend your HMA account and subscription anytime without sending you a warning and telling you the proper reason.
  • They limit the daily and monthly bandwidth on your downloading and internet usage due to torrent downloading and uploading.
  • Torrent downloading is allowed by HMA but it does not allow on their all servers, especially most of their USA based servers do not download torrent at all.
  • You could face legal issues as HMA is not clear about their log information related to torrent downloading and there is news that they leakage the information.

If you go with this restriction on torrenting, then yes hidemyass allows you to download torrent, but if you can’t, then HMA is not for you. Especially suspension of account and log policy is an important point to note if you are considering HMA for torrenting.

Torrent downloading is legal as long as you are downloading the content which is allowed by the owner to share on torrent but if you are downloading copyright content, then you may face some issues if the owner report about you. But the law regarding illegal downloading of torrent is restricted to very few countries while most countries allow you to download torrents without worrying about anything.

Due to some legal issue, people use VPN (virtual private network) to download torrent and hidemyass is one of them. But this is not a complete solution to keep yourself safe from legal issued. Because HMA did not much explain their log privacy which means that you do not get protected 100% when you download torrent on HMA.

Also, if you research on log policy of hidemyass, then you will found that they have provided the log information about their users to a telecom company in past which means that your online tracking, especially torrent-related logs can be seen by them and this could be trouble for you.

What is the Logging Policy of Hidemyass?

Learning more about the logging policy of HMA will help you to understand whether HMA is safe for torrenting or not. Most of the VPN companies that allow you to download torrents do not keep the record of logs. For example, ExpressVPN has zero log policy, where some company keeps a log record for 7 days.

Both options are great news for users who want to use VPN for torrenting because there would be no record of their torrent-related activities will be available. But this does not happen in the case of HMA.

Hidemyass keeps the logs of their users for up to 6 months. This is due to the law of the United Kingdom where the company based in. Even if the company does not provides or sell this information to anyone else, it is still bad news for you as their customer because six months is one of the longest retention periods of any VPN provider. This means that there is always chances of leakage of your online privacy.

Is There Any Alternate of Hidemyass?

An alternate of HMA is a company which offers the excellent features like HMA which includes unlimited bandwidth, fast internet speed, access to hundreds of VPN servers and decent customer services and also allow you to download torrent without keeping logs data and does not restrict your bandwidth or suspend your account on the bases of your online activities.

ExpressVPN is an excellent alternative for HMA because it allows you to download torrents while the company has a zero logs policy. They did not keep any logs of their users even for few seconds. These VPN servers are located in more than 90 countries with hundreds of sub VPN servers in different locations of these countries.

The ultra-fast internet speed offered by ExpressVPN enhances your torrenting experience where there is no restriction on data usage and torrent downloading. Don't forget to read our ExpressVPN Review.

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