15 Best Modded Apps for Android (MOD APK Download)

Best Modded Apps For Android

Modded apps provide the premium features of the original Android apps. You get more functionalities for free, except for some that you need to pay a small fee.

Modded apps tend to provide users with the premium version of a certain app. The apps have unlocked features to make them more functional and interactive than the original apps. However, you have to be careful where you download the specific Android mod apps. Only download from credible sites to prevent downloading viruses that will affect your device.

Moreover, there are certain mod apps that you will need to pay a little cash. However, that’s a small price to pay for the great features you get, right? Most of the apps get updated regularly to fix any bugs on the apps.

We have highlighted some of the best-modded apps for Android.

1. Netflix Mod App

Netflix Mod App

Site URL: https://modyolo.com/netflix.html

The Netflix mod app is meant to cater to those who can’t afford to pay for the premium version. It features no ads, and you get to enjoy all the features premium users get. If you want to enjoy the latest and classical TV shows and movies, the Netflix mod app for Android is just for you.

Just like in the original app, you can easily watch while on the go, and preview shows, series, & movies before deciding to watch them. Unlike the free Netflix app which has locked entertainment, the Netflix mod app features all the entertainment you want without having a subscription.

Key Features

  • Get access to the locked series, movies, documentaries, comedies, stand-up specials, and limited shows.
  • It is easy to search for new titles to either download or stream online.
  • It allows safe watching by setting up the kids' features to ensure the whole family can enjoy it.
  • No account required
  • Supports 4K quality.
  • Supports subtitles in all languages.

2. TikTok Mod App

TikTok Mod App

Site URL: https://apkmody.io/apps/tiktok

If you have Android 4.4 and above, you can use the TikTok mod app. The mod app comes without a watermark and offers unlimited coins. Through the TikTok mod app, you will get to enjoy short videos from different niches.

You can either decide to be a content creator on the platform or just be a spectator. Through the TikTok mod app you can watch, like, and share content. Your days will be more interesting! While on the platform you can edit your videos for free and add the perfect music you want to go along with your video.

Key features

  • It has a size of around 242 MB
  • It provides unlimited coins with no watermark.
  • The TikTok mod app allows you to use special effects, filters, music, and other effects to make your videos lively.
  • Get to live stream on the platform and pause a video multiple times then resume.
  • Shoot as many videos as you want.
  • It allows you to edit, or add effects to videos without leaving the app.

3. Canva Mod App

Canva Mod App

Site URL: https://apkmodget.com/apps/canva-mod-apk-download/

Canva Mod is the perfect Android app that you can use to fulfill all your editing needs. You can use it to create stunning social media posts, videos, collages, animations, and much more. Enjoy using the tool without any ads or watermarks.

Get to enjoy all the premium features at your disposal. Use the Canva mod app to create content you can upload on social media, use thousands of customizable templates to make the perfect graphics, the logo maker to showcase your products, and the sleek presentation templates to visualize data.

Key Features

  • Get access to premium templates, images, videos, audio, and graphics
  • Get to access 2 Million royalty-free images, and 25000 pre-licensed music tracks.
  • Use the smart mock-up feature to see your design in T-shirts and other assets.
  • It allows collaboration between teams.
  • Get to use the one-click background remover to resize your images.
  • Easily schedule publishing to social media.
  • It is ideal for use in Android 6 and above

4. Youtube Vanced Mod

Youtube Vanced Mod

Site URL: https://modyolo.com/youtube-vanced.html

The YouTube Vanced mod has advanced features to help you enjoy watching your favorite videos & shorts. It has HDR compatibility providing high-quality visuals.  Therefore, you can view videos in a resolution that would have been blocked on a normal YouTube app.

Quality visuals make it more exciting to watch. Additionally, you can customize the playing speed of the video you are watching. While on the app, swipe controls for volume and brightness to make your watching more enjoyable

Key Features

  • It has a size of 90 MB.
  • Provides premium features.
  • Enjoy using the app without ads since it has ad-blocking settings.
  • Play videos in the background outside the YouTube app
  • Zoom in and out the YouTube videos in your preferred aspect ratio.
  • Supports dark, black, and other color theme options.
  • Easily pick between the new and classic styles on YouTube Vanced.

5. Adobe Lightroom mod

Adobe Lightroom mod

Site URL: https://apkmodget.com/apps/adobe-lightroom-mod-apk-download/

The Adobe Lightroom mod app supports all the premium features. It has unique features that can take your editing to the next level. You can use it to sharpen, brighten, and add filters to your image.

It helps you boost your photography skills. You can use precision sliders to retouch the light settings like contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, and much more. You can use the curves photo editor for advanced edits, highlights, midtones, shadows, and color.

Through the HDR video and Reels maker you can record your editing of before and after to showcase your creativity.

Key Features

  • It has a size of 114 MB and requires Android 8 and above.
  • Additional control over the camera in either HDR or raw mode.
  • Get editing features that make your image come to life.
  • Access to a cloud storage backup. Both the edited and original images are stored.
  • It also features a people identification feature that stores different people's images in separate files.
  • Images can be organized in albums and be rated.
  • Get access to 200+ presets, healing brush, masking, and other features.
  • Through Discover Feed you can showcase your photos online and show the editing process.

6. Cam Scanner Mod

Cam Scanner Mod

Site URL: https://modyolo.com/camscanner.html

Cam scanner is a great Android app that lets you scan documents using your phone by taking pictures. The mod version has the premium features unlocked. Luckily, you can use the Camscanner to format and reformat handwriting.

You can also choose the colors you need for your scanned text. It has a simple, minimalistic design that makes it easy to use. It has a powerful search engine that makes it easy to search quickly.

Furthermore, it also allows editing of scanned documents to make it easier to read them. It scans all types of documents sent and provides high resolution.

Key Features

  • It has a size of 141 MB
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Easy cropping of the scanned documents.
  • Get access to the offline version.
  • Allows the user to increase the brightness of the photos to make them sharper.
  • Capability to store images of high resolution and formats.
  • Set a login password to limit who can access your documents on the app.

7. Truecaller Mod App

Truecaller Mod App

Site URL: https://apkmody.com/apps/truecaller-2

Truecaller helps you know who is calling even before you pick up. Phone numbers are continuously being leaked online and it is crucial to be safe.  Through Truecaller, you get to see who is calling so that you can determine whether to pick or not.

Unfortunately, the app needs to be on the internet to use. It lets you block messages, advertisements, and switchboard messages.

Key Features

  • Access Truecaller premium features.
  • Get to block a country code, SMS sender, phone serial number, and phone numbers.
  • It has a size of 73 MB.
  • Ad-free access to Truecaller.
  • Free True Caller cloud backup service to store calling data, call logs, messages, and interfaces.
  • Advanced spam blocking.
  • Premium badge to look loyal.
  • Removed unwanted permissions.

8. Snapchat Mod apk

Snapchat Mod apk

Site URL: https://apkmodget.com/apps/snapchat-mod-apk/

Snapchat is the perfect platform to make new friends and also, interact with old ones. It is also a great platform to use to take pictures with some of the best filters in the world. You can also share images and videos using the stories feature.

However, Snapchat has some limitations on what someone can do. If you are caught in between, you can consider its mod Android app. The mod version is free and offers the best unlocked features without having to pay for it.

Key Features

  • It has a size of 85 MB
  • You can take screenshots without the other user getting notified.
  • Easily save anyone’s photos.
  • With the disabled timer, snaps and stories will never expire.
  • Easily skip the team Snapchat stories.
  • No deletion on unviewed snaps.
  • You will never be banned from the application.
  • Many filters to use.
  • Ability to hide stories from specific users.
  • Download pictures and videos people have uploaded on their stories.

9. Facebook Lite Mod apk

Facebook Lite Mod apk

Site URL: https://apkmody.io/apps/facebook-lite-apk

Facebook Lite is one of the best mod apps that you can use to socialize with your friends. It is highly used since it can work on slow networks and uses less data. Therefore, even if your phone has less than 2 GB RAM, this Facebook Lite will work perfectly.

Through Facebook Lite, you get to experience reels, messages, and group chats.  Just like most ideal apps you can video call or voice call your friends from the app. You can easily share stories and add cool effects to text, music, video, or other pictures.

Through Facebook lite, you can find communities and even buy and sell on the marketplace.

Key Features

  • It has a size of 2 MB.
  • Requires Android version 4.4 and above.
  • It can be used on low-cost smartphones that can’t support the main Facebook.
  • It still offers all features like live video, groups, stories, and much more.
  • Messenger is incorporated in the Facebook Lite, therefore no further installation is needed.
  • The mod version has tools that are less in size, load faster, and appear fast.
  • Through the Lite network, you can search through other apps.
  • It takes less space.

10. Telegram X mod

Telegram X mod

Site URL: https://apkloo.com/telegram-x-mod/

The Telegram X mod is the pro version of Telegram X. The app allows you to access your chats from any of your devices. The mod version has unlocked all features for a better user experience. It is an alternative telegram client that you will enjoy using.

With over 50 million users on Telegram X, you can be sure that it is a great app to use. It makes it easy to communicate with people around you and even overseas.

Key Features

  • It has a size of 27 MB.
  • Powerful encryption.
  • Get to enjoy no ads.
  • Unlimited features.
  • Unlocked premium features.
  • Easily edit channel messages without a date limit.
  • Easy to mark down the notifications.
  • You can also silence some non-contacts.
  • Great admin tools.

11. Spotify Mod apk

Spotify Mod apk

Site URL: https://apkmodget.com/apps/spotify-premium-apk-1-latest-1/

The Spotify mod app is one of a kind that even allows offline downloads. Spotify is the perfect platform that you can use to listen to the latest music and even get more music insights. It has millions of users who access it every day

The Spotify free version has a lot of limitations such as limited skips and having to endure ads, but the mod version surpasses all that. If you are a music lover, you better download this mod app.

Key Features

  • It is 76 MB in size
  • Get to enjoy unlimited skips of songs you don't want to listen to.
  • It allows unlimited repeats of songs you love.
  • It features no ads, therefore you can listen to music continuously.
  • The search engine is powerful enough to let you find your favorite song fast.

12. Picsart AI photo editor mod

Picsart AI photo editor mod

Site URL: https://modyolo.com/picsart-studio-1.html

Picsart photo editor is one of the best that you can use to edit photos and media at your comfort.  You can easily change the background and blur. While using the mod app you can crop video clips to your preferred ratio.

You can also use the Smart Video merge to join videos together. Get to create the best slideshows of all time. It also features over 200 fonts.

You can also use the story templates to create great videos you can use on social media. Additionally, the blank canvas allows you to create images from scratch.

Key Features

  • Get access to pro drawing brushes through Picsart Draw.
  • Premium and Gold unlocked.
  • Easily add beautiful elements, music, stickers, light effects, filters, and fonts to your media
  • The mod app lets you track your edits.
  • Easily add elements to large spaces.
  • Unlimited customization of images and videos

13. FM WhatsApp mod version

FM WhatsApp mod version

Site URL: https://gbplus.net/download-fmwhatsapp-apk/

FM WhatsApp mod version is the modified version of the original WhatsApp.  Get to use it in dark mode and message people without necessarily saving their numbers. If you regularly use WhatsApp this is a perfect alternative that you can use.

If you have been using WhatsApp mods for long and want to try out a new one, this one is for you. You get to experience great customization and privacy features. Security features and advanced actions. Get to customize it to your liking

Key Features

  • It has a size of 54 MB.
  • Easily upload status with a length of up to 250 words.
  • Get to hide blue ticks, always show online, freeze your last seen, and hide having viewed a status.
  • Hide typing and recording actions.
  • Anti-delete messages and status.
  • Message someone without saving their number.
  • Disable forwarded tags on messages.
  • Select contacts who can call you.

14. App Cloner Mod

App Cloner Mod

Site URL: https://apkmody.io/apps/appcloner

App Cloner Mod is used to clone apps on your phone so that you can have multiple of them. You get original and installable apps like the ones you already have. The apps created allow you to customize them to your liking since they are cloned from the original one.

Additionally, it is a great app for customizing annoying displays. Cloning apps can help save on space. They also offer privacy settings.

Key Features

  • The mod app allows batch cloning
  • Clears cache once you are done with an app based on the settings.
  • Allows users to change the display size, font size, wallpaper, and languages of the apps.
  • You can set the apps to remain with the screen on.
  • You get regular updates of the apps just like normal apps.
  • Easy to modify app permissions.
  • Easily backup and restore cloned apps

15. Tinder Plus mod

Tinder Plus mod

Site URL: https://modyolo.com/tinder.html

Tinder is a great dating site that anyone can use to find the perfect date, make friends, or even form lasting relationships. In as much as you can swipe, some limited features don't allow you to enjoy the app completely till you acquire the premium version.

Luckily the Tinder Plus mod unlocks all the premium features for you. Get to chat with people through the app once you both match with each other

Key Features

  • Easily create a profile and search for matches.
  • Set filters based on the kind of matches you would want.
  • Play minigames with people on the app.
  • Get access to Tinder Gold features.
  • Allows unlimited likes.
  • Undo your last like or no.
  • Find people outside your zip code.
  • Put your profile on the top for thirty minutes in a month to boost it.
  • See all who liked you

Enjoy using These Modded apps

If you are not able to pay for premium subscriptions to certain apps, you better consider using the modded apps. However, remember to download from credible sites to prevent getting viruses, spyware, or malware into your device. Most of the apps are regularly updated to provide users with the best experience. Get to enjoy using these apps!

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