[Solved] Can You Have Multiple PayPal Accounts?

PayPal allows users to have one personal and one business account. You also need to verify your identity to prevent your account from getting banned and not violate any of the user’s policies.

PayPal is one of the safest payment platforms that people around the world use to make transactions. It is supported in most regions which makes it a favorite among many users who want to transact from anywhere in the world.

However, due to this, it has some restrictions when you receive or send a certain amount of money through your personal account. That restriction brings out the question whether you can have multiple PayPal accounts.

In this article, we will cover whether you can have multiple PayPal accounts, account suspension, creating multiple PayPal accounts, and the procedure to take to ensure you use PayPal exhaustively.

Can I Have Multiple PayPal Accounts?

Can I Have Multiple PayPal Account

Yes, it is possible to have multiple PayPal accounts. However, the limit is 2, one personal account and one business account. You can’t have the same kind of accounts. Luckily, you will be able to track your business account transactions and your personal account transactions without mixing the two.

However, even if you have a business and personal account, they need to have unique email addresses and financial information.  Additionally, it is possible to upgrade your personal account to a business account.

How Does The PayPal Business Account Function?

The PayPal Business account is best for business people with a company. One great thing about a business account is that it allows up to 200 employees access to your account. You can also receive online sales payments or donations through it.

If you have an eligible linked bank account or debit card that doesn’t require any conversion you won't be charged any withdrawal fee, but if you consider the instant PayPal withdrawals you will incur a fee of 1.5% of the amount being transferred.

The PayPal business account is flexible as it even accepts debit cards, credit cards, and bank payments. If you have a business, you can consider it since there are minimal restrictions on the amount of money you can receive or send through it.

Why Does PayPal Suspend Accounts?

Why Does PayPal Suspend AccountS

Has your PayPal account ever been suspended? Well, it happens to some people. Some actions can actually lead to account suspensions.

1. Violation of PayPal’s user policy

If PayPal notices that you indulge in illegal activities or sell prohibited items, your account can easily be suspended. Also, if they note any fraudulent behavior they may opt to suspend your account till everything is clear.

PayPal closely monitors accounts and if they notice any suspicious or unauthorized activity, they can suspend the account. It suspends it to protect your funds and even get clarification on what's going on. Additionally, an increase in transactions or a change in location can lead to that.

2. Disputes

PayPal may also suspend your account if you receive many buyer disputes on transactions. In case many buyers are requesting refunds, this may cause an alarm on PayPal to want to know the root cause. Therefore, ensure you serve your buyers well to prevent such refund requests.

3. Failure to verify your identity

PayPal often requires users to provide their personal information like name, address, social security number, etc. If you don’t provide the relevant information or documents, they might end up suspending your account. Therefore, if you get a notification from PayPal that they need you to verify your account, do so without failure.

4. Excess use of the account

PayPal has some restrictions on the amount you can send or receive in your account. Therefore, there is a limit on the amount of transactions you can make in a period. In case PayPal notes that there is unusual activity or use of your account, it can get suspended for a while.

What Can You Do If Your PayPal Account Gets Suspended?

What Can You Do If Your PayPal Account Gets Suspended?

Your business or personal PayPal account can get suspended. If that happens, first try to understand why they banned your account. PayPal always sends an email with information about why your account has been banned or suspended.

They also provide actions to take to remove the suspension. Therefore, you can consider adhering to them to make your account active again. Once you have taken relevant measures, wait for about 48 hours for your account to be reviewed. You can also contact PayPal support if you have any other further concerns.

Can You Get Banned for Having Multiple PayPal Accounts?

PayPal only allows having two PayPal accounts. However, if you have different personal information details, you can have more than one PayPal account. However, it is not recommended at all since you may be posed as having fraudulent intentions.

Since you can have up to 8 email addresses in your personal or business PayPal account, you shouldn’t have more than one.

Also, in case you have any unresolved issues it is not possible to delete a PayPal account, so you can’t use the same personal information to create another PayPal account.

How Else Can You Create Multiple PayPal Accounts?

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PayPal only allows having two accounts. However, there are ways you can use to create multiple PayPal accounts.

  • Have unique names and home addresses on your PayPal
  • Create multiple phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Use proxies to access the PayPal
  • Purchase a multi-profile
  • Create an account carefully.

In as much as you can be able to cheat your way into having multiple PayPal accounts, you have to remember that you can’t use bank account details on more than one account. Therefore, it is better to adhere to having one personal and one business account.

Since you need to provide information on your location, if you want to relocate to a different place, you will need to close your previous PayPal account and create a new one in the region you are going to.

Make The Best Of Your PayPal Accounts

Since PayPal has its restrictions; to always be on the safe side, always follow the user’s policies, verify your identity, keep your account information up to date, resolve any business disputes on time, stay within PayPal limits, and be cautious of any suspicious activities.

They don’t hesitate to suspend accounts if you are in the wrong, therefore adhere to terms and conditions to ensure your business and personal accounts remain active. With over 433 million people using PayPal, it is a platform you can trust.

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