30 Best GPTS To Boost Your Productivity in 2024


Have you ever wondered how technology could revolutionize creativity, business, or education? This article mentions some of the best 2023 GPTs: AI-powered tools that redefine innovation and cater to diverse industry needs.

In 2023, OpenAI introduced a groundbreaking feature allowing ChatGPT Plus subscribers to create customized GPT models effortlessly, marking a significant leap in AI accessibility. These tailored GPTs merged practicality with creativity, enabling tasks like crafting personalized Christmas cards and designing educational quizzes. The Dev Day they showcased OpenAI's advancements, unveiling improved GPT capabilities for builders to create innovative AI-powered applications.

This evolution of GPT technology was not merely an upgrade but represented a seismic shift in AI interaction. OpenAI's platform empowered users to shape their ChatGPTs without coding barriers, fostering a surge in user-generated intelligent apps. The fusion of simplicity and power within these custom GPTs sparked possibilities across industries, offering a glimpse into a future where AI applications redefine digital landscapes with personalized, engaging interactions.

What are GPTs?

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Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPTs) are versatile AI models designed by OpenAI that excel in generating human-like text across diverse tasks, reshaping our digital landscape. These models have broad applications, from content creation and blog organization to providing advice and designing logos. Rather than replacing human input, GPTs aim to enhance efficiency, allowing users to automate routine tasks and focus on more strategic projects requiring a human touch.

What sets GPTs apart is OpenAI's recent development, enabling users to craft their custom GPTs and easily share them via links. This innovation democratizes AI, making it accessible and practical for various purposes. These custom GPTs, specifically tailored versions of ChatGPT, cater to specific needs without necessitating coding skills, serving as personalized AI assistants for daily life, work, or leisure.

The significance of these custom GPTs lies in their accessibility, adaptability, and security. Users can easily tailor them to diverse tasks, from teaching math to creating stickers, without worrying about data privacy. Moreover, the upcoming GPT Store promises a platform for users to share their creations, potentially earning revenue based on usage, marking a crucial stride in making AI more user-centric and versatile.

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GPTs are indispensable in SEO strategies, aiding in content optimization, creating text rich in keywords, and enhancing user engagement through contextually relevant and insightful content recommendations.

1. SEObot GPT

SEObot GPT Overview

SEObot GPT redefines SEO management, serving as an autonomous tool dedicated to streamlining SEO tasks for entrepreneurs. Crafted with advanced AI capabilities, users can concentrate on product development while driving organic website traffic. The essential feature lies in its role as a Blog SEO Expert, proficiently generating SEO-friendly content across multiple languages to broaden audience reach. SEObot's strength lies in its autonomy, efficiency, multilingual capabilities, and expertise in crafting professional blog posts optimized for SEO.

SEObot optimizes website visibility using sophisticated AI algorithms by implementing effective SEO strategies. It ensures content is keyword-rich with appropriate density and is structured for enhanced readability and user engagement. By automating content generation, SEObot empowers businesses to focus on core operations while experiencing increased organic traffic and improved online visibility.

2. Free SEO Blog Content Outline Creator & Generator GPT

Free SEO Blog Content Outline Creator & Generator GPT Overview

The FREE SEO Blog Content Outline Creator and Generator GPT, curated by Julian Goldie, simplifies and optimizes the blog content creation process. It is designed to provide an intuitive interface for users, aiding in generating well-structured outlines for blog content. This tool stands out for its automated content outlining, SEO optimization suggestions, and user-friendly design, streamlining the creation of search engine-friendly content.

By integrating this tool into your SEO content strategy, you can experience time savings in content organization and brainstorming. The SEO optimization features enhance the potential for higher search engine rankings, ultimately driving increased traffic to your blog. For bloggers, whether seasoned or new, this tool offers an efficient solution to boost SEO strategies and improve content visibility without requiring technical expertise.

3. SEO Super Analyzer

SEO Super Analyzer Overview

SEO Super Analyzer GPT is a specialized AI tool tailored to improve website SEO performance. It stands out for its deep SEO analysis, offering insights into keyword density and backlink quality and a comprehensive list of suggestions for enhancement. Its user-friendly design and customizable reports simplify the process, catering to users regardless of their technical background.

This tool plays a pivotal role in identifying weaknesses in your SEO strategy, providing actionable recommendations for improvement based on the analysis. It empowers users to track progress over time, aiding in understanding the efficacy of SEO efforts.


SEO GPT Overview

SEO GPT emerges as a meticulously designed custom GPT tailored to optimize text content for substantial SEO impact, focusing not only on SEO enhancement but also on increasing virality and Click-Through Rates (CTR) for digital marketers. This advanced tool can crawl websites, optimizing content with pertinent keywords and semantic phrases, elevating its visibility in search engine rankings. Additionally, it comprehends trending topics and user behavior to craft potentially viral content and generates compelling meta tags and descriptions, enhancing website or blog post-CTR.

The standout features of SEO GPT lie in its seamless integration of target keywords into engaging and readable content, ensuring user appeal and SEO compatibility. It efficiently structures content using headers and subheaders for improved readability and SEO performance. Moreover, the tool's proficiency in crafting catchy and relevant meta tags significantly attracts user clicks when displayed in search engine results.

5. SEO Mentor

SEO Mentor Overview

SEO Mentor is a specialized AI mentor in Search Engine Optimization, serving both seasoned professionals and beginners in navigating the complexities of SEO. This tool offers personalized guidance, interpreting queries, and tailoring advice based on the unique circumstances of your website. Moreover, being a machine learning model, it evolves continually, staying updated with the latest trends and strategies in the ever-changing digital landscape.

This AI mentor contributes significantly to SEO improvement by aiding in strategy formulation, offering insights into keyword selection, link-building techniques, and on-page optimization strategies. It provides an in-depth analysis of your website's performance, pinpointing strengths and areas needing improvement. Additionally, facilitating regular assessments enables you to track progress over time, empowering you to make informed adjustments for enhanced SEO efficacy.

Best Recipe GPTs

Recipe GPTs are AI models specialized in crafting recipes based on different criteria. They analyze culinary data to offer personalized suggestions aligned with dietary preferences or available ingredients. These tools simplify cooking with detailed instructions, ingredient lists, and sometimes nutritional details.

6. Sous Chef

Sous Chef Overview

Sous Chef, a specialized GPT, redefines cooking assistance by providing personalized culinary guidance. Its primary focus is simplifying meal planning and recipe creation by tailoring recommendations based on individual dietary preferences and available ingredients.

This culinary assistant extends beyond basic recipe suggestions, offering versatile features to meet specific cooking needs. It customizes meal plans considering dietary preferences and available ingredients, eliminating guesswork from meal prep and ensuring flavorful, healthy meals. Additionally, Sous Chef GPT presents diverse recipe ideas aligned with preferences or available ingredients, introduces ingredient substitutions for seamless cooking, and provides valuable tips on various culinary techniques, serving as a comprehensive tool to enhance cooking skills and exploration in the kitchen.

7. Recipe Snap

Recipe Snap Overview

Recipe Snap GPT revolutionizes cooking for beginners or those lacking culinary inspiration by swiftly crafting recipes from uploaded photos. Its unique ability to recognize ingredients within the image generates recipe suggestions and provides detailed preparation instructions.

This tool caters to individuals unfamiliar with cooking or lacking motivation, transforming their food imaginations into tangible culinary creations by simplifying translating visual ingredients into delectable dishes.

8. Healthy Chef

Healthy Chef Overview

Healthy Chef GPT, crafted by Daniel Garcia Acosta, emerges as a digital culinary expert and nutritional consultant, revolutionizing meal planning and healthier eating. This specialized tool serves as a recipe book and a guide, providing tailored recipes aligned with individual needs for a balanced, nutritious diet.

With a focus on blending taste and health, Healthy Chef offers recipes while offering insights into nutritional parameters, recommending related dishes, and suggesting cooking methods to transform eating habits into a delightful journey of wellness and flavor.

Best Writing and Content Creation GPTs

Creating content can be exciting but challenging, requiring skill and creativity, whether experienced or new to writing. Custom GPTs revolutionize the writing process, providing personalized support that makes content creation more efficient, creative, and enjoyable.

9. AI Content Generator

AI Content Generator Overview

AI Content Generator GPT is a remarkable productivity boost in our digital era, leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline content creation effortlessly. This specialized ChatGPT tool, driven by machine learning algorithms, adeptly produces human-like text by grasping context, adhering to guidelines, and even mimicking specific writing styles when appropriately trained.

The content industry finds widespread application, aiding in quick blog post creation, crafting engaging social media content, and producing various marketing materials like newsletters and product descriptions. AI Content Generator GPT brings time efficiency by rapidly generating substantial text volumes, cost-effectiveness by negating the need for multiple writers, and consistent, high-quality output regardless of variations in human performance.

10. Creative Writing Coach

Creative Writing Coach Overview

Creative Writing Coach GPT is a unique platform harnessing custom GPT capabilities to provide tailored feedback and guidance for creative writing. This specialized tool utilizes its deep comprehension of narrative structures, character building, and stylistic elements to aid writers in refining their craft.

Whether overcoming writer's block or enhancing the depth of storylines, this GPT is a supportive resource for writers seeking to elevate their creative work, offering nuanced insights and guidance.

11. Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter Overview

Article Rewriter GPT has emerged as a groundbreaking tool in content creation, utilizing advanced AI algorithms to rewrite existing articles while preserving their core message. This custom ChatGPT employs deep learning to understand input text, generating unique content by altering wording and sentence structures while maintaining contextual sense and grammatical accuracy.

Notably, it prevents plagiarism by producing distinct versions of existing content. It finds diverse applications such as content repurposing, SEO optimization with multiple keyword variations, and aiding academic writing by paraphrasing research materials and adjusting translations for clarity.

12. Quiz Master

Quiz Master Overview

The Quiz Master GPT transforms learning by offering dynamic, interactive quizzes that make studying engaging and enjoyable. It does not solely test knowledge but also enhances the learning experience by providing instant feedback and comprehensive explanations, making it an excellent tool for exam preparation or simply enriching one's knowledge base.

With its ability to customize quizzes and cater to diverse learning needs, Quiz Master stands out as an educational companion that challenges and fosters a fun and effective learning environment, appealing to those seeking an entertaining yet educational experience.

13. Blog Content Outline Generator

Blog Content Outline Generator Overview

Blog Content Outline Generator GPT is a transformative tool for bloggers and content creators who craft well-structured outlines for blog posts. Proper organization is pivotal in content creation, enhancing clarity for readers. This tool significantly aids in organizing blog posts by segmenting topics into manageable sections, ensuring logical flow, and offering comprehensive coverage of the subject matter, ultimately improving content readability and guiding the writing process.

It is instrumental in streamlining the writing process, providing a clear direction for content creation. However, it is crucial to recognize that while proficient in structuring content, this tool cannot replace human creativity and judgment. To create engaging and original content, writers must personalize and enhance the outline with their unique voice and style.

Best Music GPTs

Music GPTs are transforming music creation. These advanced AI tools analyze musical elements, generate compositions, or assist in the production process, offering composers and creators innovative ways to craft unique tunes effortlessly.

14. Spotify Explorer GPT

Spotify Explorer GPT Overview

Spotify Explorer GPT serves as a bridge between GPT technology and the popular music streaming platform Spotify. It enables users to engage in conversations where they can inquire about various song details, including artist information, album details, playlists, and more. Moreover, this tool provides direct links to the music, allowing users to listen to the tracks seamlessly.

Additionally, Spotify Explorer recognizes technical aspects like tunes, BPM (beats per minute), chords, and other intricate song details, enhancing the depth of information available to users interested in exploring music through conversation.

15. Music Production Teacher

Music Production Teacher Overview

Music Production Teacher GPT, powered by ChatGPT, is a versatile tool tailored for aspiring music producers, offering an extensive learning environment for music creation. It employs Generative Pre-trained Transformers to provide interactive lessons on various music production aspects like mixing, mastering, sound design, and composition. Notably, it offers instant feedback and improvement suggestions, drawing from a wide range of industry knowledge for relevant guidance.

Especially beneficial for newcomers to music production, this tool offers a convenient and accessible learning experience, allowing users to progress at their own pace outside traditional learning environments. Music Production Teacher GPT can guide them through synthesizer functionality, sound-shaping techniques, and sound layering to construct a complete mix.

Best Meme and Creative GPTs

Meme-focused GPTs help bridge generational gaps by explaining Generation Z slang and decoding contemporary internet humor for older demographics.

16. GenZ 4 Meme

GenZ 4 Meme Overview

GenZ 4 Meme is a vital bridge across generations by deciphering Generation Z's rapidly evolving language and humor for older generations, particularly boomers. This specialized GPT serves as a translator, offering insight into Gen Z slang and memes, equipped with a profound understanding of internet culture and the distinctive language used by today's youth.

Its primary focus lies in unraveling the layers of humor, explaining the subtleties, and shedding light on the modern expressions and memes that might otherwise be puzzling or unfamiliar to older demographics.

17. The Christmas Card Maker

The Christmas Card Maker Overview

The Christmas Card Maker GPT offers an effortless and delightful way to craft custom cards. This innovative tool integrates your details and interests, infusing them into creatively designed cards that embody the spirit of the holiday season. Whether it is capturing family jokes, commemorating personal milestones, or simply spreading joy, this GPT ensures that each card is a special keepsake, uniquely reflecting the essence of your relationships.

With its holiday-themed creativity and personalized designs, this custom GPT transforms greetings into heartfelt and memorable expressions, making your Christmas cards unique.

18. Simpsonize Me

Simpsonize Me Overview

Simpsonize Me GPT brings the playful world of “The Simpsons” to life by transforming your photos into personalized caricatures resembling the iconic animated characters. Utilizing specialized AI, this tool creates unique Simpsons-style portraits, providing a fun and entertaining experience for individuals, friends, or families who wish to visualize themselves as part of Springfield's vibrant universe.

These caricatures entertain and capture the charming, yellow-tinted essence that defines the beloved animated series, offering a fun and personalized touch for avid fans and enthusiasts alike.

19. Canva

Canva Overview

Canva's chatbot streamlines design creation by aiding users through its user-friendly interface. It engages with users to grasp their design requirements, leveraging Canvas design capabilities to offer tailored design choices. The focus lies in fostering a collaborative and creative environment, guiding users step-by-step to actualize their distinct visions effortlessly within Canva's flexible platform, enabling them to create visually appealing designs.

20. Game Time

Game Time Overview

Game Time GPT is a comprehensive guide for novice and experienced players navigating and enjoying board and card games. It simplifies intricate game rules, offers strategic advice, and provides detailed explanations, ensuring that individuals of varying skill levels can easily engage with and relish even the most complex games.

It transforms gaming sessions into seamless and enjoyable experiences as a personalized game companion, making it a go-to resource for anyone looking to enhance their gaming endeavors.

21. The Secret of Monkey Island: Amsterdam

The Secret of Monkey Island- Amsterdam Overview

The Secret of Monkey Island: Amsterdam immerses players in a text-based adventure inspired by the beloved “Monkey Island” series, transporting them to a fictionalized Amsterdam set in the piracy era. As Guybrush Threepwood, players embark on an adventurous quest to unearth a concealed treasure.

The game blends intricate pixel art scenes with interactive storytelling, offering a range of choices such as conversation, exploration, and puzzle-solving to progress through the captivating narrative, inviting players to experience an engaging and immersive journey in a whimsical, pirate-infused Amsterdam.

Best Coding GPTs

The concept of coding-oriented GPTs aligns with the growing demand for AI models to assist in programming tasks.

22. Grimoire

Grimoire Overview

Grimoire is an advanced and specialized AI tailored for coding and programming endeavors. Its core strengths lie in comprehensive analysis, detailed solution planning, and the ability to craft bug-free and efficient code. This AI emphasizes code readability and accommodates diverse skill levels, supporting seasoned developers and beginners seeking coding guidance. Grimoire's focus extends beyond mere functionality, ensuring mobile-friendly designs and a user-centric approach within its coding solutions.

23. Figma Coder

Figma Coder Overview

Figma Coder simplifies the transition from Figma designs to functional code by requesting users' Figma URL and Personal Token, then utilizing an API call to access and extract design specifics from the provided file. This tool offers quick code generation for multiple programming formats, such as web or mobile, targeting developers aiming to swiftly translate their Figma designs into usable code without extensive manual coding.

By integrating users' Figma URL and Personal Token, Figma Coder efficiently converts visual designs into code snippets. Its purpose lies in expediting the process for developers, allowing them to transform their Figma-based designs into practical codebases ready for implementation across various platforms or programming languages.

Best Art and Design GPTs

24. LOGO Designer

LOGO Designer Overview

LOGO designer GPT revolutionizes logo design, functioning as a creative collaborator rather than just an AI tool. By inputting details like business descriptions, preferred colors, styles, and themes, this GPT generates various visually engaging logo designs that align with your vision. Its intelligent algorithm ensures intricate design elements like color psychology, typography, and visual hierarchy, allowing it to craft logos that effectively communicate brand messages.

Marketing agencies benefit from quick logo variations tailored to client briefs, while freelancers improve productivity by swiftly creating multiple logo concepts. Start-ups and small businesses find it an affordable option for professional logos, and educational institutions leverage its use as a learning tool for design students to grasp various aspects of logo creation.

25. DesignerGPT

DesignerGPT Overview

DesignerGPT is a versatile AI tool revolutionizing graphic design creation by simplifying the intricate process of crafting visually stunning designs. It operates by interpreting your design preferences, generating visuals based on those parameters, and allowing you to review and refine the designs until they match your vision.

This custom GPT finds application across a spectrum of design needs, including logo creation, where it generates multiple options, website design by producing diverse layout versions, crafting engaging marketing materials tailored to your target audience, and transforming complex data into compelling infographics.

26. Brand Logo Designer by DoMore.ai

Brand Logo Designer by DoMore ai Overview

Brand Logo Designer by DoMore.ai is an AI-powered tool that creates impactful and minimalist logos tailored to businesses. It simplifies the logo creation by efficiently translating a company's core values into visually compelling designs. Through a streamlined approach, this AI-driven designer selects suitable icons, colors, and fonts that resonate with the brand's identity and vision, ensuring the creation of visually striking logos that capture the essence of the business.

27. Sticker Whiz

Sticker Whiz Overview

Sticker Whiz GPT is an innovative tool that unleashes creativity by crafting unique die-cut stickers. Powered by advanced DALL-E 3 and GPT technology, it interprets user inputs to generate visually striking designs, ideal for personal expression or business branding. The straightforward and enjoyable process transforms imaginative ideas into vibrant, tangible stickers, perfect for personalizing items like laptops and water bottles or adding flair to professional branding.

28. Collov Interior Designer

Collov Interior Designer Overview

Collov Interior Designer GPT is a swift tool that swiftly creates design renderings based on your uploaded photos. It simplifies the communication of design preferences and alterations by enabling users to convey their needs using everyday language. With the ability to transform uploaded images into design renderings and facilitate easy dialogue for modifications, this GPT streamlines the interior design process, allowing users to articulate their ideas effortlessly and visualize potential changes easily.

29. Image Copy Machine GPT

Image Copy Machine GPT Overview

The Image Copy Machine GPT is a digital artist at your service, capable of replicating and infusing creativity into uploaded images. This innovative tool maintains the essence of the original while introducing a unique, imaginative touch, offering users a transformed rendition of their pictures. Functioning akin to a playful artist, it delivers reinterpreted images, embodying creativity without the mess of actual paint or brushes. Whether replicating or artistically reinventing, this GPT provides an inventive take on your uploaded photos, bringing a touch of digital artistry to your fingertips.

30. Design Mentor

Design Mentor Overview

Design Mentor is a tailored GPT specifically aiding master's students in international design business management at Aalto University, concentrating mainly on IoT product design. Its primary role is to assist students in dissecting and clarifying design concepts, emphasizing practical innovation, and fostering clear communication with engineering teams. By specializing in IoT product design, it offers guidance on navigating the complexities of this field, aiming to enhance the students' understanding of design principles and effective collaboration within multidisciplinary teams, particularly between design and engineering.

How to Create Custom GPTs

Creating custom GPTs through OpenAI allows tailored AI chatbots to be developed to suit unique needs. These personalized bots can assist with various tasks, from content creation to customer support.

  • Upgrade to Plus or Enterprise: Access GPT creation features by upgrading to a Plus or Enterprise OpenAI account.
  • Brainstorm Functionality: Identify the tasks your GPT will assist with, considering business challenges or personal needs.
  • Create Your GPT: Log in to your Plus or Enterprise account, select “Explore,” and then “Create a GPT.” Input prompts and refine the AI's instructions based on its responses, refining until it aligns with your vision.
  • Configure Your GPT: Finalize settings such as name, image, and description. Upload knowledge or files and define actions the GPT can perform.
  • Publish Your GPT: Save the GPT and choose whether to make it private or public. If public, share it through a link provided in the Explore section.


GPTs represent a diverse range of AI-powered tools that redefine various aspects of our lives. From aiding in creativity and business solutions to education and personalized experiences, these tools showcase the immense potential of artificial intelligence. While the ones mentioned here offer a glimpse into this world, numerous other specialized GPTs are tailored for different industries and needs. As technology evolves, so do these tools, promising an ever-expanding array of applications fostering efficiency, creativity, and empowerment in diverse spheres of life.

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