How to Add WebPilot to GPTs [Accessing Internet]

How to Add WebPilot to GPTs

Have you ever felt flooded by the immense web content? Wishing for a personal assistant to streamline and refine information for you? Don't worry; we have a “WebPilot ChatGPT Plugin”, an innovative tool that harnesses AI to enhance your browsing experience. Follow the trend like other users so that this innovative plugin can simplify and expedite your online activities. Are you prepared to plunge into the future of browsing?

Back then, ChatGPT only had access to information until September 2021, so it couldn't fetch data from many websites. This limitation was because the training data only included events until that time. From this limitation, OpenAI started accepting ChatGPT API from other developers and has also allowed integrated ChatGPT plugins from third-party firms since then. This way, ChatGPT became more versatile and capable of accessing additional information beyond its initial limitations.

WebPilot is an excellent example of the ChatGPT plugin, an advanced AI engineered for swift and precise real-time data delivery from the internet to your chat. It serves as a “Copilot for the web,” a free and open-source program that helps analyze the words you choose on a webpage and presents appropriate options or actions based on the content; it improves your browsing experience.

WebPilot It's a specialized version of GPT designed to offer the latest information with exceptional speed and accuracy directly sourced from the web. In this article, we are going to dive in and learn how we can add WebPilot to GPTs through the steps given,

Adding WebPilot to GPTs:

Add Webpilot to GPT is a straightforward process, and the below steps will enable you to add one:

Step 1: Log in to your ChatGPT Plus account and select GPT-4 from the model selector. select GPT-4

Step 2: Click on the ChatGPT plugin to add the WebPilot plugin.

Step 3: Uncheck the “Web Browsing” option by scrolling in the Config tab.

Web Browsing

Step 4: Select the [Add Action] button in the Action area.

Add Action

Step 5: Configure the settings and press the save button on the top right corner. The following you will need to do before saving:

Import from URL

From here, you can save, and you will have created an OpenSource & awesome Extension of WebPilot into GPTs.

For anyone searching for the most up-to-date information, WebPilot is a game-changer. For users who require dependable, fast updates from the web, it's the ideal choice to have WebPilot integrated into GPT.

Main features of WebPilot:

Main features of WebPilot

  1. Customized Capabilities: WebPilot can retrieve and handle real-time data and information using a particular OpenAPI structure.
  2. Access to Real-Time Information: WebPilot offers the most recent information on the internet, including weather reports, current events, and the latest news.
  3. Easy Integration: It's easy to integrate WebPilot with your GPTs. It only requires a few easy steps, and it can take at least thirty seconds for integration to complete.
  4. User-friendly: WebPilot was created efficiently, making it suitable for users of various technical backgrounds.
  5. Intelligent Q&A: Inquire about the webpage you are viewing, and WebPilot will respond with information derived from the page's content.
  6. Language Preference: WebPilot gives priority to the language you choose. The dialogue continues in that selected language. For instance, if you use Germany and say “Guten Tag”, WebPilot will recognize the language and proceed seamlessly.
  7. Summarize web page: Analyzes and summarizes webpage content, offering insights and questions for better understanding or content creation. Editors, content writers, and anyone else who wants to understand the main points of a web page quickly will find this tool to be of great help. WebPilot explores the page's content when you input a URL, carefully analyzing it to produce a brief explanation.

FAQs about WebPilot:

Q. If WebPilot is unverified, can I still install it?

Yes. You can install WebPilot even if it's not verified. Just go to, click on “plugin model,” then select “Plugins”, and go to the “Plugin Store.” From there, choose either “Install an unverified plugin” or “Develop your plugin” and paste this URL:

Q. What's preventing me from installing the WebPilot ChatGPT plugin?

If you cannot link the Webpilot plugin to your ChatGPT account, look at the procedures on how to troubleshoot to identify the reason behind it.

Q. Does WebPilot work with every website?

Because certain websites may have security policies prohibiting interaction with their content, so WebPilot might only work with some websites.

Q. Is it free to use WebPilot?

Depending on the platform or service provider you are using, WebPilot's availability and price may change.


Integrating WebPilot with GPT models revolutionizes browsing by providing swift, accurate, and personalized web insights through AI-driven capabilities. This plugin retrieves real-time information from the web, offering users an efficient way to stay updated. It's a game-changer for those seeking refined browsing experiences with up-to-date, streamlined information retrieval. Despite limitations on certain websites and potential cost variations, WebPilot's efficiency and real-time data access make it an invaluable addition to your browsing toolkit, shaping the future of browsing.

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