How To Buy Pi Network DeFi [PI NETWORK DEFI]

How To Buy Pi Network DeFi

Cryptocurrency purchases can be done through Decentralized Exchange, Centralized Exchange, and crypto-wallets. These are the proper procedures to purchase Pi Network DeFi.

Buying Pi Network DeFi may be a bit challenging for some. However, purchasing it using another cryptocurrency through Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is possible. Before making any purchase, it is crucial to know what mainnet the DEX runs on—for example, Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain.

When buying crypto, it is crucial to consider the location and protocol since some are harder to obtain than others. Buying procedures are almost similar for all. However, these methods are the main ways to buy Pi Network DeFi.

The Pi Network DeFi can be purchased through Centralized Exchange, crypto wallets, and Decentralized Exchange.

Method 1: How To Buy Pi Network Through Decentralized Exchanges

Step 1: Research through CoinMarketCap

First, research through the CoinMarketCap site to see where you can purchase the Pi Network DeFi and the supported currencies. The platform provides a list of purchasing options, marketplaces, and market prices. Therefore, on the platform, search for Pi Network DeFi.

Research through CoinMarketCap

Click on it and select “market” to see where you can purchase and the currencies you can use.


Step 2: Choose a platform of purchase.

Do enough research to ensure you buy from a remarkable platform. Purchasing crypto using dollars would be better than using crypto. If you want to use crypto to purchase, you must create a crypto wallet that supports Pi Network DeFi.

Step 3: Research for a good Web3 crypto wallet

Download and install one that is flexible and can support Pi Network DeFi. You can download the crypto wallet extension through your preferred browser like Google Chrome or the wallet app through  Play Store or App Store—for example, TrustWallet.

Step 4: Register and create a new crypto wallet

Proceed to register and set up the crypto wallet via the mobile app or Chrome extension. Remember to save your wallet address and seed phrase somewhere since you will need it.

Step 5: Transfer the main net cryptocurrency

Once your wallet is set up, buy your preferred base currency. Next, transfer the mainnet cryptocurrency of the blockchain the DEX is built on, like ETH or BNB to your wallet. Once you withdraw, it should appear in your crypto wallet.

Step 6: Access the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) page.

The next step is to choose a Decentralized Exchange platform. However, ensure the exchange supports the wallet you selected.

Step 7: Connect your wallet

Proceed on to connect your wallet to a Decentralized Exchange. You will see the CTA “Connect Wallet”; follow all the instructions. Using the seed phrase and wallet address you copied would be best.

Let's say you are using the BNB chain. Proceed to choose BNB chain as your payment and select the Pi Network DeFi as the coin you want to purchase.

Step 8: Access the Swap option on DEX

Next, proceed to search and select the “swap” option. Choose the token to trade in the “from” section and Pi Network DeFi in the “To” section.

Step 9: Countercheck

Once done, click the swap button, and if everything is alright, confirm. That's it.

Method 2: How to buy Pi Network DeFi from a Centralized Exchange

CEX are online trading platforms that allow people to purchase, sell, and swap crypto assets.

Step 1: Choose a Centralized Exchange

Choose a Centralized Exchange

The CEX can be brokers or platforms. First, research a reliable crypto exchange supporting Pi Network DeFi purchases. Check their supported payment methods and other crucial information.

Step 2: Create an account

Once you find a platform, create an account and ensure the platform is secure enough. Most reputable platforms often verify your information. Once done with identity verification, you can access the features.

Step 3: Add a payment method

Since you will be making a purchase, choose your preferred payment method, e.g., a credit card or another method.

Step 4: Make the purchase

Proceed to make the purchase. You can also make a crypto-to-crypto exchange.

Method 3: Buy Pi Network DeFi Through A Crypto Wallet

crypto wallet

Step 1: Find a wallet

Do thorough research to find a wallet that supports Pi Network DeFi. Proceed to download its respective wallet application either on the Google Play Store, App Store, or the browse extension.

Step 2: Create a wallet

Next, you must create a wallet address or import an existing one. Remember to save the seed phrase and wallet address somewhere. Without your seed phrase, no one can help you access your wallet.

Step 3: Purchase Bi Network DeFi

Proceed to purchase the cryptocurrency using the supported payment method. If your wallet doesn't support direct fiat purchases, you can buy a popular cryptocurrency like USDT and exchange it for Pi Network DeFi through your wallet or DEX.

Use Your Purchased Pi Network DeFi Wisely

Once you successfully purchase the PI Network DeFi, you can store it till its value increases, earn rewards by staking coins, send it virtually, or purchase goods with it. It all depends on your needs. Based on accepted payment methods, you can purchase through a wallet, centralized exchange, or decentralized exchange. It all depends on your needs.

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