The Best Gaming Systems to Use to Keep Up with the Times

Best Gaming Systems

Gaming in 2023 is a much more inclusive environment than ever before, with hundreds of gaming systems and millions of games to choose from, alongside an astronomical amount of people gaming daily. It’s estimated that just over a third of the population partake in casual gaming whether it’s on PC, Mobile or console.

The gaming industry as of 2022 was worth 300 billion dollars, which couldn’t have been foreseen a half-decade ago. Gamers then were somewhat ostracised and labelled as lazy, with many attributing gamers as hide-aways. Now, things are far different and gaming is now an international favourite past-time and with the innovation the market has seen it’s not a surprise. Games can now have maps and open worlds that span for hundreds of square miles and this is improving year-on-year.

PC systems have been a recent hit in the market, due to the flawless technology that comes with both custom and ready-made systems. Many across the world have flocked to the PC and this is undoubtedly due to the varied applications of use. Popularity of gaming online has been boosted by the innovations in browser games, making them more immersive than ever. Signing up to play online casino table games is now a seamless experience, and thanks to in-game innovations, table games such as poker, blackjack and roulette are now accessible at the touch of a button.

How can PCs take over the console dominance?

How can PCs take over the console dominance

Computer systems have always been somewhat insignificant when it comes into a comparison with gaming consoles and in the past, this is a fair assessment. Mainly due to the difference in optimization and after all, gaming consoles were originally designed to just play games, which is not what the PC was meant for in totality.

However, with various discoveries and innovations, consoles have fallen behind what a PC can offer. Next-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X have only recently bridged the gap and can now offer high-resolution graphics and much smoother and faster operation.

PC systems do not have this struggle and these days, depending on your needs, you can acquire a PC system specifically built for gaming, which can handle the workload needed loading large maps or playing on extremely populated servers.

Are the older generation gaming consoles a thing of the past?

When considering and analysing gaming consoles, you have to verify a few points to identify what makes a good system. You’ll need a system that can handle the games, player counts and maps and with newer generation games, the maps are becoming larger, the player counts in games specifically are becoming larger, as this is what the people want. This is, however, extremely bad news for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and One S players.

A current real example of this is Hogwarts Legacy. The Harry Potter themed open-world game was for sure one of the biggest games to release as of late and unfortunately for older generation console players, this is not a game available to them. In fact, the release was delayed twice during the run-in to its’ confirmed release date, whereas newer-generation players have been there and completed the game already.

This is just one example, but this can be applied across the board to various games that are the most popular across all gaming spheres. Call of Duty, Battlefield and FIFA are three of the most popular games and game franchises to grace the gaming world, but they are now all primed to focus on the newer generation of consoles.

With the HyperMotion engine on FIFA, or the much larger player-count limits on Battlefield, it makes for a completely more tolerable and catered experience for new generation owners.

Are the older generation gaming consoles a thing of the past

Making choices that will keep you in the loop

While many would opt for the standard gaming console made by Microsoft or Sony, it’s far wiser to analyse the reasoning for wanting to pick up these devices. The most common reason for picking any console these days is to mirror what friends and friend-groups have and get the same. However, something to consider closely is that cross-play between multiple systems is now extremely common and not only this, but not even finished in terms of extra introductions of features and functions to ensure smoother gameplay.

By choosing a computer system, you’ll never have to worry about playing the worst version of a game that can’t handle the incredibly large maps and or graphics in the game. Buying parts for your computer to upgrade your set-up is now a much more viable option, as competition is rife and computers are becoming more one-size fits all.

By choosing a system such as the PlayStation 5, or Xbox series X, you’re confirming that you’ll have to buy the next instalment on release to keep up with the endless innovations in games. With the gaming market being so large, innovations will continue to progress and the market will too, keep this in mind when considering upgrading.

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