What is a Good Upload Speed for Gaming?

Good Upload Speed for Gaming

How fast should the gaming internet speed be? Is 100 or 200 Mbps enough? Games require different latency, internet, download, and upload speed.

The online gaming experience is heavily reliant on the internet speed that a player has. The speed of the internet will determine factors like download and upload speeds and, most importantly, latency (commonly known as Ping).

Other factors like network drops from service providers or power outages will also affect your gamming.

Download Speed

download speed


The download speed is generally how fast data is pulled from the server. When downloading something from a website, the file transfer speed you see can be interpreted as your download speed. While playing online games, this will affect how fast graphics (Textures) load on your screen.

Upload Speed

Gaming Upload Speed

The upload speed is how fast you send data to the server or others. For instance, saving your data in the cloud. While uploading a file in Google Drive, the progress of the file transfer is 2MB/s – that is your upload speed.

Download speed is mostly faster than upload speed because a majority of activity done online consists of downloads.

How Fast do I need to Upload 

Games Upload speed

In games, the amount of data you need to upload is usually minimal. It consists of information generated by the mouse, keyboard, and controller input, (more if you have voice or video on).

For game players, the download rate is 3Mbps, and the upload rate is 0.5-1Mbps. The number of devices connected to the network will impact the gaming experiences if on WIFI.

Ping (Network Latency)  

YouTube video

Ping is often the most important value for the game experience. It represents the time it takes data from your computer to the server and back to your computer; this is typically in ms. This means the lower the number, the smoother your gaming experience will be. The latency has a bigger impact on performance and response time than the download and upload speed.

The level of ping is generally related to the distance between devices, including the distance between your computer and the carrier’s server, the network provider, and the game server.

At the same time, the number of people visiting a server can also affect the ping value. This is why when a game is multiplayer, and the server is populated, your experience will be the worst. In such cases, it is better to find a low player lobby to reduce the ping.

The delay between action in the game and its display on your screen is what is referred to as latency, commonly known as ping. This can be the difference between a win and a loss, especially in Rattle Royale video games or fast-paced shooter games. The player with the lower ping will have an added advantage in the game.

How Fast do I need to go in the Game?

download and upload speed for games

No matter what you play, a low ping is what you want (20 ms or less). Depending on what type of game, the minimum download and upload speed together with ping will vary. With the majority of consoles recommending speeds of 3-6Mbps download and 0.7-1Mbps upload, having a good bandwidth will help you achieve this.

For shooter games, a download speed of not less than 50Mbps and an upload speed of 20Mbps with a ping of less than 20 is ideal. The games are usually competitive and require quick responses to attain victory.

For MOBA games, a minimum of 6Mbps bandwidth with low latency will provide a lag-free gaming experience.

For casual gaming, 64Kbps and 14Kbps download and upload respectively are adequate. These sorts of games do not require fast responses since they are mostly slow-paced and generally for passing the time.

How can you improve your Gaming Experience?

To get a good gaming experience, you can do the following to improve your experience.

  • Update drivers and firmware

Update drivers and firmwareCompanies like Microsoft keep updating their software to increase their efficiency and update with current technologies. Drivers and firmware are constantly upgraded to ensure that they not only match customers’ requirements but have a competitive edge.

  • Replace the hardware

Replace the hardware

Yes, aside from the network, the PC configuration is the most important factor affecting your gaming experience. Switching to a better graphics card, CPU, or switching to use SSD can help in improving your FPS (Frames per second).

Having a PC will defiantly be it easy to switch up the components as opposed to gaming consoles.

  • Get a suitable monitor

monitor for gaming

Getting a suitable monitor for gaming is also essential. Manufacturers have different monitors with different refresh rates, measured in Hz.

A modern monitor will range from 60Hz-120Hz; some reach 360Hz, like the ASUS ROG Swift monitor. A good monitor will also add to the immersive nature of the game.

  • Improve the Sound quality

good pair of headphones for gaming

A good pair of headphones also aid in the immersion while playing games. With most games being in a 3d world space, the developers also add the sound to match.

Games like PUBG or any other will have proper sound development; you could easily pinpoint the direction of noises in the game.

  • Comfortable chair

gaming chair

Since a typical game session may take two hours or more, a good chair will prevent you from getting back problems or feel tired after a couple of minutes. There are plenty of chair companies that specifically make gaming chairs that are agronomical and good for your back.

  • Improve the network speed

network speed

Gaming performance depends on many factors, but since the majority of multiplayer games are online, network speed becomes essential for gaming performance. Increasing your bandwidth by upgrading your internet package will certainly increase your internet speed.

  • Switch connection points

gaming router

Using open Wi-Fi is generally not recommended because of the network traffic. We live in a society where everything in the house is connected, from smart fridges to automated systems. Gaming on the same network creates network lag where every device wants to connect.

Connecting through the router direct will certainly improve your speeds. Additionally, you could get your hand on a gaming router as it lessens network lag while gaming.


These are some of the factors that can help to improve your gaming experience. Playing with friends will also improve your gaming experience and, finally, snacks.

Nobody wants to get up in the middle of a battle to get some snacks in an online game. Get a powerful pc and enjoy playing these online games.

Happy Gaming!

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