How Much Is My Pokémon Go Account Worth? [Estimating Value]

How Much Pokémon Go Account Worth

The Pokémon Go account’s worth is measured by the number of Pokémon you have, shiny Pokémon, the account’s age, current level, and much more. To acquire Pokémon you will need to walk around to capture them.

Pokémon Go is a game that brings Fuchsia City and Pokémon to life. Therefore, you walk through the city in the game and try to capture Pokémon such as Pikachu. Along the way, you can battle other players to see who has the best Pokémon account.

You can utilize points, candy, raid keys, modules, and more to survive in the game. The more Pokémon you capture, the more your profile is elevated. You can also Pokémon spawn in real life, but you must use your phone to catch them and add them to our Pokédex.

If you collect more than one Pokémon of the same type, you can trade them to Professor Oak for candy. Candy is essential for evolving you to the next level. The shiny Pokémon can be hard to get, unlike the normal Pokémon. However, when you acquire the rare kind, the more the value of your Pokémon Go account will be.

Since it is a social game, you must walk around the real world; if you don’t, you might need to use a bot.

How much is my Pokémon Go Account Worth?

How much is my Pokémon Go Account Worth

Your Pokémon Go account’s worth depends on the number of Pokémon, rare Pokémon, your account’s level, your account age, items, combat power, and the Shiny Pokémon you have acquired.

  1. Rare Pokémon – If you get rare Pokémon or shiny Pokémon, your account will be worth a lot more than you can imagine.
  2. High combat power – You can quote a high amount if you also have an account with high combat power, like Dragonite.
  3. Items – The valuable items in your account can determine your worth. For example, you can get potions and poke balls through Poke stops to increase your chances of acquiring better items. These items help you catch Pokémon easily. Also, feeding a Pokémon candy before throwing a Pokeball can help increase your success rate. Additionally, you can trade with friends and fellow payers in the game. For example, you can trade valuable items or powerful Pokémon with combat power.
  4. High level –  Your Pokémon account can be more valuable if you are at a higher level.

Online Tools You Can Use to Calculate Your Pokémon Go Account Worth.

If you are unsure of your Pokémon Go account’s worth, you can use these valuable tools to know its worth.

1. PlayerAuctions Value Calculator

PlayerAuctions Value Calculator

The PlayerAuctions platform can be used to estimate your account’s value. You need to provide details about the account age, number of Pokémon in possession, account level, number of shiny Pokémon, and number of legendary Pokémon. With those details, it becomes easier to know the worth of the account.

You also get the estimated account value details to know how much you can sell it for. Luckily, you can sell your account through the PlayerAuctions platform, where people buy and sell their accounts.

2. IGV iGVault Pokémon Go account calculator

IGV iGVault Pokémon Go account calculator

IGV iGVault is a great website that you can use to know your Pokémon Go account’s value.  You need to provide information about the number of Pokémon you have, shiny Pokémon, account age, account level, number of 100% IV Pokémon, and number of legendary Pokémon.

You can then proceed to calculate the value. These attributes are important in providing a proper value for your account.

Which Ways Can You Use To Cash In On Pokémon Go?

Which Ways Can You Use To Cash In On Pokémon Go

There are various ways you can use to make money on Pokémon Go.

1. Be a Pokémon trainer

You can decide to be a Pokémon trainer and teach people how to play it. You can even offer to catch Pokémon for people for a fee since this will increase their account’s value if they want to sell it later.

This is even vital for those who are busy and can’t be able to walk around acquiring the Pokémon around. You can charge $15 an hour, depending on the services offered. Additionally, you can decide to be a Pokémon driver.

2. Sell your Pokémon Go account

After making your account one of the best, you can consider selling it on any of the selling sites like PlayerAuction. You can sell your account from $100 to $1000 and above based on your account's value.

The more value your account has, the more money you can get. However, you need to sell your account through a credible website to prevent being at risk of Niantic deactivating your account. You can also sell your Pokémon card collection if you have any.

3. Get paid to lure

While striving to boost your account, you may come across ‘lure modules” at Pokestops. Therefore, you can place that to attract more wild Pokémon for 30 minutes. They won’t be just available to you but to other players.

Therefore, more people may come by to capture the Pokémon in different real-life locations. Therefore, if you own a café, you can place lures to attract people to the venue and earn through it.

Is it Safe to Sell My Pokémon Go Account Online?

Sell My Pokémon Go Account

Yes, selling your Pokémon Go account online is safe using a well-established platform. However, it is against the rules to sell your account, and Niantic can easily ban your account if they note you are violating the terms of service.

However, if you still want to sell your account, consider doing thorough research to ensure you sell through a credible website that won’t scam you. Don’t provide sensitive account details before checking the website's policies or making a sale or agreement.

Boost Your Pokémon Go Account

You might need to work on it to sell your Pokémon account for a good price. When you get a chance, walk around to capture as many Pokémon as you want. It is a social game, so you must capture the right Pokémon to boost your account.

If you don’t, you won’t be able to increase the value of your account. Also, ensure you have fun while on it. Also, take your time before selling your account.

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