9 Ways to Speed Up PS4 Downloads

How to Speed Up PS4 Downloads

Downloading a game on ps4, while waiting may be enough time for you to go shopping in the downtown supermarket and come back. How to Speed Up PS4 Downloads?

Nowadays, 3A games are generally massive, the battlefield is about 17G, and the Witcher 3 is 35G. For players, how to increase the download speed can make them play games faster. Unfortunately, some players don’t know how they can increase the speed of Ps4 downloads.

Well, you don't have to wait all day to have your favorite game ready when using Ps4. You can speed up Ps4 downloads using the following basic methods.

1. Buy faster internet bandwidth

faster internet bandwidth

Internet bandwidth refers to the “maximum amount of data transmitted over an internet connection in a given period.” It’s generally calculated in megabits per second (Mbps). Your Ps4 has a slow download could be slow because you have a slow internet speed. In that case, the solution is to contact your service provider and upgrade the bandwidth.

2. Use Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi

Ethernet cable PS4

Wi-Fi router is famous for its convenience and ability to support many devices, but it’s not as stable as a wired connection. Therefore, it’s good to use an Ethernet cable when doing Ps4 downloads. That way, it will take less time to get your game ready than when using Wi-Fi.

Ethernet cable offers a more reliable and consistently solid connection. You also enjoy lower latency and a better speed. In a situation where you have no access to an Ethernet cable, I recommend that you put your Ps4 close to the Wi-Fi so that you can have a solid and stable connection.

3. Use the game accelerator

uu accelerator

You can also speed up Ps4 downloads using a reputable game accelerator. This is an application that you can install and improve the game’s performance. The accelerator also boots the speed of the Ps4 by intensifying your CPU performance and cleaning the RAM. Here is a procedure on how to go about it.

  1. Buy a dedicated Ps4 accelerator that you intend to use to boost the speed of your downloads, https://uu.163.com/console/
  2. Make sure your PC and Ps4 are connected to the same router with an Ethernet cable through a wireless connection.
  3. Install the game accelerator (uu), view the accelerated game in Ps4, choose psn update/game download.
  4. Wait for the acceleration to complete so that you can get the new IP address and other necessary info.
  5. Set up on ps4, Settings>Network>Select Connect to the Internet, enter advanced settings, manually configure the IP address, default gateway, subnet mask, DNS, and other information provided by uu.
  6. The acceleration is complete, and you can start downloading the game.

4. Enable rest mode

Enabling your Ps4 to run in a rest mode can increase its download speed. This is a mode where the console is in a low-power state, and other services are off. That way, your Ps4 will complete the download faster so that you can start playing your game. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to enable rest mode in your Ps4.

1. Go to your main dashboard, scroll up to the right side, choose the “toolbox,” and open settings.Enable rest mode step 12. Browse down to the “Power save settings” option and open it.Enable rest mode step 2

3. Go to the “Set Functions Available on Rest Mode” option and click it.Enable rest mode step 3

4. On the window that appears, go to the “Stay connected to the internet” and check the box so that downloads can continue when your Ps4 is on rest mode.Enable rest mode step 4

5. Change DNS

Another effective way for boosting Ps4 downloads is by changing or switching its DNS setting. Here is a guide on how to change DNS on your Ps4.

1. Go to your main dashboard, scroll up to the right side, choose the “toolbox,” and open settingsChange DNS step 1

2. Go to the “network” option and open itChange DNS step 23. Go to the “Set up Internet Connection” option and open itChange DNS step 3

4. Choose the “Use a LAN Cable” option if your device is connected to a modem, or the “Use Wi-Fi” option of Ps4 is connected to a wireless network.Change DNS step 45. Once you do that, choose the “Custom” option to switch the DNS settingsChange DNS step 4

6. Once the IP address settings screen appears, choose the “Automatic option.”Change DNS step 67. Select the “Do not specify” optionChange DNS step 7

8. Go to the “Manual” optionChange DNS step 8

9. Once prompted to do so, enter your primary and secondary IP addresses for your DNS server that you would like to use. Doing so will boost the speed of your Ps4 than when using the default settings. I suggest that you use the following DNS addresses:

Preferred DNS:     Alternate DNS:

Preferred DNS:     Alternate DNS:

Preferred DNS:     Alternate DNS:

Preferred DNS:     Alternate DNS:

The acceleration effect is generally suitable for downloading small games, and the speed is not very stable. It would be best if you tried to find the most suitable DNS addresses many times.

10. Once done setting DNS, scroll to the bottom and choose “Next” so that you can access MTU settings.Change DNS step 10

11. Select the “Automatic” option on the screen that appears.Change DNS step 11

12. Go to the proxy server page and select the “Do Not Use” option.Change DNS step 12

13. Test the download speed on the next page to see whether it has improved. Click the “Test Internet Connection” option.Change DNS step 13

6. Pause/Resumeps4 Pause and Resume

Sometimes the download can freeze, and you can wait forever to get your game ready in your Ps4 console.  However, you can speed up the device by pausing the download progress and then resuming it. That way, the downloading process takes place faster, and you don’t have to wait for several hours before you can enjoy your game.

7. Pause other download tasksps4 Pause other download tasks

Your Ps4 will be slow if you have several download tasks running at the same time. The download speed will be divided among all tasks, and they will take a longer time than you expected. Therefore, you should pause other download tasks from different devices and pause other games. That way, you will dedicate all the download speed to the game that you want to get ready fast.

8. Configure the proxy server

ps4 Configure the proxy server

You can also configure the proxy server to speed up Ps4 if the above approaches don’t do magic. However, you must have a working proxy on your computer to configure the proxy server in your Ps4.

Once the proxy is ready in your computer, check and note the IP address and proxy server port because you need them to configure the proxy server Ps4. Here is the guide on how to configure the proxy to your PlayStation 4.

  1. Go to your main dashboard, scroll up to the right side, choose the “toolbox,” and open settings.
  2. Go to the “network” option and open it.
  3. On the step that appears, go to “Setting up Your Internet,” select “Connect to the Internet.”
  4. Choose your connection method “Use Wi-Fi” (wireless) or “Use a LAN,” wired.
  5. On the page that appears, select “Custom.”
  6. Choose the wireless connection that you want to use. Enter your password, select “Done” and “Ok.”
  7. Leave the DHCP Host Name settings at “Do Not Specify,” “DNS settings” on automatic, and “MTU Settings” on automatic.
  8. Now you can proceed to set the proxy server.
  9. Go to “Proxy server” and choose “Use.”
  10. On the proxy page that appears, enter the “IP address” and “Port Number.” (The one you set with the proxy server on.” Click the “next” option at the bottom of the page.
  11. Scroll to the right and click the “Save the settings” option. You can run the test as prompted. Now your Ps4 is connected to your proxy server.

9. Update Ps4 firmware

Update Ps4 firmware

The firmware of PS is similar to the BIOS of the motherboard. It is the system of the PS host. To a certain extent, the latest firmware can improve the performance of the hardware and consequently boost the download speed. Here are two approaches on how to update Ps4 firmware.

Update the Ps4 automatically

It would be best to leave the automatic downloads options enabled so that software updates can download and install automatically.

  1. Select the “Settings” option using the Ps4 controller.
  2. Choose the “Power Save Settings” option.
  3. On the page that appears, choose “Set Features Available in Rest Mode.”
  4. Check the boxes in all options as shown below, and you’re done.

Update the Ps4 manually

It will help if you start by checking for available updates to download and install them. Note that you shouldn’t turn off or unplug the Ps4 when updating.

  1. Select the “Settings” option using the Ps4 controller.
  2. Go to the “System Software Update” option.
  3. On the page that opens, select “Update now.”
  4. Select “Next” if updates are available, wait for the download to complete.
  5. Click “Accept” on the license agreement when prompted to do so.
  6. Allow your Ps4 to restart at once during or after installing an update.


Now you know. You don’t have to wait for Ps4 downloads to take ages without doing something about it. On the contrary, you should try the above hacks to speed up downloads and get your game ready. It’s good to combine several approaches to get the desired results. Remember that you don’t pay even a dime to use the above tricks to boost the speed of downloads in your Ps4.

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