Tips On How To Help Your Employees Do More And Do Better

Tips To Help Employees Keep Productivity and Efficiency

One of the factors on which building a business and maintaining its success relies is the productivity and hard work of its employees. To ensure the success and nourishment of your business, you need to be sure that your employees are operating at their full potential. Here are some tips for you to help and encourage your employees to do more and do better.

1. Recognize Their Efforts

Recognize Their Efforts

Criticism is very important in guiding your employees in the correct direction of reaching the business’s goals. However, pointing out their good work and giving them credit for their small successes is very crucial as well.

When an employee puts their heart and mind into their work and their success is not recognized nor appreciated, they tend to stop being productive. You might as well lose your employee’s loyalty or lose them to a competitor. It is very important that you recognize the hard work that your employees are putting into their work and show them that you appreciate it.

One way to do that is to verbally show and appreciate their small successes and/or by sending out quarterly bonus checks.

2. Give Them a Voice

Give employees a Voice

Some people might say that giving your employees a chance to speak their minds might end up in them believing that they have more rights than they actually do. The truth is, giving your employees a voice will not just benefit you from their satisfaction, but one of them might actually have an idea that will benefit the firm.

When employees believe that they have a chance to voice their opinions on important business-related decisions, they feel connected to the business and it gives them a sense of loyalty towards the business. It will eventually make them prioritize business success more.

3. Prioritize Their Work/Life Balance

Work and Life Balance

For employees to do better and be more productive, they need to like coming to work and not consider their work time as too consuming. You need to prioritize your employees’ work/life balance in order to encourage more productivity and hard work. Making your employees work for long hours all week long does not mean that they will reach their full potential.

Giving them enough time off so that they can enjoy their social life will make work shifts much more productive. The normal 8-hour shift is fine, just don’t ask them often to stay in for long hours, even if it is paid hours. The only exception is if an employee asks for extra time.

4. Set Clear Goals

Clear Goals

Teamwork is very important in any firm to ensure its success. Individuals within a firm must understand the business’s goals and work together towards reaching them. That is why it is very important that you set clear goals for your employees which they can work towards. Making sure that all employees are on the same page means that they will operate much more efficiently.

5. Celebrate Their Milestones

Celebrate Milestones

Bonding with your employees while still maintaining your professionalism is very important in increasing their loyalty and therefore encourages them to do better. This bond can be easily established by celebrating your employees when they reach any new milestones, in both their personal and professional life.

Showing your employees that you care about them makes them feel special and appreciated, therefore will automatically make them care more for the business.

6. Encourage Innovation

Encourage Innovation

Employees can strengthen your business’s journey towards success by offering their own innovative ideas. Most of the time employees tend to keep their ideas to themselves because if it doesn’t turn out as a success, they don’t want to get blamed or punished for it.

You need to support and encourage your employees' innovative ideas and assure them that even if the outcome is not positive, they will not be the ones to be blamed. Risks are a part of every business, and one risky move can help turn your business around completely and give you huge success. Be sure to give employees credit for their ideas.

7. Provide Tools For Success

Provide Tools For Success

If you want your employees to operate at their full potential, you need to find ways and solutions to not drain them with routine work. A helping hand for any business that will help employees operate much quicker is IT. You can provide your workers with software systems to operate their routine work and help them work more efficiently.

Be sure to search for suitable tools to aid your business in each department. So your HR department may use software different from your finance and marketing, same with the other areas.

It's essential to also help them out with how they spend their work hours. Companies have started using a simple employee time sheet calculator to check their workers’ attendance and ensure that they are putting in a full day of work. This helps them better manage their time to be more effective and productive during their working hours.

8. Be Flexible

work Flexible

While it is very important for your business to operate in a timely manner and that your employees meet their deadlines, you also need to be a little flexible with your employees. Be more flexible when employees have a legit reason to push a deadline, or take a day off,  be sure to not be too strict about that rule.

If you don’t need a certain employee on a certain day and they want to take that day off, let them be. Employees appreciate when you don’t overwork them when it is possible.

9. Be Receptive


The one thing that most employees hate about their bosses is when they don’t feel heard or when they don’t feel comfortable talking to their boss. Employees’ place of work should be a safe environment where they can comfortably go to their manager or employer to express any concerns.

Be accepting and receptive to any ideas and concerns that your employees come to you with. Make sure that your employees know that their workplace is a safe zone and that you will help them and stand by them if they are facing any issues.


Everything you do to make your employees’ work-life more durable and better will not only make them more productive, but it will also gain you their respect, loyalty, and honesty. There are many ways by which you can make your office a place where your employees are more comfortable, just don’t break the bank for it.

As much as it is important for you to help the employees, it is equally important to choose employees that want to help you and have the qualifications to help you. When seeking tips to help employees maintain productivity and efficiency, explore the benefits of systems for monitoring work attendance through Time Clock Wizard.

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