How to Choose RAM: 7 Things to Consider Before Buying

How to Choose RAM

The RAM is your computer’s short term memory. Meaning, the computer uses it to store data for active programs. There are many types, brands, and models or RAM. In this post, we’ll take you through how to choose RAM. Keep reading to find out more…

RAMs come in different brands models, among other specifications. When it comes to buying a Random Access Memory, there are a couple of considerations to bear in mind. Below are some of the things to consider regarding how to choose RAM.

So it would help if you bought a computer, and you have been advised to look out for the memory. The question is, do you know the kind of qualities to watch out for in a RAM? The qualities to watch out for include the size, version, frequency, timing, particles, brands, and speed.

If you have no clue about the factors listed above, do not panic; find the explanations about each feature below:

1. RAM size

different RAM size

Although a bigger RAM works better on your system, unfortunately, you cannot select a size without considering pertinent concerns like its usage capacity. Do not forget to ask yourself if you can utilize the entire memory capacity; if not, you will waste money when you purchase more sizes than you need. Why buy an expensive PC with high memory if you only need half the size for your daily activity?

The basic RAM size you can find in today’s PC is 8GB, though some lower PC brands have 4GB memory space; if; you desire standard functionality in your PC, go for 8GB spec. Advance pc models come with 12 to 16GB and 24 to 32GB. So, how can you determine the right size for your home laptop? Get your answers from the table below.

4GBOutdated, not available in modern PC, but low-end brands and some tablets, best if your budget is severely low.
8GBGenerally found in standard pc, good for basic windows, internet browsing, basic designs, basic daily activities, simple video streaming on reduced settings
16GBThis is excellent for MacOS and Windows systems, surfing the internet, life games, editing videos, etc.
32GBThe RAM is good for professionals; gamers can also enjoy the reasonable performance in certain complex games, advanced configuration, television and film posts, and superior video rendering.
64GBThis is for professionals like engineers, expert A.V editors, and intent-designed workstations. Can stream advanced video and editing, gaming, etc.

2. Speed

Check RAM Speed

This feature is a delicate subject because two factors determine the speed of a RAM – timing and frequency; read below for more explanations.


ram Frequency

This is the speed, and it is written as DDR4 2666 MHz or DDR4-3200 in RAM packages, and it indicates the speed of the memory hardware. Your device memory is constantly writing and reading cycles based on existing loading data, while the frequency denotes the number of times in every second memory passes through such cycle.

Having a top-frequency system is perfect, but do note that certain motherboards and CPUs may not effectively support some frequency.


ram cas latency

The other aspect of your internal memory hardware is timing or CAS (Column Access Strobe latency) latency. The CAS latency gauges the delay time when the RAM receives a command and implements it. It is generally labeled in a series of digits like 16-20-22-42.

The series refers to the timing values outside the column access strobe latency. Lower timing numbers are ideal, however, note that disparities in the numbers have little or no impact on your user experience, motherboard memory controllers, or the identification setup.

3. Versions or types

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The RAM set comes in two types, namely the static and dynamic RAM. The static RAM refers to the complete SRAM, where data is kept away with a 6 transistor cell memory. It is usually utilized as a CPU cache. On the other hand, the dynamic type or DRAM permit pc users to amass individual pieces of data in different capacitors inside a given circuit. The DRAM is also a regular computer memory of most current desktops.

All the versions are developed as a result of the need for increased speed; the current version used today are DDR2, DDR3, DDR4. The difference between these versions are distinguishable; below is a table that explains the difference clearly.

StandardIntroduction dateInternal rateMHZidealchMT/s or data rateGBS/rate of transferVoltage
DDR1The year 2000133-200133 to 2002n266 to 4002.1-3.22.5/2.6
DDR22003“ ”266 to 4004n533 to 8004.2-6.41.8
DDR32007“ ”533 to 8008n1066 to 16008.5-14.91.35
DDR42014” ”1066 to 1600“ “2133 to 320017-21.31.2

4. Particles

Samsung’s B-die, Hynix CJR, and Micron

Many PC users, especially those that regularly make use of PC, are not familiar with Ram particles which can reveal how well your RAM overlocks; this means resolving the setup of the device memory and CPU to operate at a higher frequency than the former speed level.

For instance, processors with frequency levels like Intel Corei7860 functions at 2.80GHx on a new brand. Therefore, when you overlock a Core i7860 Intel, you drive its clock rate higher than 2.80GHz.

There are different particles in the market, for example, Samsung’s B-die, Hynix CJR, Micron, etc.

Samsung B-die has impeccable features that differentiate it from others. It has a DDR4 memory package that provides a top speed of about 3200 Hs plus Column Access Strobe latency of 14, making it ideal for attaining super high functioning. So if you have this RAM, you can achieve top clock pace and faster total performances.

The Hynix CJR is another good particle, and there is currently a new CJR which is the third generation CJR particle launched after years of research and upgrade. It has 8GB particles following the first generation of the mFR DDR4 brand and the 2nd generation of AFR particles. The new generation competes favorably with Samsung’s B-die brand.

5. Micron


The earliest memory chips were durable and balanced, though not as top-quality as the performance of Samsung’s b-die particle. In the era of DDR4, B-die was micron’s initial particle without overlocking abilities.

The various micron E-die models have visible distinguishing features from Samsung b-die model. The best are C9BJZ and C9BW, preceded by C9BLM. The micron particles are best for office and residential use.

6. Testing your RAM particle tips


In case you need to test your hardware after purchase, the best tool for the job is the Thaiphoon burner used to discover memory particles. It works perfectly with PC DRA modules and the firmware of SPD. The software is built to meet the needs of companies and buyers in the production of memory modules for PCs.

7. Brands

ram Brands

Another important factor to consider is the brand. With so many random access memory brands in the market, it’s possible to end up with a counterfeit. The brands of RAM are vital because legit brands can test DIMMs correctly. There are many brands in the market, but the most common ones are Samsung, Kingston, Corsair, Adata, micron, Hyperx Fury, etc.

Having the perfect brand on your PC is as vital as other internal pc hardware like the very expensive graphic cards. So, when shopping for RAM, ensure you buy the best brands. This can’t be emphasized enough.

Tips for buying the best RAM for your PC

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  • For current pricing, 16GB RAM is ideal for today’s pricing, and if you decide to buy one, go for 28GB sticks. However, several active programs and open browser tabs can easily use the setup.
  • Avoid paying for clock speeds that your system device does not support. The memory speed is limited, especially with lower-grade PC, chipsets, and normal Intel CPUs. For example, there is no need to purchase 3600 rated RAM if your home laptop only supports 2,666 MHz. To buy what fits your pc, check the motherboard for support speed.
  • Do your research on the games and programs you use regularly. If you are not using software that requires high memory and has a dedicated GC (graphic card), opt for slow memory and buy a superior CPU/graphics or a bigger SSD.
  • Avoid buying DDR3 because they are outdated; based on your personal preference, go for higher models like DDR5. You can also opt for DDR4, but note that the option is not a popular choice in the coming year 2022.


Selecting the best package for your PC might eventually boil down to combining the DIMM, RAM size, and DDR type. Also, thinking about the frequency of the memory and timing can assist you in achieving optimum performance for your money.

Also, remember to upgrade rather than download extra memory. Random-access memory helps your device function properly, so ensure that you do your research before buying one.

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