How to Create a Unique NHS Essay and Become a Member of the National Honor Society?

How to Create a Unique NHS Essay

Many awards are available to high school students today, but one of the most recognized is the opportunity to become a member of the National Honor Society (NHS). This organization operates in all United States and is considered the gold standard for academic achievement. The 4 pillars of NHS include scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

The main benefit that the NHS provides is eligibility for college scholarships. Taking this into account, every student wants to become a member of the NHS, but not everyone has the opportunity. The organization makes serious demands on applicants, one of which is the writing of NHS essays.

General Requirements for Writing the NHS Essay

General Requirements for Writing the NHS Essay

Experts from coursework writing service found several requirements for writing the NHS essay:

  • Scientificity involves a creative approach to the chosen topic the correct and in-depth coverage of all its aspects. In addition, this includes awareness of the results of the study and the ability to conclude the improvement of the research problem. The scientific level of work is determined not by its volume but by its quality. That is its scientific and theoretical level and practical significance. The author should not defend the positions he puts forward in work or list other people's points of view. He must give a critical analysis of the material, make clear and logical conclusions;
  • Logical presentation of the material. All paragraphs of the work and illustrative (statistical) material should be interrelated;
  • Independence of essay execution. The student must do the work independently. The use of sources does not involve their mechanical rewriting. The selection of the necessary facts and data for independent analysis and characterization of the research topic is carried out. This, in turn, contributes to a deeper justification of the conclusions;
  • Literacy, culture, and correct design. The work must be neat, free of stylistic and spelling errors;
  • The main scope of work must meet the requirements. A significant excess of the established volume indicates that the student is not able to select the main, most important. However, a too-small amount of work does not allow sufficiently develop the theme;
  • Proportionality of the volume of all structural parts of the work. In particular, the introduction and conclusions in the amount should not exceed 20 percent of its total volume. An essay that does not meet the requirements for content and design is usually not considered by the commission.

Sequence of Stages of the Essay Execution

Sequence of Stages of the Essay Execution

If to consider the process of writing the NHS essay in detail, it is possible to identify certain stages. Let's analyze the essence of each of them.

Choice of Theme

Before choosing a topic, the student must take into account:

  • Own interest in a particular scientific problem;
  • Degree of personal acquaintance with the chosen topic for research;
  • The nature and extent of practically available for use literary, statistical, and other sources and materials.

The student also has the right to choose a topic from the proposed list. But if none of the submitted topics interests the student, he has the right to choose the theme independently and agree on it with the teacher.

Selection and Processing of Literature

A high-quality work requires a careful and thoughtful selection of literature, compiling a general bibliography. Acquaintance with the literature is carried out during the study of the topic. Then, a systematization of sources is performed in the course of the writing.

The bibliography should include:

  • Domestic and international normative materials;
  • Textbooks;
  • Manuals;
  • Reference books;
  • Collections;
  • Dictionaries;
  • Encyclopedias;
  • Monographs;
  • Materials of scientific conferences;
  • Magazine and newspaper articles, etc.

The study of literature and research of the problem should be conducted in the historical aspect. That is, from the history of the issue, its theoretical foundations to the present stage, practical implementation, prospects for development. This allows studying a phenomenon or problem in the dynamic and identifying development trends.

Drawing up an Essay Plan

One of the essential issues in creating the NHS essay is drawing up a plan. Without it, it is impossible to penetrate deeply into the essence of the problem under study. The work on drawing up a plan is usually divided into two stages. First of all, a preliminary plan is drawn up.

The main directions of research and the range of issues necessary for full coverage of the selected topic are determined. After studying the sources, the plan is adjusted, the wording of the questions is checked. The work plan should be logical, consistent, and contain at least two or three paragraphs.

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