Can I Sell a Broken-Down Car?

Can I Sell a Broken-Down Car

While it is relatively easy to find a buyer for a vehicle in good condition, one question is more problematic: how to get cash for junk cars with no title? It should be noted that the conditions to be met to transfer an accident or damaged vehicle are relatively numerous. Discover everything you need to know to sell a broken-down car, whether it is rolling or non-rolling.

Rolling or non-rolling car: a major difference for resale

Before anything else, you need to answer a question: is your car still able to drive? Indeed, the resale possibilities available to you will vary depending on whether your vehicle is considered “rolling” or “non-rolling”. A difference that should therefore be taken into account before selling an accident or broken down car.

  • In the first case, your car will have suffered only slight damage, not preventing it from driving safely. You will therefore be able to sell your broken down car more easily, especially to a private individual.
  • In the second case, the damage will be greater, and it will generally concern essential mechanical elements, such as the chassis or the engine block. Your vehicle will then be considered non-rolling, as it does not allow you to drive safely.

The sale of a damaged car: possible under conditions

The sale of a damaged car

You can sell an accident vehicle for JunkcarsUS in any condition. However, if we talk about the private buyer, you can sell such a vehicle if it is still in a condition to circulate, both to an automotive professional and to an individual.

However, you must be transparent about the overall condition of the vehicle in order to prevent the buyer from turning against you on the grounds of a hidden defect. This term refers to a defect not apparent at the time of sale, reducing the possibilities of use of the vehicle, and already existing at the time of the transaction.

When buying a used car between individuals, the seller will also have to provide a number of mandatory documents, such as the declaration of transfer, the registration certificate and the certificate of non-pledge. But it is especially the technical inspection report, which must be less than 6 months old, which will be important because it will attest to the condition of the vehicle and its ability to function.

When selling a broken down car – but in working order – motorists still have the bad reflex to indicate the mention “sold as is” on the registration card. You should know that it has no legal value and does not protect you from the presence of a hidden defect. It is therefore useless to make it appear.

To simplify the sale of your damaged (but rolling) car, the best is still to go through a professional like JunkcarsUS. What for? Simply because the regulations consider that a mechanic, a dealer, or an agent can buy a broken-down car knowingly.

Therefore, he will not be able to turn against the seller on the grounds of a possible hidden defect. In addition, you have the right to sell a vehicle without a technical inspection if you go through a professional. Enough to avoid many inconveniences and unnecessary expenses.

Selling a non-rolling car: only from a professional

Selling a broken car requires a certain amount of skill to highlight all the positive aspects of a car while downplaying the negatives. This is a common slogan when selling any type of car, but it becomes especially important in the case of damaged cars for sale because significant damage is a negative point that any buyer will focus on.

How many times have you seen an ad that simply said “I'm selling a broken car” accompanied by an unflattering photo? At first glance, this is not the best strategy and the sale will be more effective if you decorate it with a good presentation and focus on details.

So, after you have thoroughly cleaned it, you should emphasize the benefits of the car, such as its good condition, the additional features it can have if it had only one driver (something well valued), or the number of kilometers that he passed. Then you will have to explain what the breakdown consists of and, if a good way can be found to expose it, the reason why we want to sell the car and not repair it.

Be sure to say that the car is damaged in the title of the ad to avoid contact with people who are not very interested. If speed is your priority, a simple but not very profitable way out is to sell a car with a breakdown to a junkyard. These establishments buy damaged cars all the time but at fairly low prices.

What if I sell it to a junkyard?

What if I sell it to a junkyard

In many cases, the buyers of this type of car are the junkyards themselves, who buy vehicles that have a breakdown that doesn't compensate for repairs to give them a second life later.

These authorized recycling centers dismantle vehicles of this type in order to restore those parts that are in good condition and sell them as used spare parts for customers who want to solve the problems of old cars or for which parts are no longer found. While the price a junkyard can offer you will always be lower than that of an individual, it can always be a good option to get rid of a car that is out of the market because it is very hard to break down and expensive to repair.

We have also covered all the basic aspects of how to get cash for junk cars with no title, which gives you a complete picture of what is happening in the used car market. Depending on the condition of your car and what you expect when selling it, you can choose one of these ways, but it is still better to entrust this matter to a professional like JunkcarsUS. In this case, you will save your time and get a decent price.

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