6 Tips to Improve Your Career As a Programmer

Tips to Improve Your Career As a Programmer

There are common points that almost everyone agrees on. These 6 topics are the ones you should try to apply to keep improving daily.

Continuous learning

There are new programming languages all the time, as well as new technologies and ways of doing things. A programmer must be updated with everything that happens in the development world.

It is unnecessary to be an expert in all technologies because it is very difficult, if not almost impossible. However, it is essential to open our minds to new technologies and to know what is beyond the project we are doing in our work.

Every person learning and practicing programming faces constant challenges and difficulties. Programmers often have to deal with various projects and tasks, and sometimes even experienced programmers are stumped by quite complex tasks.

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You must get out of the cave to meet new people and apply the previous point. At events, talks, and meetups, we also see presentations of other people's problems and the solutions they have given.

In addition, we can also attend technical sessions where we can learn the latest framework that has been released and that everyone loves.

Side projects or parallel projects

Applying the knowledge learned on the Internet and in the events we have attended is essential because we will put it into practice. You learn to program by programming, whether you know other languages or not. The best way to learn something new is to do a small project with it.

Do not focus on a specific framework

We will make mistakes if we focus on a specific framework in our professional life. It is better to know the basics of programming, design patterns, and best practices and be able to apply them to any language than to be a crack in a framework but get lost like an octopus in a garage when we get out of there.

Version control'

Version control

Knowing version control is fundamental for any programmer. The times of saving the different project versions in several folders are long gone.

Have an updated GitHub profile or any Git platform

Software company recruiters take our profiles on platforms such as Github, Bitbucket, or Gitlab very much into account. Therefore, having an active programmer profile will help us to have more visibility in the working world and bring us a lot of value.


This article compiles a few tips that anyone can apply to their career development. It will certainly be handy for programmers because their profession requires knowledge, practice, skills, discipline, and the desire to improve.

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