How to Create Your Perfect Remote Work Environment

How to Create Perfect Remote Work Environment

Working remotely requires you to set boundaries, be organized, collaborate with other team members, stick to routine, proper lighting, ergonomic equipment, and discipline.

Working remotely or from home requires the perfect environment or atmosphere. The rise of remote working has made it easier for people to get work in different countries, without necessarily being in those regions.

Even though remote working is convenient, you need to create the perfect working environment. If you just switched to remote working, these are some key tips that you can use:

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1. Designate A Specific Place To Be Your Work Place.

Working from home requires a lot of discipline considering there are many “comfort temptations” that can prevent you from working. If you set your workplace right where you see your bed, you might be tempted just to jump on it.

If in the sitting room, the temptations of watching TV may be more. Therefore, you need to choose a section in the house where you will feel comfortable working with minimal distractions.

In addition to working from home, you can have a work bag that can fit all your work essentials. This gives you the flexibility to shift working locations once in a while.

You can rent a co-space and use it twice a week, work in the coffee shop (make sure you don't spill coffee), or a quiet place in the park. If you are a creative changing environments can boost your creativity levels.

Designate A Specific Place To Be Your Work Place

2. Have a Comfortable Seat, Table, and Other Working Equipment

If you want to achieve more, you better invest in an ergonomic seat, table, and devices. When working using a laptop, elevate it so that your eyes can see the screen directly.

You can even opt to have a separate monitor whose screen is the same level as your eyes. If you have great equipment, you will always feel happy while working from home or in any other space. The only difference with working from the office is that you will have more freedom.

Poor working conditions can have an impact on your health and posture. Therefore, consider having comfortable working equipment. Fatigue can even make you less effective in your work.

3. Set Clear Boundaries While Working

One of the disadvantages of working remotely is that people may easily violate boundaries and not give you enough time to focus on work. You need to know how to balance work and personal life.

Don't overwork leaving no time for your personal and social life, and don't overuse time socially and forget your work. Just strike a balance. Additionally, you need to set the right boundaries with the people in your life.

Even if you have kids, they need to understand that you are working. However, don't ignore them fully. Also, always notify your family members when you are having a meeting to prevent distractions during such a critical time.

4. Create and Stick To Your Routine

Routines help you to become more disciplined. Therefore, you can have a routine that you will wake up at a certain time, and your working hours will be from 9:00 am to 5:00 am with regular breaks. Remote working doesn't mean that because there is no supervision, you shouldn't be disciplined. On the contrary, you need to be more disciplined than ever before.

You can even have apps that remind you when to eat, take breaks, and have time to stop working. Just because you are working remotely, doesn't mean you need to overwork yourself. No! Just use your freedom well.

You can have time tracking tools, good project management tools, web conferencing tools, online collaboration tools, and communication tools.

While setting your routine, schedule time for checking your emails, replying to messages, and using social media sites. However, don't use them in between as they can prevent you from doing work. Also, limit the type of phone calls that you pick. Certain phone calls can divert your attention fully.

Create and Stick To Your Routine

5. Collaborate With Other Team Members

Working remotely can be frustrating if you don't get in touch with other team members. Therefore, you can consider collaborating with team members on projects or even hosting online meetings so that you can check the progress of everyone.

You can even have Slack channels where you can discuss matters and talk freely. There are also some messaging apps that you can engage in. More collaboration = better results to prevent feeling alone.

Considering you might have meetings once in a while, it is advisable to have a tidy background. This deputes a sense of professionalism and discipline. Just ensure the background looks great even if it means shifting your desk, please do so.

Also, invest in your social life. Make an effort to go out during the weekend or even attend events. Work shouldn’t be your life only.

6. Be Organized

Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean that you have to be disorganized. Your drawers need to be arranged well. While arranging, you can remove all documents that are not important.

Also, you can mute the notifications on your phone to prevent any form of distractions while you are working. On your phone, you can use the focus mode or do not disturb mode for easier concentration.

Project management tools like Wrike can help you fully make use of your time without any distractions because you will have targets and a schedule.

Additionally, unnecessary objects on your work table can be distracting. Therefore, ensure you have an organized space so that you can focus fully. Also, invest in great cloud services to provide the flexibility to work from anywhere on any device.

7. Good and Ample Lighting

The lighting can influence your work attitude. You need to set your workspace where there is sufficient lighting to prevent getting headaches, eye strain, fatigue, or other issues. Also, great lighting can act as a motivation. If your workspace can be near natural lighting, the better.

It is advisable to choose a location near the window. This allows fresh air to enter and ventilate the room. Therefore, after taking a heavy meal, you won’t feel too sleepy. However, taking 10-minute power naps is highly recommended.

8. Spice up Your Work Environment

Spice up Your Work Environment

You can spice up your work environment by using sticky notes and whiteboards. They can boost task organization with the right project management tools.

Do you have houseplants? What about having a desk plant? They also help to clean the air and make you feel more energized. Your environment needs to be comfortable and inspirational.

Make Remote Working More Conducive

All in all, ensure you nurture a healthy & active lifestyle, take regular breaks, and be disciplined. Since you will be seated for the better part of the day, do regular excises to keep fit.

Additionally, invest in a good pair of earphones or speakers to block out any unnecessary noise to prevent getting distracted at all. Earphones or headphones will help you concentrate while in the meetings. Create your perfect remote work environment.

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