10 Best Proxy Testers: Online Checker for Free

Proxy Testers

A proxy checker can help you learn more about a proxy's performance, speed, location, status, ISP, and other important details. You need to know whether a proxy is effective to ensure you don’t fall short of cyber threats and your anonymity is not compromised.

A proxy is a system that acts as a gateway between a user and the internet. It is an intermediary that goes between the end users and the web pages they visit to prevent any kind of cyber-attacks on their system. The proxy servers come with an IP address of their own. The proxies set up firewalls that protect the computer and provide a secure web gateway.

Proxies in a huge way improve security, secure internet activity, balance internet traffic, save bandwidth by caching files, and control the kind of website users access. If you are using public Wi-Fi or accessing unknown websites each day, using a proxy or VPN would be the best option.

If you are not sure of the proxy to use, you can utilize these proxy testers to check which has the perfect speed and convenient location for utmost efficiency.

1. Proxy Checker by Proxy Seller

Proxy Checker by Proxy Seller

The Proxy Checker by Proxy Seller is a reliable tool that you can use to check the performance, anonymity level, and location of a proxy. Therefore, if you determine a proxy server proximity, you will know whether it is suitable for you and whether it will meet your needs.

One great thing about this specific proxy checker is that it shows you the format to follow when you want to test a proxy. Not only does Proxy seller offer the proxy checker, but also proxies for sale (residential, proxy IPv4, proxy IPv6, ISP proxy, Mobile proxy LTE).

Additionally, you can utilize other online tools such as Port scanner, Ping IP, MY IP, and IP-Trace. It all depends on the functionality you want.


  • You can check as many proxies as you want.
  • You will also get information on whether the proxy is working efficiently or not.
  • It is free to use and highly reliable.

Try the Proxy Checker online.

2. GoLogin Proxy Checker

GoLogin Proxy Checker

If you are not sure whether the proxy you purchased is working properly, you can consider using the GoLogin proxy checker to know the proxy type, location, country, city, speed, and anonymity level.

Once you determine its performance you can evaluate whether it works perfectly for you. You just need to provide information about the proxy type, IP, Port, username, and password. You can then check the proxy to see whether it works efficiently. Additionally, if you don’t want to check immediately, you can add to the queue for later checking.


  • The results will be returned fast.
  • The online tool is free to use and provides accurate results.
  • It has a checking speed of around 1000 units every 30 seconds.
  • It has a user-friendly

Try GoLogin Proxy Checker online

3. Infatica proxy checker

Infatica proxy checker

Infatica is another reliable proxy checker that you can use to test the quality and functionality of any proxy online. Regardless of the reason you are using a proxy, this Infatica proxy checker is perfect for you. A reliable proxy will ensure you undertake web scraping anonymously, browse securely, do not get any geo-restriction, and get the utmost freedom while using the internet.

It is as simple as entering the target URL, proxy type, and information about the proxy to get accurate results. Not only do they offer the online checker but also proxy types such as IPv4 proxies, anonymous proxies, ISP proxies, sneaker proxies, supreme proxies, static residential proxies, shared proxies, private proxies, fresh proxies, rotating proxies, and rotating data center proxies.


  • You will get more information on the proxy performance, speed, and location.
  • It is free to use the online checker to check your proxy strength.
  • They also offer different kinds of proxies; mobile, residential, and datacenter.
  • The online tool is straightforward.

Try the Infatica proxy checker online

4. Proxy6 Proxy Checker

Proxy6 Proxy Checker

Proxy6 Proxy checker is another ideal online tool that you can use to get more details about the proxy you are currently using. The proxies are analyzed based on availability, type, and country. Also, personal proxies can be checked if you provide authorization after logging in. Therefore, you will get all the information that you need.

The tester is fast, and you will get the information or results faster than you can imagine. You can also set it to check the proxy location. Apart from the proxy checker, you can also use the other online tools that they offer to check your IP, your anonymity, blacklist, and use the port scanner.


  • The online checker checks different proxy dynamics.
  • It automatically detects proxy protocol.
  • It provides information on the geographical location.

Try the Proxy6 proxy checker online

5. Check Proxy

Check Proxy

CheckProxy is another remarkable platform that you can use to check your proxy strength. The online tool’s checking speed is about 1000 units in 30 seconds, therefore, you will get your results in no time.

You will also get notified of the working proxies and those not currently working. You can check the proxies for a wide variety of parameters like proxy type, anonymity level, connection speed, city, country, etc.

The interface is beautifully made so that you can internalize the results easily. In case a proxy is checked and there is no response, the system will be considered inactive.


  • You can opt-out for your proxy data not to be accessible to other users.
  • It also provides manual timeout settings
  • It is free to use.
  • You can check transparent, anonymous, and elite proxies.
  • Automatic data logging and saving.

Try the Check Proxy online

6. Whatismyipaddress Proxy checker

Whatismyipaddress Proxy checker

You can also use the Whatismyipaddress proxychecker to check your proxy parameters. When you just enter the site, it detects whether you are using a proxy or not. Therefore, you can know whether you have a strong proxy or not.

The proxy detector is continuously updated to ensure you get the best results. It checks different stuff like IP address, DNS, Wimia test, Tor Test, Loc test, Header test, and DNSBL test.  Therefore, if using a proxy, and it gets detected, then you are assured that you are using an active one.

You can also utilize its other online tools like IP lookup, hide your IP, purchase VPNs, blacklist check, breach check, VPN leak check, trace email, speed test, personal data scan, Reverse DNS lookup, and hostname lookup.


  • It automatically detects a proxy.
  • The website has a wide variety of online tools you can utilize.
  • The online tool is straightforward

Try Whatismyipaddress Proxychecker online

7. Proxys.io Proxy checker

Proxys.io Proxy checker

The Proxy Checker is a reliable online tool that you can use to check more information about proxies. It is a great tool for validation. You can either proxy check with data entry or proxy verify by mask.

If you decide to enter details of “proxy check with data entry”  you need to enter the IP address, port, login details, and password. You can also check the proxy by mask or verify by order number if purchased on the platform. It is important to verify whether the proxy you are using is working properly.

In case the proxy is faulty your real IP can easily be exposed and your anonymity compromised. Apart from the proxy checker, the website also offers a platform where you can buy your most preferred proxy based on your region.


  • Easily know whether a proxy is working properly.
  • Easily check the proxy’s stability.
  • It is free to use the online tool.
  • Beautiful user interface.

Try the Proxys.io Proxy checker online

8. ABC Proxy Checker

ABC Proxy Checker

The ABC proxy checker is another reliable online tool that you can use to evaluate proxy health, type, and country. Therefore, you will know whether a proxy is working properly or not. If you are using the anonymous proxies, you will need to provide the login username and password for evaluation to take place.

You can use it also to detect the country and city so you will know the location and performance of the proxy. It is crucial to check a proxy’s functionality after purchase to ensure you get the best, and you aren't shortchanged into buying something that won’t hide your IP or ensure anonymity.

You just need to input your proxy’s IP address into the box and click the button for evaluation. The format you choose is what decides the information you will provide. The only limitation is that it can only check for 100 proxies simultaneously.


  • Easily detects the proxy protocol.
  • Ease in checking anonymous proxies.
  • IPv4 proxy health check
  • Easily checks the speed of the proxy

Try ABC Proxy Checker online

9. OXYProxy Proxy Checker

OXYProxy Proxy Checker

Oxyproxy checker is another online tool that you can use to check your proxy. You definitely wouldn’t want to utilize a proxy that won’t be effective at all. Would you? You simply need to provide the IP address of the proxies to get results of the status, address, port, country, ISP, and much more.

If using an anonymous proxy, you will need to provide the login username and password. This will help you know whether the proxy is reliable. You can start checking, stop at any time, and continue checking. It all depends on what you are doing at the moment. Ultimately, it provides detailed proxy location data.


  • You can download the results as a txt or CSV
  • It is a reliable platform that provides all the proxy information that you need.
  • Easily test across all IPv4 proxy types.
  • Multiple protocol supports like HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS.
  • It checks the anonymity and security of proxies.

Try Oxyproxy Proxy Checker online

10. Proxyway Proxychecker

Proxyway Proxychecker

Proxyway proxy checker is another reliable one that allows you to test a list of proxies on your web browser for free. The checker provides information about the proxy performance, location, and detection status.

If you are using an anonymous proxy, you will need to provide the username and password for easy verification. You just need to choose the type of proxy, format, and list the proxy IPs. You will get the results in real-time.  Luckily, you can add up to 50 addresses at a time.


  • You can easily check a proxy list of up to 50 addresses.
  • It features multiple supported
  • It will detect whether the IP is for a proxy or not
  • You will get more information on connection status and speed.

Try the Proxyway Proxy Checker online.

Evaluate Your Proxy Performance In Real-Time

If you are not sure whether a proxy is strong enough, you can consider using any of these Proxy testers or Proxy checkers to learn more about their speed, performance, location, country, and much more.

You just need to choose the perfect online tool for you. Also, you can be able to evaluate whether a proxy is working or not. You can indulge in using a free proxy that doesn’t work and this will even make you risk your security and your anonymity.

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