How to Watch Sling TV in Canada

Best methods to unblock Sling TV in Canada

Sling TV is a Colorado-based American TV company that specializes in streaming services spanning a wide range of cable and broadcast channels. The company was founded in 2015 and seems to target the US market only. Compared to mainstream media channels, Sling TV packages are very affordable.

Why Does Sling TV Ban Access From Outside the US?

Sling TV is geo-restricted for users outside of the US. Meaning, you can only access the platform within the US. The reasons for the geo-restrictions could be to limit unnecessary network traffic, to zone in on the American market, to maximize returns, to comply with certain policy requirements by the regulator, etc.

Unblock Sling TV in Canada Using Best VPN Provider

Though Sling TV is geo-restricted for US clients only, it is still possible to access the platform outside of the US using VPNs. Here are some of the best VPNs that work best to unblock Sling TV in Canada.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN Overview

Enjoy ultra-fast network speeds and security while streaming your favorite TV series on Sling TV. They have a massive network of 5400+ VPN servers and hundreds of P2P servers in 59 countries making it easy to access and stream content from Sling wherever you are.

Their robust network also means no buffering or connection downtime whatsoever.
With one account subscription, you can connect and secure up to 6 devices simultaneously. The network assigns each user a specific unique static IP address while masking their real IP address.

Pricing of NordVPN

NordVPN also optionally routes some user traffic via Onion Router thus adding to your anonymity on the web while streaming. All these IP masking and alteration techniques coupled with military standard encryption guarantee NordVPN users a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience.

The Feature

  • Compatible with Chrome and Firefox browser extensions
  • CyberSec function protects against ads, botnets, and malware
  • P2P servers for smooth gaming, streaming, and content downloading
  • High network speeds for the best in class streaming experience
  • A single subscription protects up to 6 devices
  • One-click next-generation data encryption for top-level privacy
  • No freemium package

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Overview

Another popular virtual private network for anyone seeking to watch TV shows on Sling TV in Canada. The platform is replete with some of the latest security features to keep you safe online. The network speed is top-notch, thanks to its 160+ VPN servers spread in 94 countries worldwide.

Because of the outstanding network speed and stability, ExpressVPN is perfectly suited for streaming content on Sling TV. ExpressVPN comes with native apps for Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Pricing of ExpressVPN

You get to stream your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your couch on whichever device you’re on. Like every other VPN network, ExpressVPN guarantees top-level online anonymity by masking your IP. That way, you can watch Sling with peace of mind, as though you’re in the US.

The Feature

  • Geo-restricted content access
  • 160 server locations in 94 countries
  • High-level IP masking for privacy and anonymity
  • Available on Windows, iOS, macOS, smart TV, Android, etc
  • Blazing network speeds for uninterrupted streaming
  • Supports VPN tunneling for an even faster streaming experience
  • No free plan

3. Ivacy

Ivacy Overview

When you’re in Canada and feel like watching your favorite shows on Sling TV, just route your connection via Ivacy and you should be good to go. The VPN has 1000+ servers located in 100+ locations worldwide.

This broad network coverage together with its high network speeds makes it perfectly suited for streaming content on platforms like Sling TV. Its premium packages have 3 distinct plans:

  • 5-year plan billed @ $60
  • 1-year plan billed @ $3.50
  • 1-month plan billed @$9.95

All these premium plans come with a host of awesome features that add to the network's excellent performance. For instance, all the packages come with unlimited bandwidth. Meaning you get to stream for as long as your plan is valid.

Pricing of Ivacy

You won’t ever have to worry about bandwidth depletion. Besides that, all your personal data and browsing history are protected by their military-grade 256-bit encryption. You can be sure your info won’t ever leak.

Furthermore, they have a no-browsing-logs policy. That’s to say, Ivacy doesn’t track or store your browsing data. No need to worry about unauthorized personal data access by third parties or selling to big tech.

Their in-built internet kill switch ensures all your online info is safe even during network downtimes.

The Feature

  • Massive network with 1000+ servers in 100+ locations
  • High-speed connectivity support for uninterrupted streaming
  • A single subscription protects up to 5 devices
  • Best for accessing geo-restricted content from wherever you’re
  • 256-bit encryption support
  • Supports Advanced IPsec & IKEV protocols for uninterrupted streaming
  • Strict no browsing logs policy
  • No free plan

Unblock Sling TV in Canada Using VPN with Unlimited Chrome Extensions

You can also access Sling TV in Canada using virtual private networks with unlimited chrome extensions. Under this category, we’ll consider platforms such as Hola and SaferVPN.

1. Hola VPN

Hola VPN Overview

Streaming TV shows, documentaries, and serials on Sling TV while in Canada is easier than you ever imagined. Hola is one of the best free VPNs for chrome extension. Once you install it on your chrome browser, all that’s left to do is head over to your Sling account and start streaming.

Hola is a freemium VPN with a fantastic network speed ideal for streaming content. Also, it comes with unlimited bandwidth so you can watch for as long as you want.

Because they take the privacy of their clients seriously, Hola uses military-grade encryption to protect your personal data and browsing history. Also, they support IP masking. Meaning, they assign all users a unique IP address. That way, your privacy, and anonymity are guaranteed.

The VPN has native apps for the most popular platforms including iOS, Android, Linux, smart TV, and Windows. Because it is a freemium VPN, you can connect and protect multiple devices on your account.

Pricing of HolaVPN

Hola VPN also has a premium plan that comes with additional features including Hola ad remover and Hola for business (for web scraping). Hola Pro goes for just $2.99/ month.
That being said, if you’re looking for the best free VPN with excellent network speed for unblocking Sling TV while in Canada, check out Hola VPN. it never disappoints.

The Feature

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fast network speeds
  • Military-grade encryption by 256-bit protocol
  • Smooth streaming experience with no buffering
  • Affordable premium package with more security features
  • Users on free plan contribute the idle resources to a proxy pool

2. SaferVPN

SaferVPN Overview

With one click and seamless native apps for every device, SafeVPN makes streaming on all the major platforms super easy. There’s SaferVPN for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Smart TV. Like Hola VPN, it comes with a free unlimited chrome extension for on the go streaming of videos on Sling TV. Their 256-bit encryption technology protects your personal data and guarantees your anonymity while streaming.

They have 1300+ high-speed VPN servers situated in over 50 countries worldwide. Buffering and network interruptions are absolute rarities. VPN kill switch feature secures your online data whenever the network connectivity fluctuates and only let go when the connection is restored. The network also supports split tunneling.

This feature tunnels only specific traffic, for instance, streaming traffic, via the VPN. That way, your connection remains stable and with no buffering while streaming or gaming.

Pricing of Safer VPN
They’ve very affordable premium packages, all of which come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The packages include:

  • 2-year plan billed @ $78.96 biannually
  • 1-year plan billed @$65.88 per annum
  • 1-month plan billed @$12.95 per month

The Feature

  • 256-bit encryption to protect personal data
  • Supports split-tunneling to optimize network speed
  • VPN kill switch feature secures your personal data during network downtimes
  • Available apps for Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, and smart TV
  • Unlimited chrome extension for on the go protection while streaming
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all premium packages
  • 1300+ high-speed VPN servers in 50+ countries ensure easy access for all geo-restricted contents from wherever
  • No freemium plan

Unblock Sling TV in Canada Using Best Proxy Service Provider

Apart from VPNs with chrome extensions, proxy servers can also be used to access geo-restricted content. Here are some of the best proxy service providers in Canada.

1. Myprivateproxies

My Private Proxies Overview

With this proxy provider, you get access to 16 US cities and a couple of other locations. Your subscription comes with private dedicated proxies, perfectly suited for accessing Sling TV and other geo-restricted content platforms like Netflix.

Upon subscribing, your proxies are activated automatically, meaning you get to start streaming immediately. They use a two-tier authentication method; IP authentication or username/ password authentication. Proxies guarantee high-level anonymity and privacy by disabling headers and masking your IP address.

Pricing of My Private Proxy

To ensure uninterrupted high-speed streaming, Myprivateproxies uses Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2670v2 processors known for their unrivaled performance and raw network speeds of up to 1Gbps. Besides, they promise 99% network uptime. Streaming content on Sling TV while in Canada has never been this easy.

The Feature

  • Intel Xeon 2xE5-2670v2 processors for high-speed performance
  • 99% network uptime and 1Gbps network speeds
  • Uninterrupted streaming performance
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Max 100 threads/proxy
  • Automated control panel for management of your private proxies, authenticated proxies, and username/ password
  • 220 dedicated proxy servers
  • Data Centers: 16 in the US and 8 in Europe
  • No free plan

2. Highproxies

HighProxies Overview

You can’t talk about proxy networks without mentioning Highproxies. With a strong and robust network with multiple data centers, you can count on them whenever you want to stream shows on Sling TV when you’re in Canada.

Among other features, they promise 99.99% network uptime. At least you can rest assured of no buffering and unprecedented downtimes. Besides that, all their proxies are configured for top-level anonymity and privacy.

Upon subscribing, users get instant access to their proxies. You won’t have to deal with complex activation procedures. You can start streaming on Sling TV immediately after subscribing. Highproxies offers 4 distinct proxy packages including:

  • Social media proxies @ $2.60/ month
  • Private dedicated proxies @ $1.40/ month
  • Classified Ad proxies @ $2.45/ month
  • Shared proxies @ $0.64/ month

Pricing of High Proxies

Apart from these secure proxy plans, they also have VPN packages. You may want to check them out on their official website. That said, Highproxies has very professional customer support available 24/7. Be sure to contact them whenever you have any questions or concerns.

The Feature

  • Extremely fast speeds of up to 1Gbps
  • Xeon servers with up to 32GB RAM for uninterrupted streaming
  • 99.99% network uptime guarantee
  • High anonymity and privacy guaranteed
  • Dedicated and virgin IP addresses
  • A massive network of 75+ data servers in 11+ countries
  • Up to 100 threads/ proxies allowed
  • Unlimited bandwidth for an uninterrupted watching experience

3. Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS Proxy

Another option for watching Sling TV in Canada would be using Smart DNS Proxy. The platform is replete with some of the latest data security software. Its network speed is faster than VPN, meaning streaming content is smooth and without buffering.

Smart DNS Proxy comes with native apps for Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux powered devices. From a single subscription, you get unlimited bandwidth in addition to protecting an infinite number of devices. Smart DNS proxy is great at unblocking streaming sites like Hulu, BBC, iPlayer, Netflix, Pandora, and of course Sling TV.

If you’re in Canada and want to catch up on your favorite TV shows on Sling, Smart DNS Proxy is the way to go. They have a strict no browsing logs policy. Meaning, they do not store, track, or sell your browsing.

Pricing of smart dns proxy

Further, the network is encrypted to ward off snoops and hackers. You can be sure all your personal data is safe and secure on this platform.
Smart DNS Proxy has up to 5 package plans, each backed by a 14-day free trial. The packages include:

  • Monthly plan @ $5.90
  • 3 month plan @ $15.58
  • Annual plan @ $48.14
  • 2 year plan @ $59.47
  • Lifetime plan @ $200

The Feature

  • Affordable pricing
  • Single subscription protects unlimited devices
  • Cross-platform protection: iOS, Android, Windows, smart TV, Linux, etc
  • High-speed network speed for uninterrupted streaming
  • All packages are backed by a 14-day trial period
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • No free plan

FAQs About Sling TV

1. Which devices are compatible with Sling TV?

Sling TV can be streamed on many devices. Some of the popular devices for watching Sling TV include Smart TV & Fire TV as well as devices powered by Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

2. Which premium channels and add-ons does Sling TV have?

Sling TV is home to almost all the popular American premium channels. Also, the platform has a number of amazing premium and freemium add-ons. For first-time subscribers, Sling TV gives you free access to a host of free add-ons including Starz, Showtime, and Epix. There are a couple of other premium add-ons you can choose from for an immersive watching experience.

3. How to watch Sling TV on Xbox One

Apart from the usual devices like smartphones and laptops, you can also watch Sling TV on your Xbox One gaming console. Here’s how:

  • Click on Store on the Xbox One home screen>Apps
  • Click on browse all apps
  • On the search bar, type “Sling TV”
  • Click on the Sling TV icon and then start watching.

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