What is LunaProxy and How to Unlock Web Scraping with Luna Residential Proxy


Are you in search of an ideal business proxy service? Lunaproxy offers a reliable and affordable solution to challenges in web data scraping and monitoring.

With over 200 million real device IP addresses across 195+ city locations worldwide, unlimited concurrent sessions, and a high success rate, Lunaproxy ensures secure and efficient data collection.

Luna Proxy is a proxy service that has gained attention for its wide range of residential proxies worldwide. It has become a standout choice for those in need of reliable residential proxy solutions.

Luna Proxy excels in catering to data mining requirements, boasting the highest success rate among proxy IP services. Its extensive network ensures that crawlers consistently access even the most remote web pages. For users facing geographical restrictions or seeking anonymity, Luna Proxy offers a premium solution. With its vast network of high-quality residential IPs, users can securely browse, collect data, and access websites and services typically unavailable in their region.

Luna Proxy

This guide will cover the essential features and benefits of Luna Proxy, including its vast network of high-quality residential IPs, its user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and its ability to facilitate secure and anonymous browsing, data collection, and access to geo-restricted content. Whether you are unfamiliar with Luna Proxy or seeking a dependable provider, this review aims to provide clarity.

What is LunaProxy?

LunaProxy, founded in 2015, is a trusted proxy service that enhances online privacy and security by redirecting internet traffic through its servers. It hides users' real IP addresses, encrypts data, and allows access to global content while bypassing geographical restrictions. With over 200 million real device IP addresses across 195+ city locations worldwide, LunaProxy offers unlimited connections and concurrent data extraction.

What is LunaProxy

It provides various proxy solutions, including residential and data center proxies, for different needs, such as ad verification and SEO. LunaProxy ensures anonymity, offers rotating ISP proxies, and provides a free proxy list for improved browsing experiences.

How to Use LunaProxy

Follow these steps to start using LunaProxy:

  1. Sign Up. Visit LunaProxy’s website and sign up for an account.
  2. Choose a Plan. Select a proxy plan that meets your requirements and pay securely.
  3. Set Proxy Preferences. Access your Luna Proxy account dashboard to set preferences such as country, city, ISP, and proxy type.
  4. Integrate with Apps. Connect Luna Proxy to your preferred applications using the provided guidelines or API.
  5. Begin Browsing or Data Collection. Start browsing the internet anonymously and securely or gather data without encountering location restrictions.

Luna’s Proxy Types

1. Dynamic Residential Proxies

LunaProxy's dynamic residential proxies offer complete anonymity and high success rates for data collection tasks, making them ideal for various projects. With over 200 million real IPs available from 195 locations worldwide, they provide extensive global coverage.

Users benefit from zero verification codes and IP blocking, ensuring optimized business resources and uninterrupted insights. Unlimited concurrent sessions are supported, and the proxies boast an average response time of less than 0.6 seconds, guaranteeing swift and efficient operations.

Dynamic Residential Proxies

2. Unlimited Residential Proxies

The unlimited residential proxies offer a stable IP pool of 200 million proxies with global coverage across 50 locations worldwide. Users enjoy seamless browsing without verification codes or IP blocking, optimizing business resources.

The proxies support unlimited concurrent sessions, enabling users to send multiple requests simultaneously without restrictions and an average response time of less than 0.6 seconds.

3. Static Residential Proxies

Luna's static residential proxy service offers unlimited bandwidth and charges only per IP, ensuring cost-effectiveness. They guarantee the fastest speed, ensuring 100% anonymity and 24/7 IP availability.

Luna's proxies are unique as they are private or dedicated, meaning that when a user purchases a residential proxy with a static IP address, they become the sole user of that IP, enhancing security and reliability.

4. Static Datacenter Proxies

The static datacenter proxies offer users the exclusive use of IP addresses specific to target sites, ensuring personalized access. With unlimited bandwidth and concurrency, users are billed according to the number of IPs, eliminating additional charges.

Luna's data center proxy IP addresses are strategically located worldwide, enabling precise positioning and enhancing accessibility. With a high success rate and IP availability exceeding 99%, users can expect reliable and efficient performance.

5. Rotating ISP Proxy

Luna offers rotating ISP proxies for various online tasks, including e-commerce scraping, SEO analysis, accessing travel deals, and preparing for sneaker drops. These proxies ensure uninterrupted access to data and websites while minimizing the risk of being blocked. Users benefit from enhanced security and accessibility for their online activities with Luna's rotating ISP proxies.

LunaProxy’s Features

LunaProxy has many features that make it a great choice for both people and businesses. Here are some of the main features that make LunaProxy stand out:

1. Large IP Pool Size

LunaProxy has a huge selection of IP addresses, with over 200 million residential IPs available. This gives users lots of choices and helps them avoid problems like IP bans while ensuring steady performance.

2. Proxy Protocols

LunaProxy supports different protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5, which work with many applications and tools. This support ensures strong security, stability, and connection options for different types of applications.

3. Unlimited Concurrent and Bandwidth

LunaProxy's plans typically come with unlimited bandwidth and concurrent connections, which are great for heavy data usage and automation tasks. With the unlimited concurrent sessions, you can send as many requests as you want without any restrictions or limits. This removes all barriers and allows users to gather extensive data quickly and efficiently without sacrificing speed or performance.

4. Geo-targeting

LunaProxy provides residential IP addresses in 195 locations worldwide, making it simple to access data from anywhere without worrying about getting blocked. With advanced features like IP targeting based on ISP, city, state, and session type, users can easily access geo-restricted content with just a click. This ensures that users are always connected to the most suitable proxies for their specific needs.

5. Acceptable Speeds

LunaProxy promises high-speed connections and smooth data transfer with low latency, ensuring fast browsing experiences. With an average response time of less than 0.6 seconds, LunaProxy allows users to retrieve data quickly, surpassing other proxy services in speed and efficiency.

6. Multiple Authentication

LunaProxy supports authentication using both username and password. Additionally, users can utilize whitelisted IPs for authentication, enhancing security measures.

7. Customer Support

LunaProxy offers 24/7 live support from their expert team, available regardless of your time zone, to assist with any questions or issues. With dedicated account managers and support staff, LunaProxy ensures a flawless customer experience, contributing to its success in delivering outstanding service.

8. No IP Blocking

Save time dealing with IP blocks by purchasing a residential IP from LunaProxy and focusing on gaining valuable business insights. LunaProxy allows seamless access to websites and services without restrictions on specific IP addresses and offers a zero verification code option for secure and efficient service verification.

9. Pricing

LunaProxy provides affordable pricing options starting at $0.7 per GB, which is lower compared to other major proxy companies. Their service packages offer flexible pricing to accommodate the needs of both beginners and users requiring a large number of IPs. LunaProxy does not offer a free trial, and it also does not provide a refund policy.

Luna Affiliate Program

Luna Affiliate Program

LunaProxy offers an affiliate program where anyone can earn generous rewards by referring new users. Participants receive exclusive links and promotional materials to share on websites or social media. With up to 10% commission for every sale, there are no income limits, and commissions can be withdrawn anytime. Successful referrals can earn a 10% high return on unlimited packages with no expiration date on earnings.

Payments are made within 30 working days through various methods like virtual currency, Alipay, or bank transfer. Joining is free, and affiliates can earn up to $525 for a single transaction, making it a lucrative opportunity for all.

Luna Use Cases

LunaProxy is a crucial tool for safeguarding online privacy. It conceals a user’s actual IP address with a residential IP, preventing websites and trackers from recognizing and monitoring the user's online behavior. LunaProxy's services are commonly used for a range of purposes, including:

1. Ad Verification

LunaProxy offers anonymous residential proxies for ad verification, allowing advertisers to test and optimize ads across global locations. With precise geolocation proxies, it ensures reliable ad performance assessment on a large scale. LunaProxy's high-quality residential proxies are compatible with modern software and support any platform, elevating ad verification processes for advertisers and verification companies alike.

2. Search Engine Optimization

LunaProxy offers high-quality residential proxies that are invaluable for SEO tasks. With over 195 global locations, their proxies enable comprehensive competitive research, SEO data collection, and effective SERP monitoring. These proxies bypass IP blocking and provide easy access to localized content, aiding businesses in optimizing their SEO strategies.

3. Travel Fare Aggregation

LunaProxy offers a robust solution for travel fare aggregation by providing real IP addresses for both desktop and mobile devices. Users can send unlimited concurrent connection requests, enhancing the success rate and speed of ticket-grabbing processes. LunaProxy's residential IP addresses prevent IP blocking from airlines, railways, and travel proxies, ensuring accurate and reliable travel fare data.

4. Crawl Proxy

LunaProxy's crawl proxy service enhances data scraping with advanced features like country- and city-level targeting and high-quality residential proxies. Users can gather unlimited connections for SEO data collection or market research, benefiting from unique device IPs and proxy rotation for uninterrupted extraction. LunaProxy's residential proxies ensure exceptional speed and reliability, making it a preferred choice for accessing valuable insights and outperforming other SEO agencies in the industry.

5. Sneaker Proxies

LunaProxy offers sneaker proxies designed for sneaker enthusiasts and resellers to secure limited-edition shoes quickly. With their extensive network of residential proxies, users can connect to sneaker websites from servers close to their target, ensuring fast response times.

LunaProxy provides unlimited threads and connections, increasing the chances of buying multiple pairs and profiting from sneaker sales. These proxies integrate seamlessly with major sneaker bots, giving users a competitive advantage in purchasing sought-after sneakers.

6. Market Survey

LunaProxy offers businesses the ability to collect market data on a large scale. With over 90 million rotating mobile and residential proxies, businesses can monitor competitors and access websites from various locations without worrying about bans or captchas.

LunaProxy enables brilliant data analysis through proxies, allowing businesses to track trends, create customer profiles, and target competitors for new leads.

7. Review Monitoring

LunaProxy simplifies the complex task of monitoring and gathering online data, especially customer reviews, for businesses. With a 100% success rate, LunaProxy ensures comprehensive data capture, aiding businesses in tracking and responding to customer feedback effectively. Its real-time monitoring tool allows businesses to swiftly address positive and negative reviews, enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and marketing strategies.

Additionally, LunaProxy can monitor reviews on a large scale, overcoming obstacles like IP blocks and CAPTCHAs, which often hinder data collection efforts.

8. Marketing Social Media

LunaProxy's Social Media Proxy is a solution for managing multiple social media accounts and using automation software without the risk of being banned. With residential proxies, users can conceal their real IP addresses and appear as regular users across different accounts.

LunaProxy's advanced backlink nodes enable targeting specific countries or cities from a wide selection of locations, allowing the management of numerous accounts globally without detection.


LunaProxy proves itself to be a reliable friend of online safety and privacy. With its various proxies, unlimited packages, and sturdy static proxy network, LunaProxy deals effectively with web crawling challenges, IP blocks, and anonymity worries. Its easy-to-use interface and smooth integration options make it accessible to everyone, whether individuals or businesses.

LunaProxy is a dependable solution for securing online activities, accessing restricted content, and conducting market research effortlessly. Whether you want more privacy or business protection, LunaProxy offers an affordable and complete solution to keep your online experience safe and your data secure.

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