How Long Does GOAT Take to Verify? (Expert Guide)

How Long Does GOAT Take to Verify?

Shopping on GOAT is always a wonderful experience for any sneakerhead because of the immense sneaker collection on the e-commerce platform. The GOAT platform is renowned for its authentication and verification process.

How does the GOAT process work?

GOAT authentication process

You must first understand how the GOAT process works before you can answer how long it takes the company to verify a shipping order. There are six stages to the GOAT process, and they are listed below.

Stage 1

goat create account

The first stage begins when a seller registers on the GOAT e-commerce platform. A seller can visit the official GOAT website and fill in the seller registration form before posting their product on the sneaker e-commerce platform. A seller can create their first sneaker or streetwear listing on GOAT after getting a seller account.

Stage 2

The second stage of the GOAT process starts when a buyer registers on the sneaker e-commerce platform. The registration process for buyers is simple and takes a few minutes to complete.

You can browse items on GOAT until you find your preferred shoes. The next step after selecting your item is purchasing it on GOAT.

Stage 3

The third stage is GOAT notifying the seller of the purchase order from the buyer. The seller then packs the purchased item and sends it to one of the warehouses owned by GOAT. There is no telling when a product on GOAT will get a buyer, and that is why the seller has possession of the item.

Stage 4

The fourth stage is the authentication and verification process. The GOAT authentication and verification process begins once the purchase order arrives in one of the warehouses managed by GOAT staff.

GOAT authentication and verification process

The authentication and verification process ensures that the purchase order is genuine and exactly as advertised by the seller. A purchase order can either be approved or rejected at the fourth stage of the GOAT process.

Stage 5 

The fifth stage is the shipping process. The GOAT shipping process begins once a purchase order has been verified and approved for delivery.

A buyer will receive a notification in their email address once their purchase order ships. You can use the GOAT tracking platform to know where your delivery will arrive at your doorstep.

Stage 6

The sixth and last stage is receiving your purchase order from GOAT. You can inspect and verify the GOAT delivery once you receive it. You can either decide to keep the product or return the product adhering to the return policy on the GOAT website.

How long does GOAT take to verify orders?

verify orders

The authentication and verification process is the fourth stage in the GOAT process. According to the GOAT website, the authentication and verification stage takes 1-2 business days to complete.

However, the GOAT website also indicates the authentication and verification stage can take longer than two (2) business days for (very unique or limited SKUs) purchase orders.

GOAT verify orders

It takes more caution and time to verify special purchase orders, but the extra time is essential to ensure customers get their money’s worth.

How reliable is the GOAT verification process?

How reliable is the GOAT verification process

The GOAT verification is one of the most reliable stages, and the sneaker e-commerce platform fails without it. GOAT relies on several measures to ensure that its authentication and verification process is solid.

GOAT relies on machine learning in its authentication and verification process. Machine learning is part of the GOAT e-commerce platform and helps detect fake listings on its website. However, machine learning is not 100% reliable, and fake listings may get past the machine-aided process.

GOAT also relies on people to physically check the shoes for defects or damages. The sneaker company employs experienced sneakerheads with a keen eye for details to check purchase orders in their warehouses.

The GOAT authenticators notify the seller if defects or damages appear on the sneakers. The seller can either decide to have GOAT return their shoe or have GOAT dispose of the sneaker on their behalf. The seller bears the cost of shipping a faulty GOAT purchase order.

GOAT also relies on digital verification to authenticate and confirm sneakers are genuine. Sneakers have a serial number on their label that can help track the manufacturing details of the shoe. The digital verification process is an ingenious way of rooting out knock-off sneakers on the GOAT pipeline.

What does the Verification Required message mean on GOAT?

Verification Required message mean on GOAT

The Verification Required message appears when the seller attempts to post a list with minimal details. The GOAT process uses machine learning to remove fake posts from its listing.

The Verification Required message notifies the seller to add pictures and product descriptions to their sneaker post. The GOAT will proceed once the seller conforms to the request. The GOAT team can include or remove the sneaker posting on their listing.

On what days does GOAT verify purchase orders?

GOAT conducts the authentication and verification process every business day. The business days at the GOAT organization include Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. GOAT halts the verification and verification process on weekends and during public holidays in the United States.

Why is the GOAT verification long?

GOAT verification long

One of the reasons the GOAT verification process is long is that the company wants to minimize returns. Whenever there is a purchase return, lots of things go astray. Unsatisfied GOAT customers are less likely to become repeat customers making the company less trustworthy.

The GOAT verification and authentication process is lengthy, but the delay is necessary to ensure customers get value for their money. The GOAT verification process is also essential to guarantee return customers and secure the company's growth.


The GOAT verification process can sometimes be lengthy for rare or limited-edition sneakers. The authentication and verification process usually takes 1-2 business days to complete, and it can be more than two (2) days for special purchase orders.

However, you can contact GOAT customer care if your delay exceeds more than a month.

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